Sunday, August 25, 2019


So... I decided quite some time ago to take the photos for our home's marketing myself.

Only I didn't have a wide angle lens, so was going to borrow one.

But then last night, I wanted to take a photo of my bedroom, cos we moved one of the lounge chairs in there, and I was looking at my phone's camera options.

PANORAMA.... hmmmmm... I kinda knew how that worked, but I'd never tried it before.

So I gave it a go.  And OMG!!!!!

Look at this:

 ABOVE:  How AMAZING does that look?  It shows the entire room... and it's not  exaggerated the amount of room in there at all, which can happen with wide angle lenses.

ABOVE:  I went on and took one of the spare bedroom too.  I'm in awe of how Panorama captures the whole room.

So I guess I will be taking lots of panoramic photos over the next few days.  *smiles*

Now, back to today.

We are heading into the garden/yard.

Stew has a huge load to take to the dump.  While he does that, I will potter around in the garden, taking out stuff that does not need to be there.

At lunchtime we will be heading back into Hamilton as there's two more houses we want to look at this weekend.  One is an older, Lockwood home in Hillcrest, and the second one is a much newer home in Western Heights.  

Both look nice.  Will show you later of course.  *smiles*

After that, we will be coming back home to carry on with the gardens/yard.  Lacy is coming out to help as well.

Right now though... it's PORRIDGE TIME.


Oh whoops!  I didn't realise I'd not updated since this morning.  

I woke at 5 am ... got up and fluffed around doing bits 'n' bobs till Stew got up.

Then we were busy doing stuff... I got the garage totally tidy, got a load ready to take to the Hospice shop and more to take to storage.

Stew did some tidying up outside, took a big load to the dump and got charged a very fair price for once.  

Then we headed into Hamilton to look at two houses.

I WOULD show you them, but every time I try to upload a photo my computer freezes then dies.  So I'll try again later.

First House:  Was the Lockwood.  It looked lovely in the photos, BUT.... it was UP quite a steep shared driveway.... first off putting thing.  Then the street/area it was in.  University housing/flats/grots-ville!  Seriously horrible area.  Could just imagine all the uni kids and their parties every weekend.  NO THANKS.

Second House:  Much nicer area.  Nice house, we could see ourselves living there.  The house itself is quite a bit smaller than ours, and we would have to get rid of quite a bit of furniture to fit in it.  And the section was tiny too.  But we did like it.  It's a firm possibility.

It's now 3.30 pm, Stew is outside mowing the lawns and I'm going to have a nana nap... cos I'm bloody tired.

STUPID COMPUTER!... here's the first house:

ABOVE:  A nice home, not for us.

NAP TIME...   6.15 pm:   didn't have a nap after all.  If I had I would have struggled to get to sleep tonight.  So I finished hand knitting that cushion cover.  

Will show you tomorrow.

Stew is cooking dinner tonight, sausages and stir fried veges.  Smells yum.
Wasn't hungry before, am now.  

I'm freezing ... sitting still does that to ya.  Might have to turn on the heat pump for a while.

Forgot to sign off for the day....went to bed early.


  1. Rooms look great! Can't wait to see what houses you find today...

  2. I like the sound of a Lockwood home,they are solid and warm. Like the bedrooms youve done,also.THE OLD MOO.9999999

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Michelle from Oz here ..... Pardon my ignorance but what is a Lockwood home ???

    1. A brand of home built using predominantly wood outside AND inside. Panels of wood that 'lock' together, hence the name 'Lockwood'. It's been around for dozens of years here. So most of the internal walls look like the photo on today's post.

    2. Anonymous12:22 AM

      Thanks Chris.


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