Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Well... today I am putting additions on TWO trees.  
This is not something I thought I'd be doing!

But at least the neighbour's tree is really small.

I put a pom pom on it late last night, and this morning I have a couple of little things to hang off it too.

And then there is MY tree as well.  I have a fairly standard addition for it too.

 ABOVE:  I have my beady eyes on our little tangelo tree.  There's two fruit almost ready to pick.  It's exciting!  
Yeah I know, I'm a bit sad.

ABOVE: And this lot!  Every single cutting I shoved into a pot has grown heaps!  I'm really proud, I have made this corner so nice.

So today is going to be the first 'normal' day for me in a long time.
Stew is at work, so is Brylee, and Lacy is away for a few days.  
So it really is going to be just me at home!

I am going to be in the studio working on a cot quilt for the morning, so I will put out my OPEN sign.  Let's see if I get anyone popping in today?


ABOVE:   Now I am really set up to be in the Studio half the day... happily.
I do so much on my compter, it really needed to be in here with me while the shop is open.

Also, if someone wants to pay via internet banking, they can do it here on my computer.

AND YES STEVE:  I will turn the computer off and give it at least 10 minutes to wind down completely before I move it back to the family room in the evening.  No more frozen computer!

Who else is like me and needs their spaces (home/work etc) to be JUST RIGHT before they can be happy?   I do my head in all the time having to get things in the right place.
The garage is still NOT sorted out properly, but there's not much I can do about it until Brylee and Lacy's stuff is OUT of here.

Once Lacy leaves, we are going to be doing a big shuffle in the bedrooms too.
But that's for another day, another blog post.

It's almost 2 pm, time to close the shop and go out.  I want to look at a few things in Harvey Norman's.  

 ABOVE:  I was prepared today!  I made myself a cheese and onion sandwich and kept it in the garage till lunchtime.  Let's call the garage the 'lunch room'  ha ha ha!

I had only one lady pop in today, she was very quiet.  So I didn't try to engage her in conversation... I dislike pushy sales people, so just let her browse.

ABOVE:  I put a couple of things out the front so people could get an idea of what I am selling.  I'll sort something better eventually, that will do for now.

Right, I'm off for a while.

5.25 pm: And I've been home a good hour or so.
Shopping/window shopping... meh.  Didn't really see anything I wanted at Harvey Norman's (for now anyway).  I'm kinda mattress shopping still.

I did manage to take advantage of a good sale at a shop I rather like:

ABOVE:  I got some stuff.  The deal was 'Spend $40, get 40% off'... so I did!  lol.
I will show you what I got tomorrow.  Right now I need to get working on dinner. 

Crumbed chicken with rice and veges is for dinner tonight.

Dinner was OK, could have been tastier.  
Stew and Brylee seem to have enjoyed it, they are both having it for lunch tomorrow as well.

Coronation Street is interesting... but I'm so OVER the story line between Geoff and Yasmeen.  I wish they would wind it up and get it over with!    But no, I'm sure it will drag on forever.

Well... that's the end of today.  I'll be back.... tomorrow.


  1. Yes (about putting something on that sign) as there is no indication what you are selling. It needs to say what Chris's Creations is. I would also call it a 'studio shop' or 'craft shop' so people get more idea what it is. Could you put a link to a "Chris's Creations" Facebook page? That way people could check that out if they are too shy to come in or if you are closed.

  2. Sign looks very big,but impressive. Cloudy,cold and looks like rain in Coffs today.Going to sit down and do some more tapestry .Did Archer get upset and cry when Bex left yesterday.THE OLD MÒO.

    1. Hello granny I didnt leave archer yesterday it was only an hour visit so he got a feel for his class and his teachers. He seemed happy enough but well see monday.

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Shop looks great fingers crossed for some punters. I have OCD at work if something is out of place it screws with my head big time!! My colleagues move things around just to pee me off lol. Great news for Steve let's hope he's got it under control. George's Mum.

  4. Don't become a slave the shop! Go and buy one of those ding dong bell things so that you will hear if someone comes in, that way you can be elsewhere in the house. Or a buzzer on the door of the studio if the door is shut so people can buzz you. Also I think you should do as much work as you can in that area instead of closing it off so much - people would love to see you working, not just being a shopkeeper! Just my thoughts :)

  5. As word gets out I am sure the shop will get busier, especially once people realise it is run by the "tree lady".

  6. It looks lovely Chris, well done. I love your attention to detail :-)

  7. Kiwionholidays5:17 PM

    Fab post busy day for you and love the wee shop idea,
    Happy bout Steve n Bex n co will be able to get back to normal soon

    Nice to see your Mum and all are good and keeping positive and busy as our circumstances have changed

    Yay library will be open in 2weeks to get a few winter readers lol

    Retro shops up n running with 5 in a shop at a time, so not long to overbrowse n overspend ☹️
    Will make up for it next month ,,,

    So happy to see Covid 19 is slowing down there as well as here ,,,,,but don’t want to rush in too quickly n release the spring..too fast

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Love the shop it’s gorgeous so you on fine days roll some racks out? I love the colours and when I get to see me boi boi you know I will call in xx Blondie

  9. Shop looks great! Best of luck.

  10. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Like you I wasn't sure I would use an air-fryer, did not want to spend a lot of money, to find it wasn't worth it. So bought the cheapest one I could find, and love it, use it at least every second day.
    It pre-heats at 180d for 15mins, I don't waste the power, put frozen squid and chips in as soon as it it turned on. Squid is cooked in 10-12mins, chips 12-15min max. Turn once during that time.
    Bought a cake tin that fits in as well, cooks great, quicker than in the oven.
    So much better and quicker than using the big oven.
    I had intended getting a more expensive one if I liked it, won't bother, the cheap one works great.
    Our Daughter takes hers camping to powered caravan sites, and loves it too.

    Your shop looks inviting, friendly and professional.

  11. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Love your shop! We have a Philips airfryer, use it every day for pumpkin or potatoes.. is brilliant for Aldi onion rings 😁 we recently bought a cheapie Aldi one for our caravan, a it’s just as good. Are Sleeping Duck mattresses available in NZ? We just bought one.... OMG.... It’s living up to the hype and so reasonable - $1600 for king size, and 100 nights trial, so you can’t lose! ( no, I don’t work for them! ) AllyS Melbourne


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