Thursday, August 08, 2019


So... I'm sitting up  in bed looking out at the  garden... and Stew is getting dressed.

And I ask him "Can we take the Rocks?"

And I fully expected him to say "HELL NO!"

Instead he said "Well I suppose so."

Yaaaa... I love those rocks. 'Smiles'

Once I'm up outta bed I'll take a photo of said rocks so ya know what I'm talking about.

I feel rather sorry for whoever has to lug those rocks all the way to Hamilton!  lol

Today I am going to continue packing up stuff that can go into storage.
Our son Steve is coming down in a few weeks and is going to take some of our stuff back and put it in his garage, that way we will have less to store and pay for.  

I will also be finding stuff that I no longer want ... and sorting out what I can take to the market, and what I will keep here for our Garage Sale in a few weeks.

So, I've got plenty to do.  Tomorrow it is back to work for the last couple of days at the Rest Home.  

It's been so good having a good stretch 'off' work this week, but I have missed seeing the oldies.  I find myself wondering how they are, who's still sick, who's left or passed away and so on.  You do tend to get involved in their lives one way or another.  I will miss that.

Oh yes, Lacy might be coming out later on too... she's offered to help chop up the plum tree branches I chopped down.  Man that was a bad idea in hindsight!  I should have just left it alone, instead of making so much more work for us.  Derrr.

I'm so happy to be getting some FBG walks in again too... I've gained weight since I stopped walking... even though I was working.  *sigh*

Well.. it's lunchtime and I've been working steadily since 8 am.  Lacy is out here chopping up the tree branches for us.

She may be a nightmare at times, but she's a damn hard worker when she sets her mind to it.

 ABOVE:  It's going to take her more than today to get it done, which she's happy to do.  She's even taking some of the wood back to her place to burn up.  Yaaa.

ABOVE: These are the 3 rocks I want to take with us.  I told Lacy and she said "Are you allowed to?"

What a twat! I own them, I can take them!

I've almost got my bedroom totally 'done', except for sanding and painting that one wall.  I've done the walk in wardrobe this morning, took out a bit and tidied it up.  Very happy with my morning's work.

5.55 pm:  Went for an FBG walk this afternoon, it was nice except for all the dogs on Bracken Street. OMG there's some nasty ones who go berserk when we walk past.  It's not nice.  I don't think I will do that one again!

But it was nice seeing these critters:

 ABOVE:  I'm sure I have photographed this mob of cows before!  lol

ABOVE:  But not these girls.  The mother goat was very friendly.  

And now... I'm going to cook some veges to go with the meatloaf I cooked last night.

10.20 pm:  End of another busy day... off to bed soon thank goodness.


  1. When are you starting to look for your new house Chris?

    1. Probably not for a couple of months at least. I want to have this house 100% ready to market before I go seriously looking. In the meantime, I'm keeping an eye on the market online.

  2. Lacy obviously got her hard work ethic off you - and no doubt her stubborn streak :-). Awesome job guys.

    1. Lacy Harvey2:52 PM

      yip dam stright lol 😂

  3. I suggest you move those rocks BEFORE you list the house.
    We were told to store everything we didn't want to leave in the house in case someone sees it and the deal ends up hinging on that item, things like a special light fixture (replace it with a cheap one). Even plants, if you can put them in a pot and ask your friend or neighbor to babysit them for a few weeks. Good luck!!

  4. Love the rocks Heaps of character etc,, and know what lefting is saying too..Some buyers can be quite awkward Not saying all buyers are,,

    Its hard work all that Pruning etc for you girls ,,and well done Lacy for stepping up to the Plate .

    Its nice as you do bit by bit ,,,and hope the weather holds while you get your outdoors pruning done..

    Will be amazing what you end up Garage Saleing too


  5. You could put a sign on the rocks "Rock NOT Included".

    1. Ha ... my experience (having sold 16 houses over the years) is that the minute you put "not included" on something, buyers immediately want it!

  6. Wonderful to have such a helpful worker. All the best sorting out the house for sale. Good luck.

  7. Gotta love the hard workers!


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