Friday, August 09, 2019


Lacy is probably coming out again today to finish chopping up the bigger parts of the plum tree branches for us.  
Yesterday she took home a lot of the 'twigs' to burn at her place...

ABOVE:  Her car was loaded to the gunnels with twigs.  She's a crazy tart.

ABOVE:  I am super impressed with how much she got done yesterday.  

I thought that pile of branches would still be on our lawn at Christmas!  ...  That's if we are still here at Christmas?  Who knows... so many ducks have to get in a row.

ABOVE: This was yesterday's 'walk photo'... taken by our walk leader.  Look at the goat giving Cleo the dog a stern look.  *smiles*

Talking of walking... I've got another one this morning!  Then home to do more house stuff before work at the rest home this afternoon.

Today is my 2nd to last day there.  


OMG I could scream!  I'm having computer issues, wasted SO MUCH TIME trying to get this fucken thing to work.
Now I have to rush off to work and don't have time for a proper update.

I'm sorry.  I'll be back after work.

Well.. I'm killing time tonight at work. Done everything and have 20 minutes to go. So I might just say... "where is everyone?"

It's too damn quiet on here. You know I pack a sad when there's just a couple of comments RIGHT?!!

so.. I'm gunna go yak to some residents till I can leave.

NO BUMS TODAY...bit boring really.

5.50 pm:  Home from a very uneventful shift.  Lots of washing to fold and put away, but I still got it all done with time to spare.

 ABOVE:  This morning's walk photo.  I started out wearing me jacket, but it quickly came off.  

ABOVE:  I TRY to never, ever cut a corner on the walks, but in this cul-de-sac I had no choice.  There was either no footpath, wet concrete footpath or a ruddy great concrete truck in the way!  So... we cut the 'corner'.  lol

Friday night, gunna cook dinner then relax and do very little I think.
OR... Brylee did start de-cluttering her room today, so we could work on that once she's home from work.

I went into Hamilton after this morning's walk to get more boxes... smaller ones.  And price stickers for my market on Sunday.

I've got heaps of 'stuff' to try and sell... I doubt there will be much room for my patchwork this time.

But that's fine as it's supposed to be pissing down... so there might not be many people there anyway.

I'm gunna sign off now, no one is around by the look of it.


  1. Have a good day at work! Silly Lacy - with all those twigs. Can not figure out why she would want them. Maybe she has a lack of twigs at her house? Oh well, it works for both of you!

    1. Lacy Harvey11:43 AM

      Hi Dogstars 😊 I did not exactly want them, it was more of wanting to get rid of them so my parents didnt have to, as they are green and can't really be burnt straight away, I'd rather take them and deal with them, less stress for my parents.

    2. You are so sweet! It’s such a funny picture of a car full of twigs.

  2. I'm here. Friday. Tired. Cold. Hangry 😉

  3. One more day of work! Woo boo!

  4. Yay for it being Friday!!!

  5. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Im always here but its Friday and ive been asleep since 8pm. What a life! Work is exhausting.

  6. Nothing worse than being bored at work!


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