Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Yesterday I contacted the Hamilton City Council about getting a permit to operate my little shop.
I heard back from them late yesterday... I am ALLOWED to operate from home.  And they even told me how big a sign I can have! 
I am super impressed with how quick they processed my request.

Next, I need to contact our Insurance company and see if I need added insurance, now that I have so much MORE fabric and products in my Studio.

I will do that this morning.

My 'flyers' are literally flying out the front!  Stew will have to print me off some more.  11 got taken yesterday, which is more than I thought would get taken.

New Zealand is going down to Level 2 on Thursday.  Which means the shops will be open again.  Most things will be open, but with social distancing still being enforced.

I had really hoped this meant Steve, Bex and the kids could come and visit us too... as we will be allowed to travel again.

But NO.  Because he is having another flare up of his Pancolitis, he's back on medication that makes him particularly vulnerable.  So, he's staying home, his kids are staying home and we can't even visit.

I offered to go up and hug the kids and stay away from him, and even disinfect the kids before they went back inside.  BUT NO.  

Can't happen.   We will just have to wait at least a couple more weeks until his medication takes affect again, then he will be safer.

I will just have to console myself with some shopping I suppose. lol

I will have to sit down and think about what I need when I can go shopping!  Winter tights is high on the list, as is a couple of winter tops.
Oh and some more plants... hmmm, what else?
Stuff to make me shop sign!

WHAT are YOU going shopping for when we hit Level 2?


ABOVE:  My Lemon Meringue Pie was awesome.  Too tart for Brylee, who tipped it down the sink!!!  Such a waste.
Yes, I do make it with more lemon than normal, cos that's how we like it.

It's a cool morning here ... better start moving to warm up.

11.21 am:  And I've been busy this morning.
I started stitching the latest cot quilt, then Lacy and I moved the screen/fencing thing from in front of the HRV by the pond, and put it in front of the one by my studio...

ABOVE:  Now the front of my Studio looks like that.  I love it.  Steve will just have to make another one for over by the pond now.  *smiles*  I will put a bottle of hand sanitiser on the little fence 'shelf' ... perfect eh?

I will also be observing the 'one in/one out' safety precautions, so will have a seat by the door in case anyone has to wait.

NOT that I anticipate being swamped with customers!  

Right, it's 'brunch' time, I'm starving!  

I have had the most lovely afternoon!
There's been SO MANY people stopping by to look at, and take photos of my tree today!
I probably never noticed just how many until today, as I've spent all day in the Studio sewing.

ABOVE: This lady drove into our driveway, Lacy thought she was visiting us.... but no.  She backed out, parked on the road side and got out to take a photo.  

Then there was a group of three big, burly polynesian men who crossed over, looked at the tree then took photos of themselves in front of it!   I didn't expect that!  lol

Such fun seeing everyone enjoying my tree.  It will be a shame when I need to take it all down.   

There is a very valid reason for taking MOST of the stuff off the tree.  I will explain it tomorrow.  For now, I have to cook dinner.
And relax, I've been busy all day.

Dinner is done.  TV is boring.  An early night tonight I think.


  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    I need work tops long sleeve and bras! That I need to try on if course I don’t have a debit card or credit card so don’t do online shopping or online banking even! Blondie
    P.S I love the shop include buy local maybe

  2. I need absolutely nothing! I switched my wardrobe over to my winter clothes and I don't want for anything. Of course, that's not to say I won't buy something :). I really feel for Steve and Bex. I hope he gets better soon.

    Good luck with your little shop - on your flyer you have "cosy's"... if you are reprinting that should read "cosies". Sorry to be the spelling police but if you are printing more you might as well get it right. I love that you will have an outlet for your work now - perhaps Bex could display some of her amazing crafting as well?

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I need new net curtains in 2 rooms because during lockdown theyve both fallen apart. Only 11 years old??? Lol and I want a pegboard to hang all my rulers and scissors etc in my sewing area.

