Monday, August 12, 2019


Our power company gives us 'free power days' about twice a year.   You get to chose your days, so I chose today.

This means I will be staying home all day and washing heaps, and putting it through the dryer.  Why not?  

I might get a crock pot on with a nice beef stew too.  

The other thing I plan on doing today is getting into this:

ABOVE:  The sewing room has become the 'dumping ground' again.  Grrrr.

I'm going to tidy it all up, and pack up anything I won't be using over the next few months.  When Steve comes down next, he's going to take the padded boards off that far wall  (sorry, just realised ya can't actually see them) ... then I can get the walls all clear and tidy. 

I really don't think this room will take too much to get 'sale ready'. 

So... I'm gunna be good and busy again today!
And there's an FBG walk on tonight at the Avantidome too.  Yaaa.


Well... I don't know how it happened, but we ended up in the kitchen instead of the sewing room this morning.

So, decluttering and packing and cleaning are happening.

Kinda a funny story.... I was cleaning and so on Friday night and at some point in time I lost my drink bottle.

We hunted for it all over the house to no avail.  So I started using a new bottle.

Today?  FOUND IT! ...

ABOVE:  Damned if I know how it ended up in the cupboard under the kitchen sink!!!
Though I do remember going into that cupboard to get a certain cleaner on Friday night... so I must have put it there?  Weird.  Clearly my mind is fucked cluttered.

So, we are making headway in the kitchen... not much left to take out and pack up today.

ABOVE:  Some really clean and tidy cupboards and drawers now!  I've just kept out what we use all the time.

Another little story:

I've NEVER heard from one person over Personal Messenger or Text or anything, then suddenly when that person found out we were moving... I start getting PM's ?  EDIT:  I'm wrong, I have heard from this person a few times, I just double checked.  But not as often as NOW.  And now they are totally random messages, like 'touching base'.

And why NOW?  Cos certain person is a Real Estate Agent.  Yeah.  That added up real fast.

So ... I'm like.. yeah NAH.  We will be getting three appraisals and quotes from three of the large firms here in Cambridge and going with who offers us the best deal.  Certainly not a small time/part time estate agent who thinks they can trade in on a casual friendship.  *shaking me head*

Rather presumptuous if ya ask me.

Right, it's after 1 pm and I'm hungry.  Time to take a break, feed the face then crack on.

6.25 pm:  OH SHIT!!!

I asked Lacy to pack up all the surplus dinnerware in the cupboard... all that was on the BOTTOM shelf.  She packed more than that.

I just went to get our dinner plates out to put dinner on... and... NO plates!  No big dinner plates at all.  Then LUCKILY I found three dirty ones... saved from Lacy the very thorough packer!

So now I'm gunna have to either unpack that box to find our plates, or go buy a few really cheap ones.

I was going to buy some plain white ones for staging, so looks like I will be doing that tomorrow... or else:

ABOVE:  We be eating off plastic plates! lol

ABOVE:  Another walk done at the Avantidome tonight.  Just as well because it's a really stormy night, thunder/lightening and rain, rain, rain.

Got quite warm in there though.  I wonder if it's unbearably hot in there in summer?  I might wait and see.  *smiles*

Dinner tonight was a chook done in the crock pot, it was really nice.

Now... chill out time I think.  


  1. That's crazy they let you have free power days!

  2. One of my friends uses her free power days to bake/cook. She freezes heaps of muffins and dinners etc

  3. Tall Poppy are fab Chris, better service and less than half the fee when we moved from Milson. $11k versus $25k quote from other agents to sell. Best wishes for the move.

  4. In actual fact, the services from Tall Poppy was better than the other two agents who quoted and well less than their "required" fee.

  5. So funny! Your water bottle looks just like a cleanser mixed in with all the others. I am surprised that you found it! You are motivating ME to declutter!

    1. I'm sure while I was standing behind her and she saw it she even went for it to drink from then was like....hold up lol "dum* fu*k" lol 😂 ya had to be there lol 😂

  6. If the real estate agent "friend" had just blatantly come out & said that she would be interested in selling your house, that is at least honest instead of being all underhanded & faux friendly.

  7. My gosh you are moving through the rooms great guns I hope you A: sell quickly and B: buy fast..
    I get tired looking at the decluttering photos I bet you do too thinking where its all going...

  8. No plates is a drastic dieting tip Lacey

    1. Hehe they have plates just not the normal ones...and In my defence lol she did say "all these go In the box" so I put "all those in a box" lol

  9. lol sorry Ma lol hehe ill be back out tomorrow to help with more lol and to retrieve ya dinner plates, kinda needed to re do that box and it's folding bits and taping anyways lol �� ��

  10. and no Ma, I only packed plates that where on top of the bench in piles.


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