Friday, May 15, 2020


Over the next couple of days,  I/we will be working on my shop sign.

YES, I could have got one made professionally, but there is the cost, and time involved waiting for it to be ready to factor in.

In the end I decided to just make one myself.  It doesn't need to be a 'WHIZZ BANG' amazingly expensive, professional sign. 

So, let's see what I come up with.  I've had long enough to think about it... and Stew has given me ideas too.  It will be a joint effort.  

Well OK... his effort will be in getting it in the right position and making sure it stays put once up.  *smiles*

I put the first coat of paint on the backing board last night.  2nd coat will be sometime this morning.  And painting the letters.  Lots to do.

I also have a long time girlfriend calling in to visit sometime this morning.  We have known Hilary for 25+ years, she used to work with Stew in the BNZ bank.  So that's going to be lovely.  Our first visitor since Lock Down was lifted.

Once she's been and gone again, I will pop out to finish off my post lock down shopping.  *smiles*
I hope  it goes smoothly.


OMG I just typed out a huge update... then had to let the electrician back in and it deleted itself!

So annoying.

Anyway... here goes AGAIN.

I had a wonderful visit with my girlfriend Hilary:

ABOVE:  Say Hi to Hilary.  She's lovely.  We chatted for a couple of hours, just like old times.


I went to Bunnings today.. that went well.

Then I went to The Base (Mall) to post a parcel.  That took me 35 mintues, cos you have to get in a queue to 'sign in', then another queue once inside the shop to get up to the postal counter.  

I decided to get a KFC burger for lunch, I was starving eh?
So I get into a queue to 'sign in' again, then into ANOTHER queue to order my burger.  Only, they ain't making bloody burgers!  

So I leave and go across the way to McDonalds... and yeah... more queues and only a limited menu.  So I gave up.

I decide to go home.  So I am walking through the mall, which has walkways that are about 2.5 meters wide right?

And this group of 4 people... (hold on...  the electrician might trip the power so I have to turn the computer  off.  Back in a mo...)

I will continue on my phone... so I'm walking along fairly briskly when I come up to a group of 4 people who are walking 4 abreast ... and just dawdling along, laughing and chatting.

I'm like... can't get past... can't get past.. and they don't move!

So I literally screamed at them to DAMN WELL MOVE YOU INCONSIDERATE BASTARDS! Ummm.. plus a few more very bad words for effect.

They scattered like rabbits.

But then they started yelling at me so well... I gave them BOTH FINGERS, BOTH HANDS as I walked on to the carpark.

So, so angry.

Got home and had damn baked beans on toast. 

And if the mental image of a furious Chris swearing like a trooper with her fingers in the air, IN THE MALL, doesn't make you laugh, NOTHING WILL.


The electrician just left, so I have power again.
I hope this time the power point problem is finally fixed.

It is now 3.10 pm and I'm gunna lie down and try to sleep off the headache I have.  It's a goodie.  ('goodie' means really bad btw)

3.40 pm: *sigh*... can't be bothered lying down !

 ABOVE:  I put this addition on the tree, along with three tassels... dotted around.  As you can see in this photo, there's plenty more branches I could cover!  Just finding it increasingly difficult to reach them.

ABOVE:  I got this hanging basket today, might get some plants for it tomorrow.  I'm going to hang it outside my Studio/Shop.

Right, it's the end of the day.  I've spent an hour putting an undercoat on me little wooden letters.  Tomorrow I will put colours on them.
Probably need to get a sponge to get the paint on better though.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I thought you would have hand made an open closed sign hung it on Dowling? Maybe in your spare time 😂 Blondie

  2. I think a handmade sign will be perfect and lovely. After all - your goods are handmade and the shop is in your home. Can't wait to see it!

  3. This was amusing -
    “In order to stay safe, New Zealand will likely need to keep its borders shut for some time, if only to keep out citizens from the hardest hit countries like the U.S., Russia, and the UK—all nations with wildly incompetent governments. As the Daily Beast explained earlier this week, Americans won’t be welcome in many countries anytime soon. But it’s encouraging to know that at least some people are able to go back to normal and will perpetuate the human species even if the rest of the world disintegrates into a pit of despair and disease. You’ve got to look on the bright side.”

  4. Serves the morons right for being so bloody inconsiderate. I bet everyone else was silently cheering you on - I know I would have been. This pandemic seems to have brought out the best & unfortunately the worst in humanity.

    On the positive side, think of the money you saved by not having takeaways :-)

  5. Kiwionholidays4:36 PM


  6. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Two sets of fingers of mine to them as well what a bunch of twats!! Had George to the "day spa" today looking and feeling much better. George's Mum.

  7. Drive through. Always drive through. Beats standing beside inconsiderate people hands down.

  8. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Love your plant basket. Going looking for one tomorrow. I want to put my grandmothers crab cactus cuttings in one. And get new net curtains as mine have torn apart. Have a great weekend. Kj

  9. yay for visits! boo to inconsiderate bastards!!!!

  10. It's challenging to be out in public these days. So many new rules and procedures some people follow others don't give a crap. It is taxing on the patience for sure. Take care hope you are feeling better. Have a good weekend, enjoy your new freedom.

  11. Not sure if I am posting this comment twice. Before you take the yarn bombing off the tree, I think it would be good fun to take a very high quality professional photograph. Frame it for your shop. You could also use the same photo to get some postcards made at Vista Print - to hand out with your contact info on them. That would be really cute and a good memento for this time.


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