Saturday, August 24, 2019


Today and tomorrow are gunna be nuts.

We have so much to get done this weekend!

A big load of rubbish to the dump.

Gardens tidied up, and a lot of my bits 'n' bobs taken out of it.

Clear all the roof guttering, we have grass growing in some places up there!

Take more stuff to the Storage facility.

Tidy the garage.

AND at lunch time today we have four houses lined up to view in Hamilton.

Why so crazy?

Because I have estate agents coming to give me appraisals on this home next week!  Yep... I've set a 4 day deadline on getting everything ready.  WHOOPS.

We won't actually be going 'on the market' next week though.  I'm just getting another duck in the row really.   And there will still be stuff to get done after that... the biggest being getting the carpets cleaned, but it's not carpet cleaning time right now.... that will be the last thing we get done.

Yesterday I took a break from it all... and last night I tried something new.

 ABOVE:  I got a ball of this 'wool' yesterday at Spotlight.  It intrigued me. It's called MODA LOOPY.  You don't have to use knitting needles or crochet hooks to knit it together!  Just ya fingers.  Weird.

ABOVE: I looked at a tutorial on You Tube then gave it a go. It didn't take me long to 'knit' it together... I need one more ball so I can have a piece big enough to make a cover for the little roll cushion on my bed. 

This is what I call 'fluffing'... where I go around the house and find small things to do/change/tart up and so on.  *smiles*   I am always doing it. 

It's FUN.

Right, I better get moving...  if I'm not back on here for a while, don't wonder why!  We are busy, busy, busy.
I will show you the houses we are looking at today.... later.


I got more painting done this morning... then we took a load of stuff to storage.

Home... got changed and have so far looked at two houses.

One looked SO GOOD online, but OMG was so NOT good once we got inside.

Next one is a firm possibility, even though it needs quite a bit of money and time spent on it.

Lunching now, then on to the next two.

Got to a house which was advertised as OPEN at 2 pm. Sat and waited... and waited 
...then rang the Agent.  "Oh sorry... I sold that one yesterday!"

OMG... that just pissed us off...  2nd time that's happened.  So very annoying.

Now we've managed to look at another one (too small) , so on to our last one for today. 

Today's houses:

 ABOVE: This one looked so good online, but so disappointing in reality.  It was horrendous inside.  And it had the most dangerous, steep circular staircase inside!  Took one look around and said NO - very emphatically.

 ABOVE:  Nice house, could have lived in it easily, if it wasn't so incredibly HOT in the bedrooms!  And remember, it's still winter here!  And you were paying for more than you wanted (a spa pool room) and it still needed work done on it.
So, another NO.

 ABOVE: Initially I loved this one, it had heaps of potential.  But... there were just too many con's to consider it seriously.  The neighbours looked truly dodgy, it shared a very pot holed, unkept driveway and it had a lot needing doing to it inside to bring it up to scratch.  Another NO.

ABOVE: This one is a definite possibility.  Even though the inside needs redecorating/painting/upgrading, new kitchen, new ensuite, new deck, garage turned into a room, carport added and probably heaps more!
It appeals... not the prettiest house by any means, but it's not all about looks.  It's in a nice area, backs onto a reserve and although it's close to a main road, you can't hear it too much.

So.  A mixed bag today.  

I've already got two lined up for tomorrow.

For now though... it's 4.45 and Stew and I are buggered.  We are going to relax for a while then do a couple of things inside the house.   Tomorrow we attack the gardens!

Coming home after looking at some of those houses, felt like coming into a castle.  A CLEAN castle.  *smiles*

7.53 pm and I'm ready for bed!  Can hardly stay awake.  So, probably will go to bed soon.  There's another super busy day tomorrow.


  1. My goodness you are moving quickly with this house deal!!!! Can't wait to see what you find!

  2. So i guess that guys is clearly off your list of prospective agents for selling your house and buying from.

  3. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I'll be out tomorrow after skating with B to help k 😊

  4. After seeing those houses you saw I would be traumatised, sorry but they all look like unkempt dumps compared to yours. The homes around them look run down and there is not the land or space that you have in your house. Your house is a mansion compared to these other houses. Don’t rush in.

  5. Anonymous6:24 PM

    It’s always interesting to see how other people live isn’t it. We just did a full Reno on our house that we bought purely for the area and the block size etc while living in it and it turned out great. I really enjoyed picking out exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend it so long as you don’t have to do too much of the work yourselves. We did all the painting and pulling up of flooring but left the big stuff to the professionals. Michelle from Oz.

  6. Not sure what areas you are looking at but Grandview/Western Heights area is nice, close to everything really.

  7. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Whoever buys your house is getting a palace.

  8. Does Stew work in Hamilton?


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