Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I'm going nuts!

Everywhere I turn I run into boxes and clutter.

And I hate a mess... so this is very hard to live with.  It really isn't that long ago that we did all this when we moved from Auckland!


I hope this process does not take as long as that did!  Nah, surely not?  We should have absolutely no trouble selling this house. 

 ABOVE: This is what the house looks like.  Yep... everywhere.
It's doing my head in, so the sooner I can get a storage unit the better.

I think I mentioned yesterday that I've found somewhere very reasonably priced eh?
So, hopefully I will get that sorted out soon.

ABOVE:  Yeah, I changed my mind about the blue vase in the middle of the table and went with my candle holder instead.  So pretty.


I've got an FBG walk on first thing.  Then I'm going into Hamilton to attend a couple of auctions.

NOT BUYING YET.... just checking out the prices, what the atmosphere is like.  I want to see if it's still crazy or has settled down a bit.

Three years ago the prices were just ridiculous, and at auction you really didn't stand a chance of winning against the big property developers and really rich Aucklanders (we weren't !).

So, it should be interesting to see if anything has changed.

And on that note, I'm off to get me porridge and then start my day.


2 pm:  Well an interesting day so far I must say.
The house auctions I sat in on were SLOW... to the point where 2 of the 4 listed got passed in, and one went to negotiations. Only ONE sold at Auction!

So that's good to know... it's NOT crazy out there.

Next I went to the storage facility I am going to use and paid for our first month, which starts on Sunday.  AND he has given us the use of a small furniture truck on Saturday and Sunday for FREE!


And it means I will have room to move in the house again come Monday/Tuesday next week.  So cool.

ABOVE:  while I was in Hamilton, Lacy came out and chopped up more wood ... and took it back to her's to burn.  Thanks Lacy.  *smiles*

And now?  Gunna get some meat out for dinner then have a break.

ABOVE:  Thanks ma.  ha ha ha!

Right, it's 9.20 pm and I'm ready for bed! So tired.  Dinner tonight was lamb neck chops and veges.  Very yum.
Been watching TV, checking out stuff on the computer bla bla bla.  
Time to sign off for the day.


  1. Can c y u r feeling boxed in

  2. Must be kinda nice to know you have lots of time, no pressure & can take your time finding just what you want. Much easier actually being in the area so you can go to open homes & auctions etc when they come up instead of trying to commute from Akld.

    All those boxes would drive me nuts too :-).

  3. Face facts, your nuts anyway, just a bit more so at present.Bet you change the table setting afew more times yet.I do like itthough.THE OLD MOO,

  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    haha the Old Moo called you Nutts lol �� and yip at least 50 more times before she settles on the table, and even then it's never set in concrete lol ��

  5. Getting those boxes out of your way will be a huge relief. I LOVE that pic of Lacy. It's really cute and "random". Tha table looks like a magazine article. Beautiful!


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