Tuesday, August 06, 2019


ABOVE:  This is probably the next wall I'm going to sand and re-paint.  Then there's a few walls in the hallway to do.

 ABOVE:  I'm going to pack up this lot today too.

ABOVE:  These two shelving units are gunna go into storage in a couple of months.  Not sure where to put them in the meantime.  We are going to run outta room in the garage really fast!

Maybe they will just have to stay there for now.

So, I've got plenty to keep me busy today.  But first up, I'm going to put a curry on in the crock pot, one less thing to do at the end of the day.

ABOVE:  The spare bedroom with the little giraffe painting instead of the seahorse wall hanging.  Much cuter right?


2.45 pm:  And today has not gone to plan at all.

I decided to give Harvey Norman a call and see if the duvet cover was in yet... they said it would only be a week or two. 

And the guy said it was in ... and so was the bed!

I was like ... "What happened to giving us a call when they arrived?"

His response was to blame someone else of course.  And SHE wasn't in the store today.  Yep.

So, I went into Hamilton to pick up the duvet cover, Stew will have to pick up the bed on the weekend.

I then WASTED THREE AND A HALF HOURS driving around everywhere I could think of, to find matching sheets and pillowcases.  NO LUCK at all.

I will just use my white sheets... and I bought some dusky pink fabric from Spotlight to make my own pillowcases.

ABOVE:  That's the pink fabric and the duvet. I'm really tired now... I don't even have the energy to make the damn pillowcases right now. 

I don't know why, but the past couple of days I've been really tired and cranky.  Like I wanna rip someone's head off cranky.  *sigh*

Dinner is ready for the family.  Stew will be home from Rotorua any minute and I'm off to Card Night.  I hope that cheers me up.

Cards tonight was OK... but not as lively as usual.   I'm not the only one who is tired... I think it must be a winter thing.  I won tonight too.

And that's a wrap for today.  Time to head off to bed.


  1. Yes the giraffe is very cute there, it looks like he is trying to peek into the shelves.

  2. Yes...love the giraffe picture there....so suits the room.
    Love the banner...what a great way to brighten up the room.

  3. The giraffe picture is perfect Chris :)

  4. Each day you are getting closer to the end result Chris so stay calm (smiles ) and remember ,,,this time next week or sooner maybe by the Monday ,,, that room will be all done and the lovely bed n all in there ..

    Sorry to hear HN didnt ring you,as girl secretary (smiles) I found out a long time ago , always ring after a good amount of time give a day or two and check because by the time you do that they often say,,

    I was just going to ring you (I love that one ) smiles

    Love the colours of Duvet and the dusky pink,
    Take care and dont overdo things please???


  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    It looks gorgeous. Is that room for Keera or just for show while youre selling. I love the giraffe.

    1. Just for show. When we move that bed will be used for visiting grandchildren of course.

  6. I love the giraffe!! Very cute!

  7. The giraffe looks good in there :)


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