Monday, May 18, 2020


I'm 90% ready to open my little shop!

Just a couple more sprays of varnish on the sign, then Stew can mount it on the fence.

Oh, I also need to iron all my stock as it has been in boxes for a while.  That might take me a little while!

I'm going to spend some time this morning working on a list of things I have to get done.  I just love lists!

Last Tuesday I was contacted by an FBG girlfriend who wanted me to make her a 'banner' to celebrate her last Chemo treatment.  

So, as soon as I've finished the cot quilt I'm working on, that is next in line.

Then I have more runners to make.... and bowl cosy's and .... well, just lots!

It will be interesting to see what sells through my little shop.  

How about giving me some ideas for small things?  Worth $2 - $5?  My mind goes blank trying to think of things that MIGHT sell for that sort of money, AND where I am still actually making a little money on them.

About the only thing I can think of is little flower brooches... and who wants flower brooches, seriously? 

The OLD MOO suggested hankies, but patchwork fabric is not super soft cotton, so probably not a goer, unless I buy fabric specifically for them, and that seems crazy considering how much fabric I already have!

Yikes, something else I just remembered I want to get done before I open the shop.  Mount some alcohol ink tiles on canvas's.  So that will go on the list of 'To Do' as well.

Let's not forget I still have to do housework too.  That shit never sleeps.  OMG how many times have I typed that over the past 13.7 years on this blog???  But it's true, so .......... so true.

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and start on the list... just as soon as I've made the bed, put some washing on, folded yesterday's washing... bla bla bla.


Wow there's some awesome ideas coming in... THANK YOU!

So far this morning I've put two more coats of varnish on my sign, so it's pretty much ready to go out now.

That meant I could put my car back in the garage.  Almost had a BIG whoops though...

ABOVE:  I nearly drove into Brylee's BRAND NEW dresser!  It was bloody close!  The tennis ball suspended from the ceiling was not set right, and yeah.... I had to adjust it so I got the correct spacing for me car.  I think it fell down a little while ago and was not put back right.

Sorted now though.  

ABOVE:  Today's tree addition, just another blue section.  

Now?  I'm going to potter in my Studio.  Get a few jobs done, make that list and think about what little projects I might make from all the suggestions given.  *smiles*

5.10 pm:  Well I've been fluffing around all day, sometime in the Studio, sometimes in the house.
I'm working on a little surprise for one of my neighbours too.  That will be revealed tomorrow.

Dinner is on my mind now... think it's gunna be sausages, spare ribs and veges.

Well... we have been busy beavers this evening.
Dinner was lovely.
I cut Brylee's hair.
Stew put my little shop sign up.
And I did a little thing, and will show you tomorrow.


  1. How about bookmarks for small inexpensive items.

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    My sister gave me a gorgeous little fridge magnet. It's a fabric elephant, it has wadding between the layers of fsbric so it's nice and soft. I love it and it would be a good way to use up scraps of fabric.
    Hazel.(long time reader, first comment)

  3. Not sure if you are required to wear them there (we are in my state) but face

  4. Little hot/cold packs (5 inch squares of fabric filled with rice)
    Refrigerator magnets (there are no sew ideas on internet)
    Ear savers strip of fabric with buttons on the ends
    coasters or as you say mug rugs (fabric squares without the fancy embroidery stitching)
    Tiny pouches or bags
    Chapstick holder for keychain
    Those lanyard things to wear around your neck with a badge, nametag, keycard, keys attached.
    Fabric keychain (Loop of fabric like a dog leash handle with a ring attatched
    Eye mask (for sleeping)
    Feminine Hygiene Pouch
    Simple fabric letters (spell names or welcome or home)
    cloth napkins
    polar fleece dog tug toys
    those triangle "buntings" that you have outside

  5. Coasters? (These would be smaller than rug mugs)
    Little hanging hearts? Pot holders?
    Door cushions (to stop doors slamming)? (,

    Basically anything you can use scraps on so very little cost to you. Those door cushions are great for houses with kids to stop fingers getting jammed too!

  6. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Bookmarks sell well Chris. Just use visofix between two fabrics! Put a ribbon in before you iron them together. Also I'll send you another idea I'm doing by email.

  7. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Small hearts filled with lavander to put in your drawers.

  8. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Buntings? We put bunting outside in summer and we have some wintery coloured ones for inside.
    Produce bags and shopping totes are another good idea as most people are moving away from plastic.

  9. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Pillowcase dresses are always popular for little girls.
    There is a demand for muted coloured homewares especially with the Instagrammers.
    Colours like mushroom, pale greens and coffee.

  10. So many great ideas, I came up with a couple of things too but Dogstar's list is so comprehensive, all y ideas are there lol.

  11. Open the shop! You can iron and sew while it's open!

  12. Anonymous12:54 PM

    That list just got a whole lot bigger well done Dogstars!! Beaudy sunny day here around 20 degrees. George's Mum.

  13. The funny thing is.... I DO NOT sew. I do ceramics. I gave my sewing friend my serger and now she owes me sewing for life! She loves to sew - but I never have any projects for her! She DID make some masks for my family unit though!

    1. The funny thing is.... I USED TO DO POTTERY! I'm sure you know this though. I still love pottery, and would love to make more of my little houses... but sewing is so much CLEANER! lol

  14. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Protective padded Reading glasses pockets, little fabric, saves lenses getting scratched, perhaps a small matching coin, or glass cleaner rag bag, sell separately = 2 sales. Heather.

  15. How about hair bands scrunchies or kerchief bandana things i c lot of teenage kits with them of course not patch colours what ever the f they are. When u don with knitting for the tree leg warmers, covered coat hangers, scraves although they get boring. Not sure about things for males though

  16. Some great idea's, all the ones I was going to suggest have been noted.


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