Saturday, August 17, 2019


ABOVE:  "Quack quack!"   Ducks in a row... slowly but surely.

After saying I wasn't packing any more boxes after dinner last night... ha ha... I did two more in the sewing room.  Got it sorted...

ABOVE:  It's not totally done yet, but the wardrobe is very neat and tidy, and what's left in here I am still using.  The padded boards will come off that far wall on Sunday (all going well), and all the pictures on the walls will come down too.  

Then it can just stay as the sewing room, I'm not going to put a bed in there and 'stage' it as a bedroom, anyone looking in the room can see it's actually a bedroom, surely?

Now, this morning Stew has to pop into town to pick up his prescription, then we are going to do a few odd jobs around here.

At lunchtime we are going into Hamilton to look at three houses.  We are not in a position to buy yet, but there is no harm in looking at what's out there... and IT'S FUN.

Well, I don't know about fun ... but whatever... we're gunna do it.  *smiles*


So often when you buy a house, the curtains suck!
So when we moved into this home the curtains in the lounge were HIDEOUS.  Well, I thought so.

So I bought new ones.  Netural ones.  But now that we are leaving, I am going to re-hang the old ones and see how it looks, maybe I can take my fairly new ones with me.  Might save us some money if the new home needs new curtians?

ABOVE: These are the old curtains.  They are in good condition, I just didn't like the colour.  I will press them and re-hang them this afternoon, fingers crossed they don't look too bad and they can stay up.

Been fluffing around the house doing odd jobs this morning.  Soon we will be heading into Hamilton to look at those houses.  Wanna see them?

Sorry... it's late and I've been really, really busy!

We ended up only seeing two houses, as one was cancelled but not advertised as cancelled, so we wasted time sitting outside it for a while. Grrr.

I am going to get photos up soon... but right now I'm exhausted and have a friend coming over in a mo ... so it will have to be later.

 ABOVE:  The first house we wanted to look at.  Wasn't open, so will try again next weekend.  Trick photography... the driveway was VERY short and steep!  Above is THEIR PHOTO...

ABOVE: And this is the photo I took. As you can see, a very steep, short driveway!

 ABOVE:  Second house we looked at.  It's dated, but we really liked it.  It had a huge garage which would be awesome for our gym equipment and one car.  It goes to auction on Wednesday, so we will most likely miss out on this one.

ABOVE: The third one for today. OH MY GOD, the photos made it look quite nice.  But :
1.  It was in the most GROTTY street ever!
2. Two doors down there was an old fulla who was obviously a HOARDER!  His property was disgusting.
3. Lovely lake aspect, but only if you like quacking DUCKS, morning, noon and night.
4. Mosquitoes.  Yeah, nah.
5. The house itself was far, far too small.
6. It wasn't made with good materials, and it was tired.

So, an interesting afternoon.

On our way home we picked up the moving truck from the Storage facility.

And we packed it to the gunnels!

ABOVE: That took us a couple of hours.  We shall take it to the Storage facility tomorrow morning.

And that is me for the day.  Gotta think about dinner now.
And then time to just watch some TV and relax.


  1. Love going to open homes 💛

  2. I like going house shopping to see how other people choose to "stage" their house for sale. It gave me ideas on how to stage mine. Also just knowing like you said to see if there is demand or not for the type of house you're looking at. At least your house is bright, and has a selection of gorgeous colours. I love the bright colours rather than bland multi tones of brown/tan.

  3. It took me a minute to see the "ducks in a row". haha. I think its actually a great idea to leave the sewing room. People will of course know its a bedroom. But it might also tip them over the edge buying a house with an "extra" room for whatever THEIR hobbies may be!

  4. Yes wanna see them!!!!

  5. Of course we wanna see them!

  6. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I didn't see the ducks straight away either, I was just thinking that the dog looks like our dog, Silva. Why don't you wait until you list the house for sale before hanging the curtains because if you don't like them up, you will take them down again and end up selling your nearly new ones with the house. Once people have seen the chattels in situ they will expect them to be there after the sale goes through. Audrey

  7. shudder!!! Those curtains are not cute!!!!.... yes, I want to see the new houses.... Christy xxxxx

  8. PS: most people should know your sewing room is a bedroom but I'm sure you'll have the floor plan on the brochure / internet advertising. Just make sure it's listed as a bedroom on the floorplan.

  9. Love looking at houses so yes please, show us what you look at. It will be a long time before we move again (although I would move tomorrow in a heart beat) as the market here is not good and we would lose way too much on this place and couldn't afford it. See what the curtains look like, if they don't overpower then leave them and take yours. If they overwhelm the room then sacrifice yours for a sale!!!

  10. You can buy new curtains - i think leave your ones up! Also have you considered that Hamilton has different laws for three dogs? You need the permission of neighbours when applying and every year! It's great to look now - you will get a feel for areas and prices.

  11. Is there any possibility of putting a bid on that house
    It cab be so hard to find something-

  12. As a 73 year old, I don't know if I would want to buy a house with stairs. They are really hard on aging hips and knees. House hunting is very exciting. It is fun to see what is out there. I love to visit new build model homes, mostly to get decorating ideas. That being said, I have been in my home for 43 years and will probably leave here feet first.

  13. A realtor told a friend long ago - when you get your house totally ready to show, cleaned out and organized, go back thru the house and take one more piece of furniture out of every room. A chair, an extra dresser, a table. Several friends have done this and it makes a huge difference.

  14. Wow what a difference in that driveway photo, deceiving much lol.

  15. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Just a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design.


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