Sunday, May 31, 2020


Today's plans WERE to move the single trundler bed from the smallest bedroom into the middle bedroom:

ABOVE: Then this little room was going to become our Study and overflow craft room.

ABOVE:  and... that bed was going in the garage for now.

BUT, we found out last night that Griffin is coming home TODAY, so he will be having the middle bedroom with that queen bed.

Steve and Bex picked him up from his (ex?) girlfriend's house in Auckland last night, and they are bringing him down with them today.

Sort of expected this to happen after the last few conversations with him.  Looks like Stew and I will have to wait a bit longer to be 'Darby & Joan' on our pat malone.  

Which means here, at home, without kids, on our bloody own.  

41 and a half years with kids AT HOME for me, and counting.  I need a medal.  Got the chest already.

It will be nice to see Griffin of course, and hopefully steer him into some sort of job or study.  Get him sorted and out of here again eventually.  

I'm going to make some scones for lunch today, so I will pre-grate the cheese, send Stew down the road for cream,  bla bla bla.  *smiles*

Now, what did I make last night while sitting watching TV?

ABOVE:  This.  A little 'Critter'.  I am going to make a few and see if they sell in me little shop.  I'm not sure if I will continue using the little eyes, I think I might use felt.
The bought 'eyes' are fairly flimsy plastic, so I'm not sold on them.

And the next one might get little arms 'n' legs too.


10.45 am: After getting up at 6.45 this morning, I went back to bed and didn't wake up till 9!  Sound asleep according to Stew, he said I was snoring!   Like I  SNORE!  Pfffftttt.  *smiles*

Anyway, I bit of a rushed shower and hair wash as the kids are due here any minute.

I counted my melamine trays:

 ABOVE:  9 medium to large trays.

ABOVE:  And ummm.... 63 small ones!
I reckon there's a few more floating around the house too. 
Well, I won't run out when we have a big party eh?  lol

Some of them might get tossed out soon, as they are looking a bit worn.  At least I've stopped twats putting them in the microwave! That makes them buckle, then they have to go out.  Grrrrr.

The family arrived nice and early this morning... well 10.15 am.  

ABOVE:  The scones went down a treat.  Cheese ones, and date ones.  All with Strawberry Jam and Cream.

ABOVE:  The story behind the photo?  He bought an All-In-One trimmer, and decided on the spur of the moment to see if it would 'trim' around his nipples.   It did.  He ended up shaving his whole chest.  Of course, he had to show us!

ABOVE: Super short video... he was showing us his bloody nipples.

So.  Griffin was sitting on the floor in the family room, because we only have lounge seating for 4 in there.

I didn't want him sitting on the floor, so I suggested we move some furniture.

Like... pretty unusual for ME eh?  *smirk*

The guys were really awesome and did it for me!

They tried several configurations of various pieces of furniture, and we ended up with this:

 ABOVE AND BELOW:  The cream furniture in the LOUNGE.

ABOVE:  The family room.  Now we can seat a minimum of 6 in here comfortably.  So I'm rather happy with it.

During all the moving around, I slammed my toes into a couch... the small wooden legs at the bottom. It hurt like hell.

So thankful it wasn't my right foot though... I have fused, hammerlock toes on that foot! THAT would have been diabolically painful.

All settled down now... the guys are watching idiots fighting each other on the telly.  The little boys are watching some kids programme in the lounge and I'm about to do some more knitting.

ABOVE:  These two are cooking our dinner tonight.  Feels weird others being in my kitchen.  We are having Chicken Tikka Masala, with home made Naan Bread and Garlic Rice.

I can't wait!

ABOVE:  Dinner was AMAZING!  So tasty, and filling.  Best thing?  I didn't have to cook it.  Lots of laughs today.  Really enjoying the company.
Steve, Bex and the boys are heading home soon, then things will quieten down considerably.

The little boys are having a blast running around and around the house.  Noisily! 

8.30 pm:  And all is quiet again.  The family have gone home and it's just Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I at home.
Time to sign off for the day... and just relax till bedtime.
Catch ya tomorrow.

NZ - 1504. 22 Lives Lost. 1 Active Case. No new cases in 9 consecutive days.


  1. Felt eyes would be much safer if a little child played with the critter... cute though :) You and Stew will just have to have that road trip to have your 'alone' time!!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Have a super day with the fam bucketing down here and a lot cooler winter is nearly here for sure. All your creations are awesome. George's Mum.

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    You definitely need a row of medals! My youngest is 25 and still here. Im the youngest of three in my family, and I left home at 18. My parents were then aged 38 and 40!! (They started young..... ). how good would that have been...... 😁. AllyS Melbourne

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Enjoy your day today. Is it raining up there? I'm in Napier and I cant see the view at all. drizzling and grey.kj

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Sun is trying to come out now KJ but won't be for long it's a crap weekend in the usual sunny Hawke's Bay. George's Mum.

    2. Overcast and dreary weather all day, and now it's raining. But still not cold!

  5. melamine trays - I know you have always loved them. New to me. Are these serving trays that you put food directly on OR do you put dishes on them either for serving on table or for carrying individual place setting/food ?

  6. I vote for felt eyes too. They are so cute. Love love the melamine trays, we don't have them here in Canada that I have seen, The kiwis are the cutest. You two are amazing parents and deserve a ton of medals for parenting full time for 41 years. Well done.

  7. George's Mum,your young and lovely,amazing hair do.guess there was a lot of chatter going on in those 5 are young enough to be my granddaughter.Hope the family have a great day with you Christine and Stewart,a nice quiet day and no dramas.Hope Griffin is well and happy.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous7:54 PM

      Hi THE OLD MOO thank you for the compliment but I am nearly 48 so probably not young enough to be your granddaughter lol. I reckon you all had a fabulous day take care George's Mum.

  8. Lucy G12:58 PM

    Never a dull moment when Steve is around. Haha

  9. I like the brown suite there - it really suits that area.

  10. I want your dinner!!!!!!!

  11. loving the family dining photo....who took it? Brylee?

    1. Yes Brylee took the photo. The little boys and Brylee sat at the breakfast bar for their dinner.

  12. Kiwionholidays8:08 PM

    Fab day n pics for you all love the open plan home ,, so suits you all
    Cheers 🥂

  13. Chicken Tikka is possibly my favorite meal!


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