Friday, May 22, 2020


We have been looking forward to today all week long!
Steve, Bex and the kids are coming down for the entire day.  I'm curious to see how Steve looks.  It's been two months since we saw him last (in person).  And lots has been going on with his health, he's been up and down like a yo-yo.

I was so happy with my free motion quilting yesterday!  OMG it makes quilting so much easier!  No more twisting and turning the work around and around!!!

The cot quilt is about 75 % done.  If I can get to it this morning, before the kids arrive, I might even get the bulk of it done.

ABOVE:  I am just so chuffed with how this little quilt is coming along.  But then, I kinda love all of them once I've finished them!  lol

ABOVE: Late yesterday I also started drawing the letters for an FBG girlfriend's 'Finish Line' banner.  I'm not sure if I told you about that?
'S' is due to finish having Chemotherapy in June and she wants a 'Chemo Finish Line' banner, to literally run through when she finishes her last treatment.
So that's my next project, just as soon as I finish that little cot quilt. 

After that I have several more projects lined up.  Another cot quilt on order.  Some Wonky House runners (I have NONE left!), and some small things for my little shop.

I will be busy for months I reckon.  I love that. 

So that's me for now... catch ya later.


2.25 pm:  Well as you can imagine, we have been spending our day with the family.
They arrived around 10.30.
We went to Chartwell Square for lunch and a little browse around the shops.

 ABOVE:  First McDonalds since before Lock down level 4.  He looks rather happy!

 ABOVE:  There was a Sweet kiosk that we obviously struggled to walk past...  yummo.

ABOVE:  Happily playing.  Steve looks good!  He's back to his 'pre' illness weight, thanks to steroids I'm sure.

We are now having a relaxing afternoon.

Bex and I did some crocheting for both trees this afternoon.  She made something for OUR tree, and I made a new addition for the neighbour's tree.

 ABOVE: Bex just finishing the rainbow for our tree...

 ABOVE:  Dante posing for Great Grandma.

 ABOVE:  Steve hanging the rainbow on our tree tonight.

ABOVE:  There ya go... today's addition, and I didn't have to make it.

Dinner tonight is corned beef with veges.  

Stew and Steve have gone to the local pub to meet up with Stew's mate Richard W.  They will have their dinner a bit later.

7.50 pm:  Steve and Bex have left for home (Auckland) and we have two little boys ready for bed soon.

Then... we will relax for a few hours before heading off to bed ourselves.
A lovely day has been had.


  1. Quilt looks amazing 💛. Enjoy the fam 😁

  2. Cathy8:14 AM

    I love that quilt! You always do beautiful work but the colors and design of this one is one of my favorites.

  3. The quilt is beautiful. I'm sure the recipient will treasure it.
    Have fun with your family! Hope Steve is continuing to do well.

  4. The cot quilt is really lovely. Enjoy your visit with family.

  5. I love the quilt. What is free motion quilting? Do you need a special machine... you said you don't have to turn the fabric so I'm curious. it looks really good.

  6. Enjoy the visit, I bet those wee boys will be so excited to see you.

  7. OK, ignore my question :) I looked up a free motion video. Now that you've done that on a quilt I'm sure you'll make many more. Enjoy your day with family.

    1. Lol... I was about to tell you to look it up on YouTube *smiles*

  8. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Your FM is awesome. I tried and gave up years ago. Have an awesome day with the kids. Love to Steve Bex and the boys. Kj

  9. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Have a great day with the family!! Michelle from Oz

  10. Quilt looks lovely,you have been busy.Family only down for one day,you'll need to make the most of the time, hope it's a nice day.we have a nice clear day,but very cold.THE OLD MOO.

  11. That shop was the best thing you did. It really seems to have given you a bit of a spring in life! Enjoy the kidlets today. Looking forward to the photos :)

  12. Love the photos. Such a happy wee family. xx

  13. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Awwww lovely photos and gorgeous rainbow Bex Dante a great pose glad you enjoyed your day Blondie

  14. What a great day you have had :) Love getting together with family xx

  15. Great to see Steve doing better. Looks like a lovely day. Have fun with the boys. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Love the cot quilt. 'Glad your son is getting better, it has been a long time. I have not seen any of my family for over ten weeks now. Wont recognize any of them, the little ones grow so fast, missing all the birthdays, so sad but not much one can do.
    We are gradually opening up retail here, so things getting back a bit.
    Stay safe.

  17. Love the rainbow! I thought about doing one earlier in knitting, but I'm running out of good colors. I ordered some inexpensive yarn online and am just waiting for it.


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