Sunday, August 11, 2019


Today my market stall is going to be totally different from 'normal'.

I will be selling (or trying to), lots of stuff that I've decided to get rid of.  So far it's mostly ornaments, kitchen stuff and a few odds 'n' sods.

I'm sure there will be more once I get into the garage.  We have heaps of stuff up in the attic that can go, and also in the garden/yard.

But for today... we have plenty to put on the tables.

I will also have my big screen with table runners on, and if it's not raining, we can also have the laundry rack with runners on too.

It will all depend on the weather.  It's supposed to be utter crap... stormy in fact.  And COLD.

Crickey, I'm NOT looking forward to that at all.

And getting up really early... *sigh*, I hate that.  But, it is what it is.  

So... let the day begin.

OH... would ya like to see the new bed?  

Yeah, I thought you would:

ABOVE:  I made him 'pose' in front of his good work.  And notice the 'photo bomber' in the background?  So bloody cute.  Marley was hoping we'd let her in through the window, but she was filthy, so that wasn't gunna happen. *smiles*

Stew did so well building this bed, it came in lots of pieces (flat pack), I'm rather proud of him.  Thank You Darling for doing such a good job.  It looks GORGEOUS.

There is a blind on that window in the spare bedroom.  I'm thinking of making a smaller fabric garland, using the same fabrics as the larger one, and just stringing it along the bottom of the blind to tie it in with everything else in the room.  Yes?  No?  Or wait and see how it looks.  Yeah, lets go with the latter. 

Now though, I better get up and get MOVING!


OMG!  I finish setting up my stall and start to feel a bit cold on my legs... and realise I've only got me thermal tights on!!!  No proper tights/trou on top of them!  WHOOPS. I've got NO PANTS ON.

Luckily no one will notice.. the thermals look like tights really. 


This is going well! I've sold lots of my stuff... so much less is going home again. *smiles*

ABOVE: UGGGG. So wet and miserable. But the punters are out and about anyway.

3.55 pm:  Well... I didn't make millions of $'s today, but I certainly made more than I would have if I'd been working ALL DAY at the rest home!

I got rid of heaps of my stuff, so very happy with the market today.

Once we got home, we unloaded the cars and headed straight into Hamilton to look at a couple of houses.

NOT buying yet, just getting an idea of prices vs. what you can get now.

I will be going to an Auction on Wednesday to see how prices are in that respect too.

The houses we looked at today, well one was nice, but maybe a bit too small.  The other one was too small and needed HEAPS of work doing to it, new bathrooms and a total redecorate.  It was obviously an ex-rental and hadn't been looked after at all.

Home now (obviously, lol), and I'm going to relax for a couple of hours before doing a few jobs.

10 pm:  we had pizza for dinner, we were both tired and couldn't be arsed cooking.
Then I packed up two boxes in the sewing room before calling it a day.

Heading off to bed shortly...


  1. The bed is stunning, and the Doona cover and cushions are exquisite

  2. Probably a very silly question, but are you going to take your pool when you move

    1. Nope... too much hassle. Can get another one easily enough.

  3. I love that duvet cover!! So pretty with the white bed. Very nice :)

  4. Hi~ Love the pretty bed! Hope you sell your stuff. How far are you moving?

    1. Not far at all, just 20 minutes from here, into Hamilton.

  5. Bed looks grand, markets are fickle hey one day u think its gonna be good and plently of sales and its a fizzer and another time weather is crap and folks r coming out the woodwork i gues hot shower abd the electric blanket when u get home i suspect

  6. Your new bed looks very pretty. Great to hear that the market is going well for you.

  7. I am so happy you were able to sell off some "clutter" . Perfect. You declutter and make money at the same time!

  8. Glad you got to sell your stuff! Exciting!

  9. I love the new bed, it is gorgeous!!!

  10. Oh< I saw something that reminded me of you. It was a cute little car with a dainty little sign on it that said "We love messes, Let us organize yours" and a phone number. So - not cleaning, but organizing someone elses clutter. Kind of reminds me of that "Joy of Tidying" person. No toilet scrubbing at all!

  11. Yeah! Glad you had a good market day even if it was so cold and icky.


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