Wednesday, May 06, 2020


ABOVE:  How long can you look at something that's in the WRONG place, and keep forgetting to ask someone taller to move it?


I've looked at that blue candle stick and wanted it moved back up to beside the other one for FOUR LONG MONTHS.   And every time I think of asking Stew to move it, he's not around.  

He's going to be here all day (as per usual), so I shall ask him to move it TODAY.  *sigh*

Now.   Yesterday's efforts in the Sewing Studio:  I will be taking a little video to show you a bit later in the morning.  Gotta get out of bed first!

Once I've done that I will be titivating in the sewing studio most likely.

 ABOVE:  Future Lemon Meringue Pie.
Just waiting to ripen.

 ABOVE:  Mandarins, still getting plenty
off our tree.
Is it weird to feel so chuffed we have our own mandarins?

ABOVE:  We are all riding the same
But we are not all in the same boat.



ABOVE:  So there ya go.  What do ya think?
Good idea or no?
Bearing in mind I will still try and do some markets in summer.

 ABOVE: Yaaa I got more wool.  It arrived via courier.

ABOVE:  Today's tree addition was just a two coloured strip up the middle of the tree.
As I was up the ladder a lady stopped in her car.  She had her Nana with her, and had stopped to show her the tree.
She was really happy to 'finally meet me'.  

Awwww.  I may have started this tree to make someone smile, but I get so many smiles out of it too.

 ABOVE:  I put my screen up behind the shelving units to block the gap in the middle, and also to provide privacy for the 'back work area'.

ABOVE:  There is now room here for another smaller work table.  It's worked out really well.

 ABOVE:  Lacy moved those two biggish pots from around the back to here.  They frame the Studio entrance nicely.

 ABOVE:  I feel like I'm outta my funk.  I even chucked some 'face' on today.  *smiles*

Lunchtime.... and I didn't have brunch today, so I'm just a bit hungry.

I've had an AWESOME afternoon in the Studio!  So happy I'm outta my funk.  I did some titivating, then I did some sewing.
I will show you what I made tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is pulled pork, slowly cooked in the Crock Pot, mashed potatoes and veges.

Stew has just finished work (5.40 pm) and he's having a run on the treadmill before dinner.

***  And scrap that.  The power point in the gym has stopped working ***

Stew has checked out the meter board, no problem there?  So, we will have to get the electrician back who installed said power point.  What a pain in the butt.

Last thing for today.  YES, the candle stick got moved.  Stew read the blog before going to work, so it was done in 2 seconds flat.  *smiles*

Time to sign off for the day, it's been a good day here.


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Oh Chris you are so lucky to have fruit trees. I dont know how a mandarin would grow down here but I'll be looking into it. I love that wording about the plate and I'm sorry I'm gonna pinch it too. Exactly the message I've been thinking of how to write it lately.

  2. Over at the beach house every unit has a fruit tree (except us, ours died). There are months on end that some people don't visit and we are able to use their fruit. I tend to only take the lemons that fall to the ground (usually there are loads) plus there is a type of sweet grapefruit and also feijos. It's wonderful to pick fruit! Lemon meringue pie is my favourite - well the condensed milk recipe one. have you made that? Biscuit base, sweetened condensed milk and egg yolk and lemon juice filling and meringue topping. OMG... So good. I only make it's a shared meal with family otherwise I'd eat the whole thing!!

  3. Wonderful to have your own fruit trees. Your sewing room/shop set up looks great.

  4. I love how yoyu waste no time. You get an idea and just do it! We are the exact same way. But, some people have to plan and discuss, and there is no way they can do it "right now". In fact, it's funny. My Son is 21 years old. He is finishing up college and wants to buy a house. Does not want to spend another year paying rent. So we checked out a few house for him (cuz he is in college out of town). One house looked far cuter than the others and we realized it was a "bidding" situation. So on Wednesday we told him to drive here and look at it. He did. We bod on Thursday. They accepted the bid on Friday. So - just like that you have a store and he has a house. There was a song on Sesame Street (did you watch that as a youngster) "people who do things are people who get things done."

    1. Congratulations to your son... his own home at 21 is amazing. Not many young people can afford that here, home ownership is getting harder and harder due to high prices. I am a 'rip shit and bust' sort of person for sure. I get an idea and that's it! I gotta do it. *smiles*

  5. Glad that you got more yarn for the tree! And I'm glad that you've joined me in the yarn bomb adventure. I like where you put the planters, and I am envious of all your gorgeous citrus fruit.

  6. Love the shop. And because your tree is such a success I'm sure you'll get people coming in just from seeing the tree.

  7. Anonymous3:18 PM

    So jealous of your mandarins. We have a prolific mandarin tree, and they can be delicious, but they are 95% infested with fruit fly. It's very annoying. Fortunately the neighbouring lemon and lime trees do not get the fruit fly. I think we will spray the mandarin tree this year, toward the end of fruiting, in the hope we can rescue some next year. Love your little home shop! Liz

  8. Chris your Shop idea is brilliant. Perfect having it’s own entrance.

  9. You can hang loads of stuff off the room divider! Also perhaps only put the table (by door) out where it is when the 'shop' is open - you'll end up cursing it being in the way perhaps.

    1. Me curse? lol I had already decided it will only go 'out' into the middle of the room when the shop is open.

    2. LOL.... you made me laugh :)

  10. I need to know. Did the blue candlestick get moved?

    1. YES! He read the blog before he went to work... so when I got up it was already back where it belonged! What a man. lol It was a 2 second 'job'.

  11. Kiwionholidays7:10 PM

    Fab pics n all again
    Love the red wool top left hand corner,
    Good on Lacy helping shift those pots they look amazing there.
    Love her energy Lacy ,, Ypu have your families drive..

    The new wee shop/ studio work room is amazing

    Great work n so lovely n colourful
    Happy to know Steve n Bex n children are all going good now too.

    Cheers 🥂

  12. Chris I love your studio/shop..Such a good idea, looks fantastic I'm sure it will be a success.

  13. You certainly move quick! Your little shop looks wonderful. All the best. Check this girl out she does some nice crafts. Look under Homestead for more ideas.

  14. The shop/studio looks fantastic! I think you can buy/get from bank an eftpos attachment for phones. Not sure what the cost of those would be.

  15. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Why do you always do that starey eyed thing? It makes you look crazy.

    1. YOU are a DICK! Those are MY EYES... not altered, not photo shopped... NOTHING. MY EYES ... get over it.


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