Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Well... it's another day... 

 ABOVE:  I listed our lovely little dog kennel for sale on Trade Me last night.  No point taking it with us, the girls NEVER use it.  
Hopefully it sells so we don't have to lug it to Hamilton with us.

 ABOVE:   It wasn't that long ago I planted these two Boronias and one lavender.  I think I will dig up the Boronias and put them in pots.  They are smelling DIVINE!

Actually, I better get into the garden soon and put into pots anything I want to take with us!  Maybe that's something Stew and I can do this weekend?

Bet he's gunna love that.  He dislikes gardening as much as I do... we hope to get a property with a much smaller garden and lawn to tend when we move.

ABOVE:  These succulents were just tiny little cuttings three years ago.  I better take more cuttings ... they clearly don't mind the Waikato.

ABOVE:  Yesterday's washing.  Bet that is the very last time I have THAT MANY cleaning cloths to wash and dry in one go!  Why so many do you ask?  

Because I use different cloths for different jobs (homes), and different cloths for different parts of a home... some for kitchens, some for bathrooms, some for windows.... etc etc.

Yaaa, just back to doing my own now.  Think I might have too many cloths now.  Hmmm.  *lol*

If I'm feeling up to it, I might go on an FBG walk later on this morning.  I'm NOT really a morning person, so we will see.

Apart from that, it's on with the jobs around here.  Pretty boring for all of you... so bugger off and find something more interesting to read! *smiles*


11.34 am:  And I've been on the go all morning.
My feet started twitching at 6.45, but I managed to stay in bed till around 8!

Then I got up and started packing up and tidying up the TEENAGER'S room.  Quite a job.

Then I started getting a dead arm from unscrewing all the shelves we'd put in the wardrobe, so with our son Steve's help (over the phone), I went down to Mitre 10 and got this:

ABOVE:  Isn't it PRETTY?  I also got a drill bit kit, with every bit known to man inside!  Just gotta work out how to use it now. If I have any trouble, Steve is just a phone call away. *smiles*

***  O M G  I have the worst case of diarrhea right now!  Stress I am picking. Not fun when I'm so busy.  Grrrr.  ***

I'm at the vacum and clean phase in Teenager's room!  Everything is in boxes in the wardrobe.  The bed is stripped.  Polyfilla is in the holes.  And I'm now taking a break.

There is no point cleaning till I've done the sanding, which won't be till at least tomorrow.

Well... I forgot it was Card Night, so I went after Stew got home.
It was a nice evening and I came home with the Loser's Trophy.  

Now... I will be heading off to bed early, I'm knackered.


  1. Can never have too many cleaning cloths mum. I find I run out of tea towels 😂.. But I'm. Sure we have about 20 of them. 😂

  2. Oh Man. I am going to miss your house AND your Garden. The photo of the laundry line is really cute and colorful! I know how you feel about the yard upkeep - it turns into a LOT of work!

  3. I hate gardening big time i missed my grand mother and mum love of gardening in my DNA. I see quilt show in Hamilton next month wonder if u will get too go visit

    1. I hope so! Might end up going with a couple of my FBG friends. I've not seen any advertising for it ??? When is it?

  4. I need to get a drill set, seems gary had every tool known to man but we can't find a standard bloody drill!!!! What is the make & model of your one (I may as well tap into Steve's knowledge).

    1. Sent you the details over Messenger (as you know), but wanted to say try and get the drill bit set too ... it's only $20 and really worth it.

  5. Boy what if you sell before you find a "buy me house"...?
    I know that from being in you gorgeous home it will get snapped up the improvements the growth of the gardens THE POOL STAYING.


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