Thursday, May 28, 2020



Today I am trying the new Blogger interface.
So far so good... I think!

I have to start trying it because come June I will have no option!
The shits.  I hate change like this.  What if it buggers up me blogging ability?

Well... let's see how I go eh?

ABOVE:  getting the photo in the middle was a mission!

Right ... that was a bit of a nightmare to navigate my way around the new settings!  But ... At least I got something up for today! The above photo is of the Banner I made for my FGB girlfriend.  It's done and I will be taking it to her on Friday.

Today I will be in the Studio, getting the little knitted banner finished, then making more Bowl Cosy's.  They are, as usual, proving to be a really good seller.

I've sold 5 in less than a week! 

Then I will be making a couple of Wonky House runners, as I have NONE left.  


 ABOVE: The inside fence is coming along... I found a few more things to put out there while fluffing around this morning.

ABOVE:  Before I started sewing this morning, I did some 'housework' in the studio.  That involved cleaning the sewing machine and vacuming.

The bobbin case and under the plate was clogged with dust!  Ikkk.
No wonder the machine had stopped informing me the bobbin was about to run out of thread!

I'm having a lovely day... the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's QUIET.  No one is bothering me or messing up the house.  *smiles*

12.52 pm:  It's another good day in the shop.  I've had two groups through, browsing.  And just now, another couple through who bought stuff, and have said they are coming back.  HE loved my 'Holiday Time' runners, I won't be surprised if they come back for one!  lol

I'm starting to get hungry, so will be closing up in half an hour or so.

ABOVE:  I wasn't really enjoying the 'company' right now!  It was right above my sewing machine.  Big, fat paying mantis.  I caught it and put it outside.  It can stay there.  *shudder*

I ended up closing at 2 pm.  And went out to bring in my 'OPEN' sign, only to discover I'd not even put it out!  Whoops.
Clearly I still got customers just from having my little runner and Owl out the front.    OH and I did have a small 'OPEN' sign on my sliding door.

Did the trick.  Three groups through today.

It's just so nice to come inside and relax, even after only 4.5 hours open!  I'm just a lightweight obviously.

But then, I've been non stop busy since I got outta bed this morning, so I think I will just put me feet up for a while.

Dinner is in the oven:

ABOVE:  We are having S...L...O...W roasted lamb shanks with veges.
Baked in Thick Mint Sauce.

I AM DROOLING just thinking about it.  One of my ABSOLUTE favourite meals ever.

9.15 pm:  Dinner was wonderful.  Slightly over cooked, but still lovely.
I'm signing off for the day, looking forward to tomorrow.  Off to Cambridge to do a walk and catch up with FGB friends.

Our latest death was a 96 year old lady who had recovered from
Covid-19, but died two weeks later.  Her inclusion in the official death toll
was for 'consistency with previous cases'.
I don't quite get that, but it is what it is.
22 deaths is still damn sad, but it could have been
so, so much worse had our Government not taken
the hard line it did, when it did.


  1. There's a new interface? How would I find that?

  2. Grrrr.... I found the new interface - it will certainly take some getting used to. I hate new stuff but will try. I don't like the adding photo function - I like to load my photos and then chose where to put them, the new interface puts them all in at once so I'd need to load them individually. It will take some getting used to!

    1. I just read that the new interface will become the default but users can still use the older version. For now I'm sticking to the older, classic version - I'm only changing if they make me :)

    2. I read all that too, but didn't realise we could still continue to use the 'old' interface. Thank God! I hate the new one. HATE IT with a passion.

  3. Blogger updates is what drive me to Wordpress many years ago.

  4. Hope you dont loose all your years of blogging history

  5. Kiwionholidays10:59 AM

    Trying I gotta to see if my posts go through now, Lyndas one I can read still but last week or so can’t post .. like you ones change isn’t always straightforward is it..
    Love the one for your gf chemo ending.

    Cheers 🥂

    1. Just so you know, it seems that you can't comment on my blog if you are using Safari - people using Chrome seem to have no issues. I wonder if your readers find this too Chris?

    2. Lynda, it is not just your blog. I can’t comment on any blogs if I am in Safari. It happened with an upgrade a long time ago.

  6. Your banner looks fantastic.

  7. Well done on shop sales. Ohhhh I don’t like those praying mantis😱

  8. I've tried the new interface today as well. It was really awkward I thought, and not as easy to follow when making my post (and no colour, nothing to make it pretty - all the tabs are so utilitarian).
    Facebook is always changing things and I am getting used to having to change what I do, so I am going to do my best to adapt to the new Blogger stuff.
    Poor little praying manits! I'm glad you rescued it instead of squishing it :)

    1. That praying mantis was HUGE! Like so big ... I dared not squish it, it would have made a really big mess! And I don't like messes. lol

  9. Praying mantis are ok,they don't bite or sting,and they eat insects in the garden.Made a great start in your shop, very encouraging,fence looks good.How many are you cooking for,seems like a huge amount for 3.Would come to dinner,but the ditch between us is a bit deep and wide,and I can't swim.Georges Mum you are lovely,if I ever get back to NZ I'm going to come and see. You.Fine but cold in Coffs again today,but all is well.My tapestry is comeing along fine also,will sent a photo when its done.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Aww thanks you're making me blush 💗 George's Mum. Bloody cold here today expecting a frost tomorrow just as well I have got the day off for a long awaited haircut I look woolly!

  10. Gosh havnt seen praying mantis in years...just home from groceries glad my trolly is only for 2 but hate it as much as you

  11. Anonymous5:03 PM

    The praying mantis was probably a pregnant female, they have hundreds of babies. Glad you didn't kill it though, as my Grand-daughter always says "they are all God's creatures". Audrey

  12. Anonymous5:17 PM

    We have plenty of those little critters around in summer. Congratulations on the people popping into your shop I think it's awesome and I am drooling over your dinner haha. George's Mum.

  13. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Your banner is fantastic! Your dinner also looks fantastic.... do you just pour the mint sauce over and bake it? AllyS Melb

    1. Yep! Whitlocks Thick Mint Sauce, I swear by it. I usually do it in the oven but sometimes in the crock pot too.

    2. So do you use a whole bottle? How long do you cook it for? NEED MORE DETAILS!!!!

    3. Anonymous8:52 PM

      How long do you cook it for? I'd like to try it. Thanks, Sarah

    4. Yes Sparlkling: I do use the entire bottle, sometimes 2!

      Put your lamb chops/shanks/roast in a casserole dish, add whatever veges you want. I usually add chopped up onion, potatoes and carrots. Then pour one or two bottles of Whitlock's Thick Mint Sauce over the lot (depending on how much meat you have) ... add a sprinkle of salt and put in the oven at about 180 degrees C for at least 2-3 hours. *Check every so often to make sure it's not burning or running out of fluid*, add a bit of water if it needs more fluid.

      When the meat is literally falling off the bones, thicken with cornflour, or whatever you are used to using.

    5. Anonymous10:06 PM

      Thank you! Going to try that! X Ally S Melbourne

  14. Looks like you had a busy day. Your supper sounds lovely. Keep warm.

  15. I sent you an email asking how much bigger you cut the squares for your bowl cosies? I have made a lot but some bowls just do not fit the cosies are too small. Enjoying reading about your everyday life in New Zealand.

    1. Pretty sure I replied? But never mind. I use a 13 inch square.


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