Thursday, August 15, 2019


This morning I have my 2nd to last private house clean to do.

I'm sure going to enjoy getting them done and dusted!

Once I've done today's house, I will be coming home to do some paint prep.  There's several places in the hallway that I need to sand, then I can wizz around and do all the touch ups that are necessary.

I am really happy with how the house is coming along... it's been a lot of work though.

My plan is to get everything out of the house that we don't need right now, then paint where needed, then CLEAN.

Walls, skirting boards, doors etc.  There's so many grubby marks!  And once it's warmed up a bit, I am going to hire a 'Rug Doctor' and clean the carpet.

Only then will I be going out to find 'the new house' for real, then putting this one on the market.

DUCKS IN A ROW.... I keep saying that eh?  lol

Right, I'm off to get me porridge. I'm thoroughly enjoying me porridge every morning!  Never thought I would ever enjoy eating breakfast that's for sure.


Why today of all days does the dog at the house I clean decide to run away???

I let her out to go pee when I arrive and she always comes back inside pretty quick.

But not today. I get a knock on the door from a neighbor, telling me she saw the dog up the road!

FUCK...I jump in my car and go hunting for her....and thank god... there she is sniffing rubbish bags... I  get outta the car and call her and she came to me right away.  Get her in me car and back to the house we go!  Can you imagine how I would have felt if she got lost or run over on my last day?   Yeah... not a nice thought at all.

So ... that job is done. Finished there.

Lunch. Washing away,
 Odd jobs now. 

And the power is off for the next 2-3 hours... so I can't  even put washing on or vacuum... so maybe I'll pack a couple more boxes. *smiles*

Soooo... I ended up going to Hamilton for the groceries.  Yeah  *sigh*, I decided it could be done now rather than take up precious weekend time.

And now I can't be arsed cooking much... but I do have some marinated lamb out, so will cook that up with some veges soon I suppose.

***  SIGH ***  I put the lamb in the fridge as there was only Stew and I for dinner.  We had some sausages and stir fry veges.

And now I'm watching MasterChef and Stew's in the lounge watching rugby.  

It's the end of a long day, so catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Quack Quack 🦆 lol 😂

  2. Lol i was gonna say quack quack but see Lacy got in first

  3. Clearly that dog does not appreciate your decision to quit that cleaning job so decided to show it's displeasure lol.

  4. Think that dog was saying "Well if she's going so am I"!!! Glad you found her.


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