Saturday, May 16, 2020



The past two days we have been allowed to go out shopping, spend our days doing what we want, but observing social distancing and safe hand washing/sanitising practices and so on.

I thought... OMG I can go shopping again.  I LOVE SHOPPING.

But the past two days have RUINED my love of shopping.  RUINED IT.

Damn queues.  Damn ignorant pricks who clog up the aisles and don't move, or worse still, get too close to you!  And no burgers?  What the hell is with that?

If you normally serve burgers along with say, KFC chicken, why not serve bloody burgers?  And why limit the choice McDonalds?  Why?  I just don't get it.

Stew and I will be going out today to get my phone plan changed.  If they can't give me a decent plan, I will be closing my account with them and going somewhere else.  It's not like they are the only choice now days.
We have been with SPARK/Telecom for 35+ years.... I call that customer loyalty.  But it will all go out the window if they can't come to the party and sort out a better plan for me.

I'm not sure if we will bother going to the garden center for more plants, I'm not really in a shopping mood any more.

We can work on my shop sign some more I think... and stay home.

11.58 am: we are having a much better shopping experience today. Thank god.

The girl who served me at SPARK yesterday didn't do her job right. I DO have authority to change my plan and do whatever I want with our account. So anyway, we changed my plan and as of right NOW all my calls to Australia are FREE!!!!  And my mobile data has increased for no extra fee. 

In fact my monthly bill should now be $40 instead of OVER $200 !!!

 ABOVE:  Today's addition... rather cute.  Love the colour.

 ABOVE:  Waiting for paint to dry.... story of my life.

ABOVE:  We got a nice plant for my new hanging basket... so it's looking ever so lovely out the front now.  *smiles*

Well... the paint dried.  Then I started thinking out wording.  And ran into a problem there.  So... I've left it for tomorrow.

We had fish n chips for dinner.  It was lovely.
Now we are having ice cream was chocolate and caramel sauce.  OMG so bad!


  1. I wouldn’t care if I never want shopping again, except for Aldi, I have gotten used to not going to do shopping because I can’t walk due to mobility issues. I would be anxious as well, because as you say there are too many selfish ignorant fools out there who won’t practice social distancing etc. My husband went shopping this morning and people were right in his space and crowding him, a woman was coughing and spluttering non stop. It’s a long way back to how we used to be before covid-19, i miss the feeling of being free, so much uncertainty.

  2. Is it a moblie plan you are after or a landline? I ditched Telecom/Spark many years ago. I'm loyal to the best deal these days. Currently I've with 2Degrees and get calls to Australia included in my minutes. I don't make many calls or use much data so it's important that any plan I have rolls over the unused portion. Look around before you approach Spark so that you know what else is offered. Also, I don't know why you need to go to a shop when it's all online or via call centre.

  3. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Burgers are more labour intensive than fried chicken and McDonalds are serving burgers (they don't have much else) but as you said with a limited menu because there are less staff in the kitchens due to distancing - people have to be one metre apart. Don't worry about things so much (not good for your headaches) and we will get back to normal again sooner or later. Well, we will as long as people take the MoH advice. Audrey

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I've been with 2 degrees for a few years now and they are excellent. Everything rolls over month to month. Their service in shop is excellent.

  5. My prediction is that things will get sorted out and the stores will figure out how to run smoothly. Until then, it's a nightmare. Good luck with your phone.

  6. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Yes once people are allowed out they all come including am finding it better to go during the week as people are still working from home and weekends are their best times for we are young? retirees


  7. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Keep your chin up Chris unfortunately we will just have to continue being patient for a while yet. Been raining here but the sun is trying to poke through. George's Mum.

  8. Annnnnd breath lol, do you really need to go shopping? You've lasted this long, wait another week or so when hopefully it's calmer. As for burgers, make your own they're much better.

  9. I am sorry that your shopping adventures have been unsatisfactory!

  10. OK, it has to be asked... how/why was your monthly bill $200? I'm so glad you got that sorted!!

    1. Phone calls to my Mum mostly.

    2. Oh my gosh... you should have mentioned this long ago. Most plans have had free calls to Australia for ages. Now you know :)

  11. Sorry you shopping trip was not at all what you expected, hope it gets better for you soon. Some of our stores are opening, however, only if they have a door that is open to the street, so no malls are open. I believe the entire population of the world is going to adjust to a new way of living, at least until there is a shot for this bug. I am a happy camper......just read where one of our local fabric retailer is opening on Tuesday next week. It is a huge store it will be interesting to see how it is operating. Chin up chuck.....better days ahead, keep well. Patricia

  12. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Loving your shop front!-Anna

  13. I know a few negative shopping experiences won't put off you (or me!!!!) from shopping lololololol xxxxx

  14. Enjoy all your free chats with Mom. Found it difficult dealing with people in public before this darn virus, now it's even more unpleasant. Try to limit my exposure to once a week.

  15. Enjoy all your free chats with Mom. Found it difficult dealing with people in public before this darn virus, now it's even more unpleasant. Try to limit my exposure to once a week.


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