Thursday, May 07, 2020


NOT such good news on Steve's recovery from his last Pancolitis flare up.

He no longer has the Myocarditis or Pancreatitis, but his Pancolitis has started niggling again.

So he's had to go back on Steroids and a new drug (it has a weird name)... so that means he can't go back to work for another 7-8 weeks, UNLESS he can work on his own or at least maintain strict social distancing.

It also means the kids cannot go back to school for 7-8 weeks as well ... as Steve cannot risk catching ANYTHING, let alone Covid 19!

His immune system is going to be DOWN AND OUT for the next 8 weeks AT LEAST.

It's such a worry.

Happier news.  I've been putting off making any new Soup Bowl Cosy's because they are an utter shit to make, and take quite a bit of time (and swearing).

I've been dreaming about how to make them easier to make... and yep.  It finally came to me, so I adjusted the pattern yesterday, and made one using the 'new' measurements.

And YES!   It worked PERFECTLY:

ABOVE: These are the first two using the adjusted pattern, and you cannot tell AT ALL what I did, and it does not affect the way they work.
But it's made it so, so much easier and QUICKER to stitch.  I'm thrilled to bits.

Having divided the studio into two separate areas is working well.  It's like having two rooms now.  I like it very much.

ABOVE:  The girls took a drive to the lake (Hamilton = local) yesterday afternoon, it looks so lovely.   I think I will take a drive there today too.  Might even have lunch there.  

That new 'wool' I got from Spotlight?  Utter crap.  Half of it is cotton for a start!  Don't know how I did that.  Online shopping isn't too good when buying wool... you can't feel how good it is, or isn't as the case may be.  At least it's only for the tree... and will all be going in the bin after it comes off the tree in a few more weeks.

I did another addition while watching TV last night... it will get put on the tree later on in the morning.  


ABOVE:  Today's tree addition is brought to you by Joseph, one of my neighbours.  He's a hard case.
The addition ... finally some WAIKATO colours!
Red/Yellow/Black, the colour representing Waikato Rugby.

12.30 pm:  I just spent a good two hours tidying up the garage.  I wanted to find a place to put the big table that had come out of the Studio.
That is now done.  But it was a much bigger job that I anticipated.

We have so much STUFF in this house that isn't even ours!  HOPEFULLY by the end of this year we will have gotten rid of :

Brylee and all her stuff...
Lacy and all her stuff...
And all of Griffin's stuff! 

We won't know ourselves!  I live for that day, I really do.  *smiles*

*Lacy and Brylee, no hurry, just know there is an end date!  (Dec 1st, 2020)

2.37 pm:  I didn't go out after all.  The HRV bloke came over and put a new filter unit on our HRV system.

A series of power points have stopped working in the house.  Damn annoying cos now we will have to get an electrician in.  Grrrr.

I'm so thankful I don't get bored at home too often.  I'm happy in my bubble, staying home, staying safe, and sewing.

Can't be said for others.  Pity some people don't have hobbies to keep them occupied.

It's starting to be tedious here for Lacy.  She's going a bit cray cray. 

Dinner tonight was yum.  I backed chicken thighs with potato and onion, in a really nice marinade by Cuisine.  Think it was a chinese honey one.

Been watching TV all evening.  Mostly boring as shit.  Coronation Street was even a bit boring.

Off to bed soon, it's getting darn cold.


  1. Poor Steve, how frustrating for him :-(.

  2. That's not good news for Steve... and for his family. I'm so sad that they are having to deal with. It must also be an incredible financial strain. I'm glad you are back in your 'happy place' of sewing!!

  3. So sorry to hear this, wishing Steve a quick recovery. ps I love the bowl cosys.

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Hopefully Steve will now be on the mend again worrying for all I bet..
    At least you keep busy sewing knitting shifting rearranging good for you.

  5. That is rough news for Steve. I do hope he manages to stay safe during these strange times. Hugz, Mxx

  6. Sorry to hear Steve has had a set back. Hope the new meds have a good result and he improves quickly. I love my bowl cosy you made Chris- use it every morning for my bowl of rolled oats.

  7. Maria5:43 PM

    Sorry about Steve too, they have been through too much, not fair.
    Re Lacy being bored, get her watching a long (many seasons) series on netflicks! I recommend The Last Kingdom, Ozark, Dead to Me & Afterlife, for a start.

    1. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Hi Maria 😊 yes I do sit at the end of the day and watch Netflix, I get up in the mornings and walk the dogs, then Netflix in the afternoon say 5pm onwards, but I between I am getting well bored, but I am trying to keep active, I do go out driving but yea...
      its ok, hopfully next week we can drop down another level and I won't stress my parents out as much....
      #Lacy 💙

  8. nice touch with the Waikato colours! I'm sure Stew approved! :-)

  9. I know you have a very clean house. But I am sure between the dogs, kitchen, house, cars, and yard you can find things for her to do. (Oh my goodness the list I could put together for her here!)

    I agree, it is terrible to have nothing each day.

    And she gives you a third for playing cards and games that Stew has no interest.

    I have no idea if you do anything with photos, it seems like you have mentioned your mom’s stuff, but that is a common “need to do” at many houses. Or family photo books to make ahead for grandkids for xmas.

    Do you have anything that needs painted?

    You could teach her to knit, sew, mend, or something of the like that interests her.

  10. Poor Steve, hope he gets better soon. Have fun in your studio. Keep well.

  11. Do the kids have school right now? Or are they shut down? Our schools are closed in Minnesota for the rest of the year. They are doing it online. But our school year ends in May or early June. Maybe your school year is completely different.

    I am wishing Steve well. He must be so frustrated by all of this.

  12. Would you be kind enough to share the change in measurements for the bowl cosies, pretty please? I usually use a 10" square.

    1. I use a 13 inch square for the inner and outer fabrics, and the change I made was to use an 11 and a half inch square for the inner cotton batting. It makes is so much easier to sew together at the end!

  13. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Hang in there Steve and Bex. We all know you dont need this but with your strength and amazing attitudes you'll get through this. I include you Bex because it's just as hard for the careers.
    Dont take it off the tree Chris. Itll be an awesome way of showing off your shop. Put your sign beside it. You'll get amazing nos of customers because of that tree! Kj

  14. There are 2 types of people, us with hobbies that can stay at home and those that feel caged in and need to go out lol


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