Saturday, August 03, 2019


Well ... today Stew and I are going out on a Mental Health Day.

We are going to just point the car at the road and go... thinking of Mt Maunganui.

If the shops are open, we will check them out, then if it's fine we will have a walk on the beach, grab lunch somewhere nice and just CHILL OUT.

Brylee has work and Griffin is no doubt gunna do his own thing... like he does.

I took the shelving unit out of the family room late yesterday and put a painting in it's place, I'm pretty happy with how it looks:

ABOVE:  Our funky zebra.  Love this painting, and it was so cheap when we got it a few years ago.  Do you think he looks good there?

I was talking to our son Steve last night, and while yakking the little boys were doing this:

ABOVE:  This is a fold up animal pen, Bex had it inside with the rabbits in it.  There's been a lot of rabbit theft in Auckland, so she wasn't taking any chances with their rabbits.  But the boys decided they should be in it instead.  *sigh*  Little dicks.

FUNNY STORY:  Brylee went into Stew's workplace the other day to get some legal documents signed by a solicitor.  She was there to get her name changed.

When the solicitor asked Stew what Brylee was changing her name to, Stew said:  Shoniqua Mable Harvey.  She was like "WHAT!"  lol  

Stew said "Just joking!"

Lacy named Brylee ... Brylee Vernon T Harvey.

Vernon after my brother, and T after the current boyfriend at the time of Brylee's birth.

So, we knew all along Brylee would want to take out the 'T'... and as soon as she was 18 years old and able to, she did.  

WELL DONE BRYLEE, the first big adult decision done and dusted.

And now... it's time to get up and get moving.  Fingers crossed the weather isn't to dismal.


2.39 pm:  having a lovely  time. Done a tiny bit of shopping... checked out the beach, had lunch and now... probably going to head home. 

While it's not raining... there's  fierce wind blowing!

Photos later...

It's later.  5.15 pm in fact.  We got home about an hour ago.  We've had a lovely day.

Pat Lam's pie shop in Tauranga got the 'Supreme Pie Award' for 2019 last week, so we decided to go to his shop in Bethlehem and get one of his prize winning Mince 'n' Cheese Pies.

 ABOVE:  LOL, so did a lot of other people!  There was a queue out the door.  We just bought a pie each and ate it in the car.

As you can see from his wall, he's won dozens of awards!

 ABOVE:  It was a beautiful looking pie... and didn't taste too shabby either.  
I don't think I'd drive all the way over to Tauranga to get another one though. 

Our next stop was the Mount, where we expected big seas.  But as it was a gusty Westerly blowing, the only rough water was in Pilot Bay, which is usually very calm.

 ABOVE:  I've never seen Pilot Bay so rough, and the wind was so strong I could hardly open my car door!  

 ABOVE: On the East side of the Mount, calm!

After having a look at the water, we had a walk down the length and breadth of the Mount's shops.

There were heaps of clothing shops... some very exclusive ones I might add.  We found a lovely jumper for Brylee.

And a couple of ... OH MY GOD... we didn't need them but got 'em anyway:

 ABOVE:  How could I not?  That is me to a 'T'... well except I don't really get the girls out anymore. lol

 ABOVE:  A cute fridge magnet in the same line.  Too funny.

ABOVE: Found this patchwork shop in the heart of the Mount's shops!  I said to Stew there was one exactly the same in Matamata.

Then we went inside and ha ha, it WAS the Matamata shop... she moved to the Mount 10 weeks ago.

 ABOVE:  Because I'm trying to save money for our move... I only got this little panel and some matching fabric ... I will make a little cot quilt out of it eventually.

And there ya go.  Just a teeny, tiny splurge today.  It was still nice though.  It was just as well Stew was with me cos I kinda could have spent more in that fabric shop.  *sigh*

8.30 pm:  Time to sign off for the day... I've got work in the morning, so it will be a reasonably early night for me.


  1. Go Brylee, sounds like a good decision!

    Hope you aren't pushing yourself too much Chris, and that you and Stew have a lovely day together.

    Penny x

  2. Have a great day...even if the weather is dismal just sitting in car watching waves make for mental relaxation xx

  3. By Now you will be at the Mount and having a great time ..

    Good on Brylee She has grown in to a lovely young lady .. Just remember (You will I know smiles)boys take a wee bit longer at this stage to make bigger decisions and Griffin is going to turn out to make you all proud as well..

    hope its a lovely day where you all are as it is here ?


  4. Those Boys in the pen .. Love it what a couple of wee cuties happy to do their stuff and have fun .
    Good on Steve and Bex and Keera as well,, having such a neat unit

    Can just imagine Keera with the dolls house playing happily too,,Its lovely you have some many of your close family/families living in the same Island Chris..

  5. The painting looks good. For as much stuff as you have - your house always looks clean, beautiful, and uncluttered.

  6. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I love that magnet. It looks like a Beryl Cook kinda picture. Used to collect them years ago. Been a beautiful day here. Im so happy when i can get my washing dry.

  7. We were out on the ocean just off Tauranga! Yes the water was very choppy but we hardly felt it in the ship (thank goodness). Good on Brylee with the name change too.

  8. Oh my gosh.... I love that bottle cooler!!! It's so hilarious! What shop in the Mount did you get that? I need one. It's awesome!

  9. It was at The Gift Locker, 192 Maunganui Road. Left side of the last block of shops, heading towards the Mount. They had several different ones, plus tea towels, aprons and magnets to name what I can remember in that line.

  10. KIWIKID: I deleted your comment by mistake... so I copied and pasted it :....

    kiwikid has left a new comment on your post "MENTAL HEALTH DAY":

    So good to see Mount Maunganui..I have never seen Pilot Bay that rough either!! Love the bottle cooler, I have a lunch bag with Ladies who lunch on it, have the same fridge magnet! Love them! Good to hear you had a good day.

  11. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Well done Brylee! My eldest two sons both changed their surnames when I divorced. One took my maiden name, and the other my mums maiden name. I’ve remarried now, my my 3 sons and I all have different surnames!
    Love that bottle cooler! We stopped in Tauranga when we were on a cruise, it’s a lovely place x. Ally S Melbourne

  12. Looks like a great day!


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