Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Last night I did something for my immediate neighbour.

A while ago she asked me if I would put 'something' on her little tree?

I didn't think I would, as my tree is pretty big, so would probably keep me busy.

But, it was getting harder and harder to reach the higher branches of my tree, so I did this:

ABOVE:  I put some yarn bombing on her tree.

I hope when they get up this morning, they see it and smile.

While Lacy and I were out there stitching it on her tree, a man drove past in his ute and tooted his horn at us... then he turned around and came back and tooted again!  It was rather funny and made us laugh.  All the while we were trying to be quiet so our neighbour didn't know we were there.

Now, some excellent news on Steve's health.
His latest blood tests have shown a really good lowering of his inflammation levels, so his team of doctors have said he CAN GO BACK TO WORK.... next week.
AND the boys can go back to school next week too.

Today, Bex is taking Archer for his 1st school visit before he starts next Monday.

ABOVE:  Trying on their uniforms yesterday.  How tiny does our Archer look?  So cute.
And Dante... what a darling smile.

OH!  Something else I can smile about... they are coming down for a day trip on Friday.  It has been over 2 months since we have seen them.  Stew is taking the day off work so he can spend the day with them too.

A little later on this morning I will go outside and take a photo of my shop sign in place ... then, at around 10 am I will be putting my OPEN sign out on the grass verge.  I'm a little nervous about it.
I plan on being 'OPEN' till about 3 pm.
During that time I will be in my studio working.

I wonder if anyone will pop in?


ABOVE: He was so ready for school... he's even joining in!
So proud of him. 

12.25 pm: and I've been open for a couple of hours.  Two ladies in having a browse... and a natter. *smiles*

Then the lady who owned our home before us called in! So I showed her around the yard... she was very impressed and said we had made it beautiful. 

That was lovely.  

I'm now having my lunch in the studio. I made two more bowl cosy's this morning  too.

Well... I've closed the shop for today so I can do a few things around the house.  

***  It took a while, but there's my sign out the front of our home ***


Today New Zealand recorded zero new Covid 19 cases again ... but we had to add 4 'historical' cases of New Zealanders who caught it in Uruguay.  So our total is now 1,503, with 21 deaths.  We  have not had any new deaths in quite a while, which is so fantastic.  We only have a recorded 40 'active' cases now.

That's not to say we don't have more of course, as so many people are asymptomatic or have not been tested.  But we are seemingly doing pretty good.

I have some chicken out for dinner, but I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet.  My motivation is ZERO right now to do anything with it!

Well... at the end of the day, Stew and I went out and had a burger and chips... and had a good chat, just the two of us.
Then home, and I did a bit of crochet for tomorrow's tree addition.

Off to bed soon, we are both tired.


  1. I think you might be well known around your area and beyond as the decorating of the tree has been talked about so much. You will find that people will love to come and see what you make,
    Good luck and don’t be nervous, just enjoy your new venture.

  2. I would love to be able to pop in to your shop.

  3. Darling little boys, they really tried so hard to give their best smiles. Xx

  4. That's fantastic news about Steve!!! Archer is in Charlie's class so they may become little friends :) That will be wonderful to see them on Friday.

  5. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Wonderful news for Steve.must be awesome for him to finally get back to normal. The boys look gorgeous. So cute.
    Wish I could be your first customer Chris. Would I get a free cup of coffee and cake for travelling so far lol.

    1. Well that would depend on how far you had to travel! You didn't sign ya name. Lol

    2. Anonymous11:39 PM

      Whoops. Kj

  6. Wonderful news about Steve! Good luck with your shop today. I am aur many people will be curious and come to visit. Wish I was close enough and I would definitely.

  7. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Awesome news all around. Good luck for today. Just remember that word of mouth is probably going to be your biggest advertisement and it may take a little while for that to take off. Once that happens though I’m sure you will have loads of customers. I’m so jealous that you can run a little business from home. That would be my dream. Michelle from Oz.

  8. Your shop looks awsome cant wait to come and check it out. The boys are so excited to see the puppy dogs haha. Of course grandma and grandad aswell.

  9. Best Wishes on your new venture!! So kind of you to decorate your neighbor's tree!

  10. Your sign looks great. Hope the shop goes well for you :)

  11. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Wow so cool how your is looking and I love how the shop has roared into existence.....so pleased to hear Steve is on the mend how grown up Dante is looking and Archer cute as.

  12. Congratulations on opening the shop. Wonderful news about Steve. Good luck to the little fellows on returning to school.


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