Monday, August 05, 2019


This week I'm getting right back into doing more with my FBG group.

Today for instance, I've got a walk at 4.30 this afternoon, then tonight I'm going to the 'PUDDING CLUB' night!  

I've never been to one of them, it's held at a local pub.  We go and just order a dessert... and just hang out together!  

Our walking group certainly has branched out since it's inception.  We now do Walks, Movie Nights, Quiz Nights, Pudding Club nights, Social get togethers and we even have a Craft Get Together too.   There is NO WAY I am ever going to leave the FBG's, even when we live in Hamilton.  *smiles*

So, this morning I am going to pack up everything that's in the spare bedroom wardrobe, then put the mattresses in there, in readiness for when the bed arrives. 

I'm also putting a large white shelving unit in there.  I will 'dress' it so it looks like a child's room.  I hope it looks lovely.

That will probably take me all morning.  

ABOVE:  If you remember Lucille Ball you are OLD.  LOL  She was really funny.



ABOVE:  Three mattresses stacked on top of each other... and ya have a bed.  lol  The new bed, once it arrives, will look magnificent there.  I will find or make a nice, bright cover for it then too.

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with how it looks.  I'm not so sure about the seahorse wall hanging... I think the room needs 2-3 little kiddie type pictures in there.  But that will do for now.

I made the fabric 'garland' up this morning, I felt the room just needed 'something' else.

 ABOVE: This shelving unit looks awesome there!  

ABOVE: And while I toiled away, these two... slept.  So cute.  There was sunshine there for them to bask in.

I'm now done for a little while, think I'll have a late breakfast/early lunch and then do something else.

Well... it's been two hours of doing nothing but having me lunch, then yakking with my Niece Christina in Melbourne for over an hour and a half!

Wonderful catching up with her, seems she's wanted to yak for ages but can never get me at home, or she's working too.  Now that I'm almost finished working we can certainly catch up more often.

I've got a couple of hours to kill before my FBG walk... might pack another couple of boxes.

OH and I have taken down the seahorse wall hanging and replaced it with the smaller, colourful giraffe painting that was on the kitchen wall.  Will show ya another time.

It looks much better than the seahorse.

It's been raining on/off all day, and we've got a very blustery wind too.  Usually the FBG walk would be cancelled in this sort of weather... but not today.  Today, if it's wet we are going out to the Avantidome, and walking around the upper viewing level.  Perfect solution.

Well the weather played nice, so we did the streets.  It was a nice, easy 3.28 kms on flat ground.  Great for me ... getting back into it.

I'm now cooking dinner, then heading out to Pudding Club!  Can pudding be called 'dinner' I wonder? *smiles*

9 pm:  well I clearly wasn't in the mood to be social tonight.  Brylee and I went, but after having our dessert, we both left early.  I'm just tired and Brylee wanted to get home in time to watch Criminal Minds.

ABOVE: There were 22 of us tonight.  I had an ice cream sundae, which was lovely, and Brylee had the White Chocolate Brownie, also yummy.

Now... I'm probably going to bed! Super early I know, but I'm feeling really ... jaded.


  1. How far is it between Cambridge and Hamilton? Why not stay in Cambridge since you like it there sooo much?

  2. The room looks faaaaabulous!!!!

  3. The room looks amazing

  4. hey the new look rooms pretty cute Modern look but less is more you have adopted ,,which is good for sale..

    Quick catchup today but a ?? not to snitch,, but did one of those fur babies get at the box beside them (smiles )

    Love how they follow the sun .. So cute


  5. Looks amazing. Loving the garland thing. You're so clever 😍

  6. Anonymous1:43 PM

    It looks beautiful Chris.

  7. I would take the seahorse down but love the garland....less is more :O)

  8. The room looks great! I love the fabric garland.

  9. I to like the new room,its lovely,when you make a new bedcover you may not need a picture. I like the giraffe picture in the living room where the shelves were,its made a nice open space.THE OLD MOO.

  10. I will say it again Chris you are a machine

  11. the room looks great and that bunting is adorbs!!!! I reckon the bunting would sell really well at the markets. Christy xxx PS: that baklava OMG, it sounds GORGEOUS!!!

  12. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Keep on working, great job!

  13. Love your fabric garland Chris and the room looks gorgeous.

  14. Uh oh, I am sorry you are feeling jaded. Looks like you had a truly positive day. The room is darling. The walk and Pudding Fest seem fun! The doggies are darling. Well, relax for the night and we will see you tomorrow (virtually ya know).

  15. Are you still doing craft shows? Clearly, you need a few of those fabric garlands at your next one!

  16. Now I want dessert!


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