Tuesday, August 27, 2019


I think after today .... 


Yep, by the end of today this house will be READY to go to market!

Not that we will be rushing in to do that just yet, we have to find THE HOUSE before we put this one on the market.


I have agents coming in this week to value it, and come up with their proposals/appraisals/costings etc.  All very exciting shit.

But not as exciting as GETTING BACK TO SEWING. 

OMG I've missed that so much.  It's my 'go to' for relaxing and just having fun.

First on my list of To Do's is to make 3 more 'Holiday Time' Table Runners.  Then I will make a few more Wonky House/Tree Runners too.

I feel like they are going to become my STAPLE  sale items.  

So... back to today.

Lacy is coming out to help me wash all the windows, inside and out.
We can also potter around the garden ... I've got three empty pots out the front I want to put some pretty flowers in.  

So a trip down to Mitre 10 is on the cards too.  Oh, I need to buy more of that amazing shower glass cleaner too!  That shit is truly magical.

Right, I'm off to start the day... try and pop in and say friggin 'Hi' today eh?  It's been damn quite around here... 


First up..  I am planning on taking a walk through video.

DEE: this is the shower cleaner:


12.10 pm:  Lacy has been, washed the windows, helped with some plant potting and now has gone home again.
So appreciated her help today and every other time she's come out.  (((HUGS)))  Lacy.  ♥

I've just had lunch, and after washing a few windows and scrubbing the kitchen sinks, I'm done for now.

I did get a video taken of the house inside:

ABOVE:  Sorry, it's quite long and I didn't bother narrating it.  You just get to hear me breathe, and the camera self focusing every now and then.  Not a good video really, but hey, it's something.

Whoops!  I have changed the setting to PUBLIC... so you should be able to see it now!

6.51 pm:  Just had dinner, chicken rice risotto, with a Teriyaki twist.  Was really yum.

I've cleaned on/off all day.  I've done washing, and generally fluffed around the house.  I'm done for the day... almost.

Time to sign off and relax for a couple of hours.


  1. Can you do a video of all the rooms and the front and back gardens PLEASEEEE

  2. HI.....glad you will soon be able to get back to your happy place.

  3. Your house looks great! Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Please refresh my memory, what is the amazing shower cleaner ?


    1. Thanks Chris, I dont think I have see that before, maybe its not available over here

    2. Mitre 10 has it. Bunnings probably does too.

    3. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Our Home Hardware has just changed to Mitre 10 so they may start stocking it. Or will look next time we go to a town with Bunnings

  5. Hi, yiu have been super busy!!

  6. if only other house-sellers made such a huge effort as you do!!!! I have seen some truly filthy houses on the market eeerrrrwwwwhh

  7. Hope we get to c the walk thru..im gonna miss this home

  8. Man you work fast & hard - so does Lacy, she could get a job as a cleaner doing big jobs like end of tenancies for real estate companies, she certainly isn't afraid of hard work when she put her mind to it, gets that from her Mum I reckon.

    It will be nice for you to have a couple of relaxing days and enjoy some sewing.

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      oh thanks Tracy, yea I get it from Ma ☺️ and Stubborn lol 😂 #Lacy

  9. I am pretty sure nobody else is going to make their house as spick and span and perfect as you are. You will probably have to do all of this again when you move IN!

  10. Just lovely Chris, you do such a great job of everything :-)

  11. Nice and tidy. Clean and cheerful looking. Beautiful floor plan. And your video was nice and steady. The sliding barn door is pretty fabulous. Your kitchen is very nice.

    Walking thru, as a potential buyer, I would be concerned with how much is hanging on the walls (holes to be filled). Me personally - I would remove
    the heart/flower corner and the plates above the cabinet in the first room (those plates make the ceiling look low);
    and the corner shelf in room off the kitchen;
    Corner shelves in your room;
    and at least half the stuff hanging in the hallway,
    And everywhere you have a big thing with little things hanging next to it (entry way, cow picture, etc) I would leave the large and remove the extras.

    I think everywhere you have something large, someone else would hang something there too. But all the little holes, they would know they would have to fill.

    Besides holes, I think it would look bigger with less hanging.

    But other than those tiny things, I think you are in good shape.

    I think I did mention that a friend’s Realtor told her get it all the way done and then go back thru and take one piece of furniture out of every room. It makes it look so much bigger (and it did), but in many of your rooms, I was not sure what you could remove.

    1. Anonymous3:15 PM

      I agree, there are alot of holes to fill. House looks great otherwise. It will sell itself.

    2. I think you've done a great job getting it all ready and yes, it will sell as it is but I do agree with Vickie. I know it is your house and it's how you like it but selling a house is more about what others will like. I think ask for the advice of the agents who come through. Good luck with finding your next home!! I hope you can find one as lovely and clean as the one you will be leaving.

  12. What a great job you and your girl have done :) I think it will sell in a heartbeat...Only problem I can see is finding another home as beautiful as this one! Good luck, Fifi xxx

  13. Wow it is looking fabulous everything looks amazing... You and Lacy have done an amazing job. Business venture clean and declutter others houses... Oh wait done and dusted with that one lol.

  14. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Night Night Ma, and all the best for tomorrow, you have done an absolutely amazing job.
    only thing now is that I hope you get a decent sleep xxx
    #Lacy 💙

  15. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Your house looks amazing Chris! I must have missed something, why are you leaving your current home? The problem with me is I get too attached to my house. I cried for weeks when I left the UK. I loved my house so so much. I made my house a home and displayed my quilts on the wall too. It hurts thinking about it. Does it get you down at all?
    Regards from Sue Kim, Paphos, Cyprus


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