Friday, August 16, 2019


I know I didn't 'work' for long, but man am I happy to be finishing it all today.

That cleaning gig was a good earner of course, but just too hard on my back.  

So, by 1 pm today I will be packing my car up and coming home from my last job.

Then I can concentrate all my time and energy on preparing this house for sale, and finding a new home. 

That's a bit exciting, a bit scary, and it's going to be exhausting!  In fact, I'm already tired, so I'm pacing myself.  Not trying to do as much in a day as I would like, just plodding along.

There's a good chance I can move on to cleaning/painting teenager's room soon, I will be finished in Brylee's room in the next few days.  So, his is the next room to tackle.

That's gunna be fun.... NOT.

Right... not much else to yabber on about right now, so I will go.  Catch ya later.


9.30 am:  So far this morning I've packed two more boxes from the sewing room and tidied up/rearranged a few things out the front of the house.

ABOVE:  less cluttered.  We need to waterblast the  area in front of the door ... it's looking disgusting again.
Overall, I'm happy with how it will present to prospective buyers when the time comes.  I will put some pretty flowers in the pots along the very front of the house too.

Now... I am going to sit and relax for 20 minutes before heading off to do that last house clean.

It's 1.09 pm and I'm home from my final job.
I got there and the owner of the home was still there, and she was saying how sad she was that I was leaving, bla bla bla.

I felt really guilty for leaving!  Anyway, I get started on the clean... bearing in mind it's a solid 3 hours cleaning in this home.

And I start thinking... I COULD keep this one job, she's not replaced me yet.  But I hold my tongue... cos well... I wasn't sure if I did want to keep it on.

After 3 hours of cleaning... NAH!   I walked away knowing I'd done an excellent job, and I didn't want to ever do it again.  *smiles*

IF I ever start saying I want to go back to cleaning... someone REMIND me that it's damn back breaking work would ya please???

Now, I'm going down town to post a table runner to a long time blog friend in America.
I think I'll get something nice for me lunch too.  Back soon.

Well... it's like a couple of hours later!  I ended up meeting up with a couple of girlfriends and having lunch with them at a coffee shop.   It was nice to spend time with friends.

And... it's been a quiet afternoon.  I cooked chicken hamburgers for dinner, they were great.

Now... a quiet evening in front of the TV.  I could pack a few more boxes, but really, I think there will be too many for the storage room I've hired if I do many more!

We won't know till we start putting stuff in it on Sunday I suppose.  

Time to go... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations on finishing your last job :-)

  2. Penny4:42 PM

    Yay for last days! Hope you celebrate x

  3. No more CLEANING for you!!!!! Except your OWN home. I believe there are a lot of things that you would be great at if you ever decide to return to the workplace, things that won't break your back!


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