Monday, June 01, 2020


We are back to 4 at home.

And the countdown is on... to see which of the kids moves out first.  *smiles*

I will be informing them of this though:

Ya gotta be gone by December the 1st!
By the end of this year I want to be here, in my home with JUST STEW.

It's not too much to ask, they will be 20 and 19 by then.  Quite old enough to be taking care of themselves.

 ABOVE:  The new printer works really well.  Steve got me some photo paper yesterday afternoon, so of course, I did some printing.

I'm thrilled with the quality and clarity, they are just like 'proper' photos!

I am going to have a folder in my shop showing some of my earlier work, and to point out that I can put names on quilts, runners, banners and so on.  (MEL Gibb suggested it a little while ago, thanks for such a good idea Chick).

 ABOVE:  Such a relaxing spot in our Family Room now!  I can't wait to have a nap on that couch.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  This is the final version of my little 'Critter'.  It has felt eyes (super safe for babies/little children) and curly legs.  Armless, cos well... it just doesn't need them.

ABOVE:  A rather cute moment last night when the little boys gravitated to Griffin.  I have no idea what was so interesting on his phone though.

Today's plans?  Might go looking for some new cushions for a) the brown couch in the family room and b) our bed.  We won't be using the European pillows once we get our new headboard, as they will cover the headboard completely, therefore defeating having it.

Brylee is working today (time and a half it being a public holiday) and as for Griffin?  Dunno.  I doubt he will want to go cushion hunting!  lol

So... let's see how the day pans out.


Well, Stew and I did indeed go cushion and throw shopping.
And we had a neat time!
Surprisingly we found exactly what we wanted, after visiting 3-4 shops.  Got some here, some there and just had a lovely morning together.

ABOVE: I wanted to find cushions and throws for this couch... that blended in with the decor already in the house.  (read:  Pinkish kitchen).  And also fill the gaps, this was the only way we could fit some of the brown couch furniture in here ...

ABOVE: And this is what we came up with.  4 new cushions, one existing, and a sheepskin throw.

 ABOVE:  saw this, just had to get it.  

ABOVE:  It looks lovely here.

ABOVE:  And as Stew pointed out, you can see both cows when standing in the kitchen.  Nice.

 ABOVE:  All our other cushions look ok in the lounge. 

ABOVE:  I finally found a throw for the end of my bed that was LONG enough. Every other one I've got is too short and looks naff.
And best of all, this one is the perfect match and doesn't clash with my duvet cover.

Now I need to change the runners on top of our bedside drawers and dressing table/drawers.  I'm sure I've either already got something that will suit, or I can make some.

*** FOUR OF US? ***  Things change pretty quickly.  Griffin just left again!  His girlfriend talked him into going back... so let's see how long that lasts.

Hopefully they can work themselves out.  If not, he can just come home again.

 ABOVE:  Forgot! We literally ran into this lovely chick at The Base.  Sue from RAGLAN.  She was out doing a bit of retail therapy, like thousands of people today.

ABOVE:  I used some of the left over Garlic Naan breads for our lunch today.  Homemade pizza.  Super yummy.

ANON:  I am quite sure I will re-arrange the cushions 52,000 times before I'm happy with them.  And then I'll change them again.  Cos that's what I do. *smiles*

11.35 pm:  Time to head off to bed.  I've spent the evening knitting critters.  Should have two more finished by tomorrow some time.

Covid- 19 : 10th Day in a row, no new cases. NZ - 1504.  22 Lives Lost.  1 Active Case.


  1. Shoes on the sofa Griffin, that’s a NO

  2. I was clearly the worst mother in whole have had hats off inside and no shoes on couch clearly im a bitch...that being said lovly photo of "boys"

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Beaudy photo of the lads. Still persisting down 26 mils this weekend so far with more to come. Been baking made a fish pie and a feijoa and banana loaf with a roast lamb for dinner. Happy Queen's Birthday holiday! George's Mum.

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Just a suggestion, I'd put the big pink cushion in that corner where the 3 cushions are with a smaller one in front

  5. Lucy G2:02 PM

    Oh Griffin...make up your mind mate.
    Oh and next time, listen to your mum and keep your shoes off the sofa and take your hat off at meal times....😜

  6. That's cheating! You're not supposed to cut you out of the picture 🤣🤪 God i need a bloody haircut🙃

    1. But.... I had no makeup on and looked freakin' ugly! lol You look lovely, so you got to stay. lol

  7. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Love the cushions and the throw.

  8. Love all your pillows and throws archer will snuggle test them for ya haha. X

  9. Looks like a super fun and busy weekend.


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