Wednesday, May 13, 2020


The Lock Down tree ... explaining why I need to take everything off it eventually.

From what I've read, if the yarn on the tree remains wet for too long (repeatedly), it can cause fungus and rot to set in on the tree.

I don't want to kill our tree, so will be taking MOST of the yarn stuff off in another couple of weeks, to make sure it stays healthy.

As we have not had that much rain yet, I think it's probably safe for now, so I will hold for a while yet.

 ABOVE:  Brylee scored a Chocolate Mud Cake off a friend yesterday. We had some for dessert last night... it was OK, not as good as the Lemon Meringue Pie though.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  My neighbour Julie brought over more feijoas yesterday afternoon too.  Then she went home, only to return with some Feijoa Jam !
It is delicous!  OMG I love it.
I think Toast with jam might be my breakfast today. *smiles*

Today... hmmmm.   I'm going to continue working on the latest cot quilt.  It's coming along nicely I must say.

I am making the binding from strips of different coloured fabrics.... so will keep on with that this morning.  

Well dammit. My computer has totally shit itself. I can get it to turn on but that's about it. It's FROZEN. I'm super annoyed as I will have to take it into Harvey Norman's tomorrow to get it fixed. 

I can't remember how long I've had it? If it's still under warranty or not ? *sigh'

So... back to blogging on my damn phone.

SO WEIRD... my computer started working again after 2 hours of just being a blank screen!

I hope it lasts long enough to get this up!

HRV Hamilton.  The guy arrived last Thursday and installed our new filters.

He broke EVERY SINGLE RULE in regards to keeping himself and us safe.
No distancing.
No sanitising anything he touched.
His ladder collapsed with him on it, and the new filters crashed onto our concrete floor.
He sent me an invoice detailing what he had done. .... he did NONE OF IT!  If he had, he would have had to walk around our entire house checking the outlets/dust rings etc.  Nope, did not do it.
He also made up numbers for the air flows and the temperature readings.

OMG the list is endless of his lack of safety for himself and us, and his bullshit and lies.

So after thinking on it for a couple of days Stew told me I should email the company and make a complaint.  So I did that on Sunday.

Monday rolls around and I got a phone call from the General Manager.  He is gobsmacked! Asks me lots of questions then apologies profusely.

He said another technician would be out here this morning at 8 am to check the filters were not damaged in the fall etc.

So Steve arrives... fully kitted out in PPE.  He asked me a million questions about the previous guy, what happened/didn't happen etc.

Then he goes up in the roof to check the previous guys work and the filters.

AND OMG!  He just told me:

- One new filter was installed, but it was ripped and not fit for purpose any more.
- The other NEW filter was just sitting there beside the unit, not even installed!!!!!!!

So Steve put in new filters, did all the checks of the system, walked around the house checking all the airflow thingees etc.  He did the job RIGHT.

Now I'm so thankful we complained, otherwise we would have an HRV system that was not working properly at all!

Something tells me the first guy's head is gunna roll!  Steve said he is now going to be visiting everyone who had 'R' do a job for them lately, to double check he did the job right!

I have an awful feeling R has been doing half arse jobs for a long time!  And I bet he didn't use PPE or safe distancing/sanitising on any of those jobs either.  WHAT AN IDIOT.

ABOVE:  I finally got around to preparing then spraying a gloss varnish on my acrylic pour paintings.  Well... these two anyway.  I ran out of varnish.

I'm thrilled with them!  Now I just have to find somewhere to hang them.
I will not be making any to sell... they are too expensive to produce, plus there's plenty of people already doing them out there.

ABOVE:  Today the tree got an addition, AND an inspection.  And I'm happy to say it is looking just fine under it's adornments.  So it shall stay for a bit longer.

4.20 pm:  OML it's been a quiet day for me.  I've been knackered to be honest.  Didn't sleep well at all last night, then to get up early to let the HRV man in... had to GET DRESSED didn't I?  Usually I stay in me nightie till 9-10 in the morning.  Why rush to ... STAY AT HOME? ha ha ha.

Anyway... I've been on the phone to family for a couple of hours... and have perked up a bit.  So might venture into the Studio for a little while before making dinner.

ABOVE:  Dinner tonight is Lamb Patties, veges and gravy.  Cute lamb eh?  lol

11.34 pm:  I'm about to head off to bed.  In another 25 minutes New Zealand will be in Level 2.  NO MORE LOCK DOWN.
But there will still be a few restrictions, particularly numbers of people in shops/at gatherings/funerals and so on.  Social distancing and keeping track of contacts will still happen too.
But... life will start to feel more 'normal' I hope.

Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Have you tried feijoa jam stired into porridge? Delicious!-Anna.

  2. Love those paintings! And as far as shoddy work, it's always good to complain. Thank goodness you did!

  3. I am left speechless!! Thank goodness you wrote a letter of compliant!!

    1. I felt awful about complaining, but after hearing 'R' didn't even do the job properly, I too was SPEECHLESS! And really, really angry with him. What a prick.

    2. It's like he must have been on drugs or something ... a good outcome to what have been a very frustrating situation as how would you have otherwise known he did such a shoddy job!

  4. You know, a little spoonful of that jam would be nice stirred through your porridge too :)

  5. You did the right thing about your HRV work! Noticing what "R" didn't do, thinking about it and then contacting the company with clearly expressed concerns. Wonderful result!!
    Pour paintings,hey? They are beautiful!

  6. OMG I can not believe the audacity of R !! Im glad you emailed and mailed a complaint.

    I tried feijoada's for the first time after having to buy them. Have 2 trees in the yard that flower but have never fruited for us!!

    1. I wonder why your trees have not had fruit? Have to asked at the garden center? I would. Maybe you need to pollinate them by hand for a while? One tree pollinates the other.

  7. whoa!!!! That's terrible.... can't believe that guy has been getting away with it!!!

  8. Kiwionholidays1:47 PM

    Time poor atm fab blog today so will read more tonight,,,

    Have to say LOVE the acrylics and my fave is the 2 Nd one


  9. I am so pleased you complained. What a cheek of 'R'. I somehow think he will be looking for a new job around about now!

  10. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I cant stand the smell of fejoas but dont mind them in a cake. Can you make a wooden or wire netting tree and adorn it with the recycled knitted bits. It's such an attraction.

  11. Wow, that's incredible and I'm so glad you complained! I also can't stand feijoas but my grandsons LOVE them!! I never even saw a feijoa until I was an adult so clearly my mother didn't like them either :)

  12. I thought that was "your Steve" for a second! Glad you spoke up. And for their own employee to find out the other guy didn't even do the job! WOW

  13. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Good on you for complaining! I love your tree so much, have sent screen shots of it all around the world to my family and friends and they love it so much! -Anna

  14. Wow i must have been busier today than i thought here it is after 8pm and first time today checking your block. Yes tree sadly wil go manky if too much we weather but its made many smiles and thats what you planned. What i beat there gonna be one more unemplyed tonight after you HVR fell gives his report, glad u stood up and glad they folowed up faulty parts could have cause a fire.

  15. Certainly is a good thing you complained! Now you can rest easy that the job has been done right. Glad to hear the situation is improving in New Zealand. No change here.

  16. Wow talk about a slack worker! I'm glad you got someone to do it correctly


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