Monday, August 26, 2019


I started hand knitting that 'Loopy Yarn' again last night, so I could have a cute, soft cushion on my bed.

I got it done, it was SO FAST to do, and so easy.

ABOVE:  So cute, and so soft.  
I will be using that yarn again for sure.  

But not right now.  

Every room in this house is de-cluttered and 'staged' now ... so what's left to do is the cleaning.  I am going to start on the vacuming, cleaning doors/door frames, skirting boards, windows/windowsills and bathrooms today.

That is hopefully only going to take me a couple of days.  Lacy is coming out today to give me a hand.

I have Real Estate Agents coming here on Wednesday and Thursday for appraisals.  I'd like to think I can have it ready by then.

THEN I can relax and take a bloody break!  I am feeling rather sore and tired to tell the truth.  My arms and hands are kinda killing me!  


3.32 pm: WOW did Lacy and I get a lot done today! We scrubbed and vacumed and cleaned till well after lunchtime. Then... well the batteries died.

So stopped for a break... and now I can't stop yawning. So might grab 40 winks.

Lacy gathered up all of the remaining twigs and tree branches and took them off for burning. Our little pyromaniac. She's coming out again tomorrow to help with cleaning windows. Then I reckon most of the house will be DONE.

LOL... '40 winks' became 2 hours!  I knew I was tired but TWO HOURS!  Whoops.
Now I have to think about dinner... I say think cos I really don't wanna cook a damn thing.  *sigh*

So, Stew got home to a dozy wife who had done nothing about dinner at all.  So he had to go and buy KFC burgers and chips.  What a disaster, said no one at all.  lol

Quiet evening spent watching TV and just being  lazy.


  1. It will be a well earned break spring cleaning 101 xx

  2. Love the cushion,even think I could do that.Lockwood homes stand up to high winds and earthquakes,remember Edgcumbe,one pane of
    Glass cracked.THE OLD M00.

  3. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Well I'm Happy you finally stopped for a break, you were so stubborn, you must of needed that 😊

  4. The speed that you, Stew and Lacy are getting your house ready for sale is very impressive. I think I need your team at my place in Christchurch ....


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