Saturday, May 02, 2020


Last night I was up till almost midnight. Baking biscuits.

Cos, well.... I freakin' well felt like biscuits.  ANZAC biscuits to be precise.

Stew said it was a bit 'late' to be making ANZAC biscuits, cos Anzac day had been and gone.

But ummm... there ain't no rules barring you from baking them any time of the year right?

Just like hot cross buns, Christmas Cake and so on.  You can have 'em any time.

 ABOVE:  The first batch were purely Anzac biscuits.  I slightly under cooked them so they wouldn't be too hard.
My oven is a VERY HOT oven, so I'm still learning just how long to leave things in it.

ABOVE: The second batch I added raisins to, cos I love raisins.  And they came out really lovely too.  
Stew and I had a biscuit for a very late supper.  *smiles*

We just had to, the smell was so divine.  

Later on today I shall be baking a cake.  Not sure what sort yet, but it won't be a Lumberjack cake.  I think the family, (read STEW), is tired of it.

ABOVE: This is the next addition for the tree.  It's for a long, narrow branch.  There might be a tassel or two going on it too.

It won't get added until a bit later on in the morning.  Tis a bit early to be out there with a ladder right now.  AND I will need Stew to be with me cos it's a high branch, he will need to stand and hold my bum ladder.

He is not likely to get up till 9.  He's really loving the sleep ins we get now days.


ABOVE:  Today's addition is on.  I had to use the biggest ladder we had to reach up there.  It was bloody awful.  I think that might be the highest I will be going on the tree.

There's still plenty of branches to cover at that height, so the tree will go on for a while yet.

Stew and Lacy went out this afternoon... on a visit to see Keera.  I've got some photos coming.  Probably tomorrow.

I went out to watch out for them coming home again, and saw this:

ABOVE:  A mum (Wendy) and her two children trying to get a 'selfie' with the tree.  It was not working for them, so I went over and took it for them.
Then of course, we had a lovely chat.  Wendy is just lovely, and doesn't live very far away.  

5.15 pm: It's raining!  It wasn't supposed to until tomorrow... but I'll take it.  Our ground is still so dry, we need the rain.

I've got dinner cooking.


Teriyaki Chicken is a family favourite, over rice. And with Garlic Bread.  OMG my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

10.10 pm:  Well dinner was delicious.  And after dinner it was chill out time.
It's cooling down in the evenings now, so nice.

Time to bugger off till tomorrow. 


  1. I might have to look upa recipe for those items. Lumberjack cake and Anzac Biscuits. Never heard of 'em!

  2. You might need another tree soon Chris 😁. Anzac biscuits are good any day of the year.

  3. Kiwionholidays11:34 AM

    The tree is looking great will sure brighten up the street on winter mornings even though there are nice gardens there as well,
    Most seem to be enjoying working from home re the travel and feeling much safer till the restrictions are lifted ,

    Only thing we are really missing is the retro shops , ( not being able to donate when wardrobes doing seasonal changes) and adding a few wee goodies lol 😆 but until it’s all clear to go can understand why they are closed ,,

    Love the WETA still has a place in the new garden

    Take care and have a nice weekend

  4. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Those Anzac biscuits look fantastic


  5. My mouths watering thinking about your dinner too 🤣

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    We just had fish and chips from our local chippy yummy! Trying to support local 💗 George's Mum.

  7. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Ohhhhhh yummmm I love Anzac biscuits with raisins my favourite. Blondie
    Ps it’s raining here too

  8. Teriyaki Chicken sounds super yummy. Your Anzac Biscuits look fantastic too ... no matter what recipe I use, mine always seem crumbly.


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