Wednesday, August 07, 2019


Remember yesterday I spent hours looking for pink pillowcases, and ended up buying some fabric to make some?

YEAH.  Wasted my time again.

I put the duvet on the bed, and just kept the white pillowcases on 'for now'... and well..  I don't see anything wrong with how it looks!

ABOVE:  It's certainly warmed up the room.  And the little pink pillow?  Had that already too... it's a bean bag cushion.  It needed more beans, but I just shoved some filling in it.  And I suppose I will get the duvet inner down from the attic and actually put it IN the duvet cover sometime soon too.  lol

The only other thing I'm thinking of changing is swapping the cow painting for the big zebra painting?  I think the cow painting is now too 'loud' for the room.

The one thing I keep reminding myself is, we have EVERYTHING we need inside our home already (except the new single bed)... to present this house beautifully for sale.  I just need to de-clutter and TWEAK things.  Like paintings.  *smiles*

Today I will continue pottering around the house, packing bits 'n' bobs, doing some housework and so on.

This afternoon I'm going on an FBG walk again... hopefully it's not raining, but if it is raining, it will be held out at the Avantidome, under cover.

Right, time to get moving, catch ya later.


Well... I've managed to pack up 4 more boxes, mostly from the hallway and spare bedroom wardrobe.
That produced a lot of paper and cardboard rubbish, so I decided to burn it.

After a slow start... I added some wood and now I've got a pretty impressive fire going.

ABOVE:  I felt like running around yelling 'I've got fire!  I've got fire!"  ... but I didn't.  lol

MEL:  Sheesh I'm not 100% sure where we got the Zebra painting, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Aquisitions.  More like from here:

ABOVE:  Ya gotta LOVE Google Earth!  I could just pop down to street level and find the name of the shop!  So there ya go.  That shop had heaps of those sorts of paintings last time we were there.  OH sorry, BOTANY HUB on Te Irirangi Drive, opposite side of the road to Botany Town Centre.

9.10 pm:  And I'm happy to say I've been on two FBG walks today.  One at 4.30 out on the streets, and then at 7.30 another one out at the Avantidome.

ABOVE: The 4.30 pm walk photos... it rained a bit, and we saw a lovely rainbow.

 ABOVE:  The 7.30 pm walk photo, taken overlooking the cycle track.  It was lovely and warm and DRY.
We walked around the upper walking track 8.5 times.

ABOVE:  Clearly Map My Walk doesn't work properly inside the Avantidome!  Look at our map!  

Once I got home from the second walk I made a meat loaf for tomorrow.  And now I'm gunna have a bath and chill out for a while.  


  1. Your house is not onnly presentable for sale, it looks like it should be featured in a magazine. Very nice! But, I agree that the cow is too bold for that room now. I like the white pillow cases. It's perfect.

  2. Your house is gorgeous Chris. We are also putting our house on the market but in the next fortnight so doing the same as you. Decluttering but I have to source some art work as I don't really have much. Where did you buy your nice big Zedbra? was it in Sylvia park at the shop Acquisitions? from memory I think it was.

    1. Answer on blog...

    2. Thanks Chris. I forgot about "The Design Store". Looks like a shopping trip for me on Saturday.

  3. Lacy Harvey12:17 PM

    Oh so jealous of your fire 🔥 I love that little brasier (I hope that's the correct spelling lol )

  4. your bedroom looks very nice.

  5. Something I miss when I see you doing the wee burnup Chris.

    Not allowed that here.
    Love all the new de,cluttering energy you have,, and are doing,,,, but truly like the others say your home is always neat and tidy,, but even if you go down one bedroom,,when you move ,, its amazing what we DONT need .You are an inspiration ...

    Love the fact you can show us where you sourced your art work etc


  6. I am sure you will find a use for the pink fabric :-)

  7. Yep, gotta love google maps - look at this one - that's me on my bike!!!,175.663295,3a,75y,193.52h,66.48t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sf251mRygkSzy2zCo_vaDJA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  8. How about putting the painting of the flowers in your room?

  9. Oh my gosh .... I love, love, love that rainbow photo ... so arty!!


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