Tuesday, August 13, 2019

28 DOWN...

Who thought I wouldn't use THAT MANY BOXES?

Cos so far, I've packed 20 big ones, and Brylee has packed about 6 smaller ones.

Today after my FBG walk, I will be going into Hamilton to get more!  

I also have to do the grocery shopping and buy a few light bulbs.  The ones that are super white and bright... they make such a difference to how the rooms look.  Getting those ducks in a row. 

Still so much to do, but doing something every day will get us there.  Still not 100% sure of the timing of buying / listing / selling.... before or after Christmas?

Just have to wait and see.

ABOVE:  All my table runners got damp on Sunday, so they have been in the family room since then.  Later on today I should be able to iron them and put them all away again.

I didn't think I had that many to be honest, but there's about 5 that are Christmas ones.  So I do still want to get a few more Wonky House/Tree and Holiday Time ones made.
Just finding time to do them is the problem now.

Right, enough waffling, off to make me porridge and start the day.


First up, I had a good walk with me FBG friends:

ABOVE:  So thankful I thought to take my umbrella as it started to rain only minutes after we started walking.  A nice and easy 3.5 kms today.

After the walk I got home to find Lacy there ready to do some more work, so I dragged her into Hamilton with me to do the grocery shopping.

Which I didn't end up doing as by the time I bought some plates, had lunch, got more boxes etc I was knackered!

So we came home.  Lacy went back to her home (in Hamilton) and I did this:

ABOVE:  What do you think of my table setting?
We got the plain white dinner plates from Farmers, 50% off!  Man I am uncanny with finding the sales!! 

When it comes time to have Open Homes, I will put some low set, fresh flowers in the vase in the middle of the table. 

Right, now I'm gunna have a bloody nap.  I have been waking every hour ... ALL. NIGHT. LONG with hot flushes again.  It means I am constantly tired.

NO... NAP.  Fluffed around the house, rang around a few storage companies.

Found one between here and Hamilton for THE BEST PRICE ever... heaps cheaper than everywhere else.  And it's a company we have used before, hence the lower price.

So, before I get snowed under with boxes all over the place, I think I will be checking out the facility then going for it.  Even if I have to pay for 4 months storage, it's better than what the house is starting to look like!

I can hardly move in some places for boxes.  I'll show ya tomorrow.

Now though, I need to sort out dinner.

MEH... no kids home at dinner time, so we decided to pamper ourselves...

ABOVE: We went to Hello India and had Butter Chicken (Me) and Hyderabadi (Stew).  His was supposed to be HOT, but it wasn't that hot according to him.  Me... can't stand anything hot.

After dinner we dropped by the supermarket to get Brylee some Spaghetti... cos we won't be doing the grocery shop not till Saturday.

It was on special, only $1 a tin, so...

ABOVE: We got enough to last her a while.  *smiles*

And now, I'm gunna bugger off and chill out for the rest of the evening.


  1. Love the table setting :-).

  2. I was just thinking of your hot flushes yesterday! I am starting to get them and I remember you saying you have had them for YEARS! I was wondering if they ceased because you have not mentioned it for ages! But, I guess NOT!

  3. Man you're so organised 😊

  4. night Ma xx and thanks for lunch xx see ya tomorrow sometime 😊

  5. Love love love the table setting.

  6. Your table setting looks great. I'm like you....nothing too hot, but I love butter chicken ordered mild.

  7. I have a secret love of Spaghettio's.......

  8. Love the table setting as well!

  9. Love the table settings!


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