Friday, May 29, 2020


I seem to be settling into a good routine in the house and shop.

The shop is open Tue/Wed and Thursdays and if we are home, Saturdays.

That is working out really well.  We still get our long weekends if we want to go away *snort*, like we go away!

All but one sale has been via INTERNET BANKING, so not having EFTPOS does not seem to be a problem at all.  I'm really relieved about that.

This morning I am going to Cambridge and partaking in an FBG walk.  Then morning tea and a catch up afterwards.  I'm really looking forward to that.
I will also be dropping off the 'Finish Line' banner to my friend Stef.

After that, home to do bugger all.  Or ... maybe sewing a few more Bowl Cosy's?   I feel like I really should as they are my best seller right now.

ABOVE:  Isn't this fabric AMAZING???   I've cut three squares of it for Bowl Cosy's.  I am making each one with a different inner fabric.  I will probably do them today as I really want to see how it sews up/looks.

ABOVE:  I finally picked the TWO tangelos from our little tree, which is in a pot by the pool.  Next year there might be more?  Let's hope so as we both love tangelos.

Steve has been slowly building up his strength and stamina these past few weeks, getting is medication tweaked by his doctors and finally, he is going to be allowed back to work next Tuesday.

It will have been over 3 months off work for him.

While he's been home, he finally got around to fitting out his work van better.

It's taken him a few weeks, as he got fatigued very quickly, but this is what he's done:

ABOVE:  He is VERY like me, and likes everything to be in it's place, and TIDY.  
And now things won't move while he's driving around.
It looks AMAZING, he should be damn proud of himself.

I think his next problem will be remembering where everything is.  *smiles*


12.43 pm:  I got home from Cambridge JUST in time to get the washing in before it rained!  Phew, that was a relief.

My trip over to Cambridge went so well.  I dropped off the banner to Stef, then met up with 5 FBG's for a 3.07 km walk.  Then off for morning tea and a natter.

We went to a new coffee shop named Clementines, it was lovely.  (not all walkers partake in a coffee afterwards btw)

After that I dropped a bag into another FBG girlfriend, and came home.

I'm knackered!

Got very little sleep last night, for some reason my hot flushes have kicked in something rotten again... day and night.

I have booked in for my next FBG walk too... next Friday.  I'm only aiming for one Cambridge walk a week, and Card night once a fortnight.    That way I'm not chewing up the petrol going over there too often.

The last time I filled up my car with petrol was March the 7th!  Can you believe I still have half a tank of petrol?  Lock Down sure was good for saving money.

Well... I'm going to do some bunting knitting while watching recorded TV programmes.

8.30 pm:  The bunting is finished.  I'm now going to make some 'critters in blankets' as something different in the shop.

Watching TV after a lovely dinner of corned beef and veges, with a cheese sauce.  It was damn delicious.


  1. The van looks awesome! Make sure he lets his insurance company know it has been done & to ensure the sum insured allows for it.

  2. Great job Steve...your lack of energy is true indicator of how really crook you have been here is wishing you continue on the path to recovery.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    1. That fabric is fabulous!
    2. Tangelos look beautiful! Have never heard of them, though. Are they fairly easy to peel, with a thin skin?
    3. Steve's van looks amazing! Good to hear that his health is improving. It must be such a worry for you.

    A Fan in Canada

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Have noticed how much happier you seem to be now you have your shop. It's fantastic, welldone!-Anna

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Steve's van looks very well organised good job Mister. Finally home from the hairdresser 5 bloody hours but I feel great! Awesome work on the banner Chris it's amazing George's Mum.

  6. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Chris, are you lot social distancing 2 metres? Doesn't look like from the photos. We here in the UK are doing it right, you know, social distancing.
    Amanda, London, UK

    1. Our rules have eased up, we can mix and mingle much closer now, we can even have gatherings of up to 100 people now. No hugs though *smiles*. We have only ONE active case of Covid-19 in our country now btw.

  7. The blue material is very beautiful. You look really good. Have a wonderful week-end.

  8. Like mother like son, obviously! Did you get Coco's issues sorted?

    1. Coco is going to the vet next week.

  9. What on earth did the hairdresser do for 5hrs GeorgesMum???.I'm speechless.Stevens van looks realy neat and tidy,but remembering where it all is could be a problem.Alls well here cold and windy.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous6:35 PM

      We talked a lot of shit had lots of laughs and she coloured my hair but it wouldn't behave like it should have! But I feel better now and the other half hates it.

    2. We need a PHOTO of this hairdo!!!! eamil me!

    3. Anonymous7:06 PM

      I can't remember the address stewandchris@ is how far I got.

    4. It is on my sidebar...

    5. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Oops 2 pics on the way

  10. Looks alike a fund day. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. That fabric is lovely. and Steve's van looks great.


  12. I'm all caught up lol. So far behind reading blogs. I thought that fabric was one of your acrylic paintings at first lol


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