Friday, May 08, 2020


As most of you know, my Mum lives in Australia.
We were about to leave to visit her when the borders closed.

It's quite possible it will be a long time yet before we can go over for a visit.

My Mum has a lovely neighbour, also named Christina, who is keeping an eye on them for us.

Christina dropped in on them yesterday (keeping a safe distance from them of course), and she kindly sent me a photo of Mum and Ron.

I instantly felt like crying!  It has been so long since I could give Mum a hug.

 ABOVE:  My Mum, happy, smiley OLD MOO.

ABOVE:  And Ron.  Not smiling, typical man.  I can just hear him saying " Do I have to?"  lol
He'd been out in the yard, mowing the lawns I think.

It's been one of those weeks where I didn't know what freakin' day it was most of the time.
It's Friday today. Stew is going into his office later on this afternoon to return all his computers and work paraphernalia, as they are back in the office come Monday.

They will be re-configuring the office spaces to maintain safe distancing, and setting up all the cleaning essentials and so on.

So when I say he's 'at work' next week, he actually will be. *smiles*

I will miss having lunch with him every day.

My plan today is to make 2-3 Soup Bowl Cosy's.
Maybe more.  

ABOVE:  These are the fabrics I've picked out to make soup bowl cosy's with over the next few days.

New Zealand will be moving down to Level 2 in the next week or two.  Kinda exciting.

We will be able to travel within our country.

Stew and I will probably take a 2 week holiday sometime in June.  Not 100% sure where yet, but visiting Mike and my friends in Palmerston North, and Stew's sister in Wanganui will probably happen.


ABOVE: Archer got all his school work sent to him.  So now he's officially being Home Schooled.  He has a Video call from his Teacher and class members today.
Knowing Archer, he won't utter ONE WORD to them.  He's extremely shy around people he doesn't know.

ABOVE:  So apparently this little man DID talk to his teacher/class!!  But very quietly.  He is really happy to be doing 'school work' and is not missing his Kindy at all.

ABOVE:  It has taken me almost THREE HOURS to cut out 12 soup bowl cosy's.  Time to stop for lunch I think.
The new height table for cutting is working really well I might add.  *smiles*

2.55 pm: And it's a bit late in the day, but we DO have a tree addition:

ABOVE:  Knitting a section takes so much longer!  But I just felt like a change.  Today we have a pink addition, with pretty buttons.  (thanks for the idea M).

Stew had gone into work.   He won't be home till dinner time.  I have two girls in the house who are hibernating in their rooms, so it feels like I'm on me own.  

*BURP*... we had chinese takeaways for dinner.  OMG so good.  No cooking. 
Been relaxing all evening.  Caught up on Home and Away... I hadn't realised it had started again.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. My daughter and family are on the other side of the country. I miss them, too. It's hard when we can't just hop on a plane. My best wishes to Steve for better health in the future.

  2. Happy school day Archer

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Your mum looks so young!! Good genes for you Chris. I'm not going back to work for several weeks yet. Will see how level 2 goes first. So cool that the kids can do their schoolwork on iPads. In US my grandson did everything at school on ipad or laptop. No pads or schoolbooks in sight. Send work to teacher at end of class! Least theyd be able to read it lol.

  4. Love the fabrics you have chosen for the soup bowls, Sounds as if N.Z. is starting to get back to normal, or the new normal. Here in Ontario, Can. we have just been given the go ahead for garden centers, some retail stores to open, with restrictions and a lot of rules that are required to be followed. All of my family are quite close but have not been able to see them either. Missing several of my great grands B-days, especially the two that are having their 1st. B-days.
    Your Mum looks great, I lost my Mum in March 2018, she was in her 102nd year, she lived in an nursing home, glad she is not here really, (not that is not true, would love to talk to her again) as lots of deaths have happened in retirement and nursing homes here. Would of hated for us not to see her or talk to her, she would have been very upset too. Would not want her dying of some terrible virus and not have any family with her.

  5. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Oh I love love the new tree addition maybe an all blacks one 💖 was a very cold start this morning......

  6. I know what you mean Chris, I miss my family so much (Mum, her partner, Dad, his wife, my sister, her husband and two sons) are all in NZ. I miss them as a matter of course, but having the borders shut just makes them feel so much farther away! We were planning to come over in June and that obviously won't happen.

    I'm so sorry to hear that Steve is struggling with his health again. I'm glad they are onto treating it, but it would be hard enough during normal times to deal with it let alone during Covid 19.

    Much love to all, Penny xx

  7. Kiwionholidays6:13 PM

    Fab to see your Mum and Ron on here thanks to kind neighbor,

    Sure has good genes she passed down the line
    Neat to see the lil family doing the home schooling

    Tree well what can I say"??

    Beautiful and colourful as usual
    Great suggestion after Waikato colours the All blacks would be fab 💰

  8. So awesome that Archer has a good school day and I’m sure in time he will not be too shy with his teacher and classmates.

  9. Cute that Archer is online 'at school'... Charlie saw him today, they are in the same class.

  10. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Hi there THE OLD MOO and Ron you're looking well 😀 George's Mum.

  11. It's good to hear that life will be getting back to a new normal for you all. Good luck to Archer. Hope you get to visit your Mom soon. Take care be well.

  12. Love those soup cozies. Wish I lived close to you!!
    Stay safe.

  13. Love the pink with buttons! Looks great with all of the blue.


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