Sunday, August 18, 2019



Today we are taking the furniture truck full of our 'de-cluttered stuff' to the Storage facility.

I'm so relieved that it will be out of here, I can crack on with getting the house ready for sale.

I reckon we will have this house ready to 'market' in a month.

So ... in a month we will be seriously looking for a new home!  AS in, finding and buying, conditional on this house selling.

We cannot go and buy right now, or bid at an auction, as we have to be ready to put this house on the market the minute we do actually find a new home and make an offer on it.  And we ain't ready yet.

I am going to another Auction on Wednesday, again just sitting in to see how they are selling.  That house we liked and saw yesterday goes to Auction on Wednesday.   I kinda hope it doesn't sell.

But that's wishful thinking really.  There will be the 'right' house out there when we are ready to buy, I just know it.

And we don't have to hurry and buy in haste this time.  NOT that this home was a mistake at all... we have loved living in this home.

But circumstances change, and we are grabbing the opportunity to get mortgage free, or close to it.

We are expecting visitors around lunch time too... so I hope we get everything done by then.


Off to the storage place at 9, finished putting all our stuff in by 10.  Home in time to get this lot working:

ABOVE:  Old curtains back up, and the room is de-cluttered.  Except for spot painting and cleaning, this is another room DONE.

Still got the 'worst' areas to tidy, paint and clean.  Kids bedrooms, hallway and garage.

But for now... it's time to have some lunch and spend time with the kids.  They are heading back to Auckland after lunch as they don't want to be on the road later on, as the main road will be closed, with diversions in place for part of this evening.

ABOVE: Having a LARGE tipple (Totara Cafe'), hoping it will help me unwind and relax.  It's been a long day.

DON'T want to go pack another box today.

Dinner is sausages and veges ... then we will just do NOTHING for the rest of the night.

Signing off ... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Your gardens too will look amazing in a month with all the spring growth!!

  2. those curtains look OK.... picks up the warm colours in your decor, which is nice, Christy xxxxx

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I know you don't care for those curtains, Chris, but I think they tone in nicely with your art and other decorative items in your room. You're lucky to have a handy and willing son to put them up for you!

    A fan in Canada

  4. Wow, amazing how much you are getting done. You will be in your new home before you know it. (of course, it won't seem that way while you are getting the rest of the work done in this house. :) )

  5. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Have to agree the curtains do look good with the other colours in the room. May as well sell them with the house and keep the ones you prefer


  6. oh sh*t those curtains are.....😕 um lovely lol 😂
    how's the tipple going Ma 😊


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