Thursday, August 01, 2019


*** As of today, I have 9 more Rest Home shifts and 4 more private house cleans to do.  
Clearly I am counting down with glee. ***

I realise now that I took on too much work ... and too quickly as well.  From nothing to something on almost every day?  Idiot.

Once I've finished 'working'... I can really get stuck into getting this house ready for marketing. At my own pace, and taking care of my back!

I might even doing some sewing too?  Time will tell.

This morning I have a  private house clean, then this afternoon a laundry shift at the rest home.  I haven't told any of the residents I'm leaving yet.  I don't think I will until the last day I'm there, that way I can get it over with in one foul swoop, and not have to answer too many questions.  Or have to repeat myself a million times either.

I am going to be really sad saying goodbye to some of them... they are just so lovely. 

Right I better go... I can pack a box or two before I need to leave to clean M's home.

 ABOVE:  This shelving unit will be going into storage just before we put the house on the market, so I took everything off it and packed it up.

ABOVE:  And there it is, the first box almost full and ready to close, label and put in the garage!  One down, probably 40-50 to go!

The more I can pack up and put into storage, the less we will have to pay movers at the end of the day.

Yes, it means more work for me... but I really don't mind.


 ABOVE:  My Food Processor and Stick Blender. Neither have been used in the three years we have lived here.  

QUESTION:  Keep.... or GRO? (Get Rid Of, either sell or gift).

ABOVE: First three boxes sealed and ready to put away, they will go into storage in Oct/Nov, or thereabouts.

It's freakin' cold today!  Gloomy, showery, just ikkk.  I will be glad to be working and keeping warm this morning.

Work went well today, I got the private job done and dusted bang on time, then I went to the Testing Station to get my little car a Warrant of Fitness.

It's nerve wracking sitting there waiting, hoping like hell ya car doesn't fail.

And DORY didn't.  The mechanic came out and said to me "You have a really good little car there"...  I was so happy!

Off home, had some lunch then back to the Rest Home for my laundry shift.  Lots of laughs there today... everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

Several of the staff have found out I am leaving, and said they would be sad to see me go.  One lady said she was going to really miss me, which was just so lovely.

None of the residents know yet.  

Home and now I'm cooking dinner.  There has hardly been any me time today, same again tomorrow.  *sigh*

Dinner tonight was a lovely mince stew and veges.  Followed by some quiet time watching TV.  Coronation Street ... love it! lol


  1. Two comments - do you need all that stuff you are packing up or is a lot of it for selling/gifting? 40 to 50 boxes seems a massive amount! Regarding the rest home, you could still pop in from time to time to visit them. I'm sure they would appreciate that! I do think it's the right thing to do though, give that job up. It really has been all consuming since you started with everything else going on in your life. Exciting times ahead though...

  2. If you have not used in the last 3 years, get rid of it. I agree with Lynda, 40-50 seems a lot of boxes to store, be as ruthless as you can, if you don't love it & envisage it in your new - smaller - home, get rid of it. You are planning to downsize the house and have already agreed that you prefer a less cluttered look. No point in spending hundreds on storage units for stuff you will literally never use.

    Also agree with Lynda, you can always pop in & visit at the rest home, that way you get to keep in touch with the oldies and actually spend time with them instead i=of rushing off to the next bit of the job.

  3. My opinion on questionable items is to get rid of it. 99% of the time you will NEVER regret it. And if you suddenly MUST HAVE that item in the future - get it then. That will be much easie,r less stressful, more simplified, and cheaper (storage costs), than keeping too much stuff and never using it. My rule is that if I buy something, I need to get rid of two items. A few weeks ago, I bought $100 worth of clothes. They were actually quite a bargain - but it prompted a HUGE closet cleaning spree. I went thru all of my storage and closets and got rid of a truckload of stuff. All because of two (sort of expensive) t-shirts! I regret NOTHING!

  4. Only one box a melamine trays i thought u would have way more hehe 50 boxes i had 50 boxes just Christmas decorations

    1. I didn't pack all of them, just half. The rest will stay out and be used till we actually move.

  5. Aww your enthusiasm is lovely Chris re getting ready for a move in the not too distant future

    Agree with the girls,,, I like you ,,,need to adapt to a more ruthless clear out when doing my wardrobe etc and each day we are doing it bit by bit..
    At least you have to time to do it room by room Thats so good, and makes it more organised.

    Not long till the shifts are done at the NH,, and love the visiting later idea from the other girls

    That cheers them and you up .

    We have an elderly housebound friend my parents age,, and we do Coffee and pancakes for her from Hungry Jacks and do a catchup as she cant get out to cafes any more

    We have so much fun together am sure the faves at NH would be the same
    (Just a thought )

    Better go do some clear outs (smiles)

  6. I am wondering if there is a way for you to set up shelves and tables in your garage so you have a visual way of thinking/sorting.

    Like everything you just packed in boxes. If they were out where you could see, sort, ponder for a few days/week, I wonder how much you would decide to keep and what you would decide to sell/donate.

    I think it is a process. Some things one knows can go immediately. Other things I think you have to think on them a bit.

    Once it is packed, you are sort of stuck with it until you unpack.

    I would pack very little. Because what you are keeping, you should need/use.

    If it can go in a box for months/year, do you really need it? I think the criteria for a lot of things is use. You keep what you need/use.

    I just unpacked 10 boxes that had been in attic for about 17 years. I kept very little of it. I sold a lot of it. I did not repack anything. I am using what I kept. That was my criteria. One of the things I kept was a punch bowl and cups. It is now on a shelf in my pantry. I have used it twice in the last few months. I will use it again, several times, over the holidays.

  7. Sandy in the USA3:54 PM

    Agree with the other posters: GRO anything you don't need, use or love. 50 boxes sounds like a lot to me too if the goal is to downsize and minimize but you could always take the stuff with you and GRO it bit by bit by bit over time. Sometimes it's too difficult to part with everything all in one go and it gets overwhelming. I'm getting much better at chucking stuff out the older I get however.

  8. I reread Vickie's post twice. Some good advice there! I'm close to sixty and always trying to purge things. After my dad passed away, I got so many boxes of his Navy, Police and life memmerobilia. I've finally given myself permission to choose a few meaningful things and get rid of the rest.

    My mom was a World War II refuge. They were forced to leave their farm and only had the possesions on her back. As a result, I was raised in a house in which things felt very important. I feel so much better when I pare down and give things to Goodwill.

    The older I get, the more I realize that less is more. I still love my collection of antique cookie cutters. I get joy from thinking about how many children enjoyed making cookies with their mom or grandma over the years. So they are kept in a large lovely glass jar and are used as much as possible.

    At the time of my divorce, I spent a great deal of time decideing what to keep. At the time I got rid of so many things. That was eight years ago and I can honestly say, I do not miss anything that I got rid of. Including that difficult husband. LOL!

    Good luck in your next endeavor. It's funny, I stumbled upon your blog many years ago. Reading it is somehow therapeutic. Its fun to know there is a kindred soul across the globe. You are so genuine.

    One of my friends makes fun of me. When I get rid of things, I always say that my house got bigger. It's perspective!

    Enjoy the purge!


  9. Great time to evaluate what you actually use! I need to go through my kitchen cabinets again.


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