Friday, August 23, 2019


Last night I put things back in the sewing room... and it's another one I can now tick off the list.

 ABOVE: As I said, I'm keeping the sewing stuff in the room to a bare minimum.  
Everything else I need/use all the time is in the wardrobe... and I'm going to use the kitchen bench as my work bench for now.

ABOVE:  I put this spare bed in the other corner of the room.  I've not got anything to put on that wall... yet.

Today I am going to work on cleaning all the doors and door frames.  Not sure what I'll do after that... but I'm sure I will find something to tackle.

But for now... porridge!


So... after having me porridge I kinda went back to sleep... until 9.35.  WOW.  Musta been tired.

So, I have spent some time cleaning up painting equipment, just have a couple of little jobs left to go with painting.

Then I went into the sewing room and did this:

ABOVE:  looks ok, I'm happy with it.

2.30 pm:  And I decided to have a good break, so took myself off to Hamilton, had lunch with these two:

ABOVE:  Don't ask my what Kelly was doing.. probably talking.  So, nice lunch, nice company... then I went to Spotlight and got a wee bit of pink fluffy fabric to cover that little cushion on my bed with.

My arms and legs are so sore after yesterday's painting marathon.... I just don't feel like doing a bloody thing.  So I won't.

Weird... I did an update but lost it!  Oh well.   I've been an utter lazy tart this afternoon.  Did a tiny bit of fluffing around, but nothing worth noting.

Got dinner on now, a one pan spag bol.  
After dinner I'm probably gunna do NOTHING again.  *smiles*

I think you can safely say I took today OFF.

12.01 ... and that's a wrap for the day.  Off to bed.  Catch ya tomorrow.... or should I say today?  lol


  1. Sandy in the USA9:28 AM

    I'm loving following along with you and your work to sell your house. It looks great! Can I have some of your energy?

  2. You have achieved so much!! The house looks wonderful.

  3. The screen was a brilliant idea. Room looks great. Also handy extra bedroom if you have company before you move.

    Love your accent.

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    What's the brand and name of the wall colourplease? It's beautiful!

    1. Sorry... forgot till now.... VALSPAR, Interior Paint and Primer in One. Colour was Murray Mint HC L7.13-1/E Wh

    2. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Thanks Chris!

  5. your house is looking amazing!!! i am envious of all your energy... I bought some paint MONTHS ago to paint Corbin's room and it's still sitting in the bag in the cupboard. Sigh, so lazy :(

  6. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Looks awesome Chris.

  7. Sewing room looks great. I love videos where we can hear your voice.

  8. Anonymous2:35 PM

    haha what was Kelly doing......probably talking lol 😂 hahaha sorry not lol 😂 🤣 💋 love you Kelly

  9. Looks great Chris. Especially love the wall hanging


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