  4. Great newscabiutvthenshop and no permit requirements. Buys such a worry about Steve. He is right about not risking visit but hard on you all as you have such a great bond and must be missing each other. Lots of zoom visits needed.

  5. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Love those bowls!

  6. Those wee boys are going to be hugged to within an inch of their lives once you get hold of them - they will love it :-).

    I think your wee shop is a great idea, I can see you spending all day chatting to your customers, it will be alike a social club - but you get to make a profit haha.

  7. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Hi what a great job on the little shop, that is a good idea of Lynda's to put some of Bex's crafts there too.


  8. Wow! You have a little shop! And it's darling! Now - you need a little cheapo item to sell. Super cheap. Like a buck or two! Because everyone that walks through the door will want to buy a "little something". Even if they also buy a "bigger something". And sometimes they buy armloads of the little something for everyone they know! Our worry stones are often this item for stores. What could yours be? A little drawstring bag? A magnet wrapped in fabric? simple coasters with no special stitching or applique? Ear savers? a little strip of fabric with two buttons? Well, these ideas are not "super cheap"... But I just thought a little basket of cute inexpensive somethings would let people leave the shop and "save face" because they bought something! Kind of like my hubby buying a candy bar if he walks into a gas station! I LOVE that fabric bunting out front! You should sell those! So cute for a kid / baby room!

  9. Do you have a serger? Cloth napkins? Just serged around the edges? I will shut up now! Your things are darling. Your shop is welcoming. Congrats!

  10. Yes,like Dogstars said, your shop is super welcoming. So lovely. Erin

  11. Love the shop,so pretty and tidy.Decent sized hankies made out of an old sheet, or Stewart's shirts.or small drawstring bags with a buiscut or a couple of lollies for kids.Need bras when I get to go shopping,also winter shoes,but that wont be for a while yet.some lovely comments and ideas from our blogger friends,you all keep me interested,and focused on being part of a nice group.THE OLD MOO.

  12. I can't wait to have a decent coffee with friends. I have discovered online shopping during lock down and quite enjoy not having to face crowds. Even bought shoes and gin. Lots of gin!
    I love your shop. And I think dogstars has a good idea with wee inexpensive items as well as your more beautiful creations. You could offer layby for those who love your stuff but can't afford it right now.

  13. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I can't wait to visit my parents in their mid eighties hopefully this weekend. Ummm where are the leftovers? Just reply and I will provide my address 😋 George's Mum.

    1. Robyn we will be down in Palmerston North/Wanganui in about a month... perhaps we can pop over the hill to visit you?
      NOT with pie, but a hug?

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      Haha 😂 what leftovers lol 😂
      I only had one helping of Pie for Desurt (couldn't eat it all) had the rest for breakfast 🤭 then some more for lunch 😁

      I think I have over Pie'ed myself now lol..... said no one ever lol 😂

      I hope you get to see/visit you're parents this weekend George's Mum 😊
      #Lacy 💙

    3. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Absolutely would be wonderful to see you again! Lacy I hope you are proud of yourself and spew bahahaha 🤣🤣 at least it's not the usual "pie eyed" I have overindulged on the liquor bad me....

    4. Anonymous4:37 PM

      hahaha I must admit I did almost feel like spewing with the lunch serving lol 😂 but that would of been a terrible waste lol 😂
      and I like myself a beer or wine or 2 or 3 hehe 😂🤭 xx
      #Lacy 💙

  14. Love your little shop...wishing you every success xx

  15. What I really really really would like to buy as a maidenhair fern to place in our living room :)

  16. Anonymous5:18 PM

    You should leave the tree covered up over winter to keep it warm lol

  17. When or if you have to undress your tree you'll have to repeat the whole process again 🤣... everyone will be devastated to see the tree naked!

  18. Wonderful to hear the setup for the shop in coming along. Best of luck!

  19. It's amazing your stay in place started after ours and is already getting lifted. No end in sight for us.


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