Wednesday, May 27, 2020


We seem to have a little problem developing.

Coco is starting to go toilet inside.  Yes, she does not like going outside when it's wet, I get that.
But yesterday it was NOT WET.  In fact it was a lovely day.

I walked down the hallway  and caught her RED HANDED ... up on the spare bed having a piddle!!!!

Yep.  Luckily that mattress is going to the dump anyway, but there was an underblanket and a sheet still on the bed.  Grrrrr.

Then Stew got home and went into our wardrobe to find... piddle.  On his pillow and the floor.  Coco was in there a couple of nights ago too, and we shoo'ed her out.  She was probably gearing up to piddle in there then too. 

Any ideas on how to stop her doing that again?  

We do not want dog gates all over the house again... EVER.  

ABOVE:  I spent a bit of time yesterday titivating my front fence, on the inside.  Now I have a nicer view out my Studio window.
I will no doubt add more to it over time.
The canvas on the left is an acrylic pour gone wrong... so rather than throw it out... on the fence it went.  *smiles*

And the tile?  Chipped on two corners, so it's out there too.

I went out and bought more Steam A Seam late yesterday afternoon, so now I can move on to making the fabric letters for my FBG friend's banner.  I will work on that today while my little shop is open.

And that is all I have for now... catch ya later.


11.02 am:  And I'm frantically busy today and tomorrow ... the banner I've been 'working' on was in no way even 1/8th done.  And I got a call this morning asking for it to be finished in a couple of days!  FUCK.

I thought I had at least a week left to get it done!  So... that's what I have been working on since 8.30 am this morning.  I've not even made my bed or done me hair.  Well the hair looks OK-ish anyway!

Back to it.  

I will try and get Coco to the vet on Friday.

Hmmmm... I seem to work best under pressure!  I've nearly FINISHED the banner!  Seriously, there was SO MUCH TO DO on it, yet I will have it finished in the next hour or so. 

And I had a customer in the shop who bought a bowl cosy, and reckons her flatmate will be in for one, once she sees how cool her's is!  lol
Rather nice.

So... the day is going rather well after a frantic start. *smiles*

COCO... is confined to her bedroom for now... at least while I'm working.  Lacy pointed out a few weeks ago that the mat in the laundry/dog bedroom was wet... and smelt like piddle.
So I think our Coco has been doing this for quite some time already.

I'm sure I will get to the 'bottom' of this.  lmao, excuse the pun.

Well... It's now 5.35 pm and I've stopped for the day.  I'm freezing.  Less inclined to do dinner too.  Might be a takeaway night.

Well we ended up having chinese takeaways for dinner.  Rather nice..

I'm signing off for the day, it's time to totally relax and enjoy some down time.


  1. Clearly she knows she is not supposed to and does it anyway in secret.

    You are not going to like this, but in my opinion, Keep her on a leash, with you, 100% of the time, when she is in the house.

    What was going on at the old house that they were only allowed in certain areas? I remember they could only see you on platform thru window for part of the house.

    1. Correct, they could not get into the bedrooms at all. Coco has a propensity to scratch the bedding on the beds and has ruined a duvet cover and a quilt already.
      They could spend time with me while I was sewing in a bedroom, by being on their platform outside that bedroom.
      In this house they can see me/be with me in my studio all the time, from the garage.

  2. Hope you sort out the puddle problem.
    Love the inside of your fence. Excellent place to use all those seconds. I'm sure it will become another masterpiece, like your trees

  3. Cathy7:22 AM

    Has the dog been to the vet to rule out a physical problem? Dogs are quite prone to urinary tract infections. A UTI or some other ailment could be causing her to piddle in inappropriate places.

  4. Sorry to hear that Coco has been urinating in inappropriate places. Have just read the following article. It sounds like a visit to the vet would be a good starting point in case there is an underlying physical cause ...

  5. I also was going to suggest ruling out any UTI or bladder infections. That would be a lot easier than behavioral problems. But she seems to be peeing on beds and personal items. IS she trying to "claim" them? IDK.

  6. I thought about a bladder infection too. She knows she should not do it so I don't think it to be deliberately naughty, in fact she is probably quite distressed when it happens.

  7. I agree, check for a urinary incontinence issue and then, if there's no problem with that then she will need to be 'retrained' ie, kept with you at all times like Vickie said and only be allowed to pee outside. I had a cat that did this and the only way to finally stop her was to only let her inside while I was there and watching her.

  8. first and foremost, take Coco to the vet to make sure she's not got a urinary tract infection or something else. They'd also be able to give you other reasons why she's started doing this.

  9. I love the decoration on the inside of your fence. Sure hope you get Coco sorted out.

  10. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I agree with the comments regarding checking for bladder infections or kidney problems but could you keep your bedroom doors closed while she is in the house. We had a similar problem with our dog recently but they checked a urine sample, which was clear, and decided it is because she is getting old and it was just slight leakage but she didn't pee on beds or anything else other than the hard floors. Audrey

  11. Sometimes speyed bitches can develop bladder weakness (a bit like their human counterparts, eh?). It's easily fixed with a hormone replacement. It could also be that she's doing it where she's not meant to to attract your attention that something's wrong. I had a cat that did this when he had bladder issues.
    Can't wait to see the banner but, sheesh, 2 days!

  12. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Ohhh poor Coco am sure the vet will give you all the advice you need and will rule out any possibility of any underlying health problems. George does the same every now and again when it's wet for number two but uses a piddle mat for number one. George's Mum.

  13. Lovely comments from Laura yesterday,so nice and uplifting for you both.Its good that we can make a difference in the lives of others, it's called careing.THE OLD MOO.

    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Absolutely right THE OLD MOO gotta try and do right by others it makes for a better and happier life. George's Mum.

  14. Anonymous5:26 PM

    yea actualy it wouldn't surprise me if coco did have some urinary problem, when I used to walk them she (coco) would piddle like none stop..almost like how a male dog does.....but Marley didn't
    #Lacy 💙

  15. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Love your fence. Hope the vet can help Coco.

  16. Hope you figure out what's up with Coco. Good luck finishing your project. Keep well.


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