Wednesday, August 21, 2019


First up for today, I will be doing some sanding.
Most areas I've put polyfilla on are set and ready.

This is the single biggest job left to do inside really... WELL THAT AND PAINTING, so I'm excited to get on with it.

At lunch time I will be in Hamilton, sitting in on another auction.  I'm starting to think houses are not over priced in Hamilton any more, which is great for us.

Prices here in Cambridge are really good... I can't wait to get appraisals for this place!  We will NOT be going to Auction with it though... it will be either a fixed price or 'By Negotiation'.

Feeling a little bit excited by this now.

Right, I shall go and make a start on that sanding I think... after porridge.  *smiles*


LYNDA:  I appreciate any and all suggestions, thanks.
In relation to the lounge 'fake fireplace', if you look in this photo, you will see...

 ABOVE:  .... that there is a wall mounted TV in the corner of the room.  It works there, and I am sure potential buyers will see that the fake fireplace demonstrates, very nicely, how it would look if they were to put a gas flame fireplace in there.  That is what I would have done eventually too... had we stayed here.

ABOVE:  Most families only have one large TV cabinet (like above), and there is obviously plenty of room in the family room for one.

So, the fake fireplace is staying.  I think it is gorgeous, and to take it down would leave a glaring blank wall.

5.15 pm:  Well hi!  lol
I got all the sanding done, and then went into Hamilton.  The Auction, well interesting again.
6 lots up for sale and only 2 sold.  The other 4 all got passed in without  anyone bidding on them at all!

There was a house from here in Cambridge that was on the list, looked like our house actually, but was a 4 bedroom home with a two bedroom unit attached.  It had 2 bidders and it went for over a million dollars!!!  Makes me think our's is going to go for a bit more than we anticipate.

So anyway, when I got home I was bloody tired so I had a nap.  And that's me for now.

Gotta make dinner, then vacum all the dust up!  


  1. One comment - and don't take this the wrong way - should you leave the fake fireplace up? I know you love it and yes, a prospective buyer might, but I know that is where I would put a TV on the wall over an entertainment unit. Most lounges now are designed this way for that purpose. If you leave it I presume you would make it an option to take it down or at least make it known that it can be taken down?

    1. No, I understand that and yes, a gas fire would look amazing there! I'm just saying to let prospective buyers know that it can be removed without carpet damage etc so they know it's an option :)

  2. If you have a TV in your bedroom to watch, when you get to the showing stage, you might leave the fireplace and take out the television (and a lot of furniture).

  3. I was reading yesterday house prices r lowest they have been in Auckland in over 3 years hope Hamilton pricing is similar and cambridge sky rocketing hey nice to be on the winning side of the housing market for a change

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    It makes that room regardless whether it works or not. Your house is a winner. It'll sell.

  5. Sydney real estate is in a small slump right now, but still super CRAZY. A house around the corner from us sold last week (2 weeks prior to auction) for $2.65 million. It was smaller than ours, but on a slightly bigger block. I couldn't believe it and *before* auction!!! :/

  6. Did that house that you liked sell? What will happen to the houses that were passed on? Could someone offer a really low bid?


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