Saturday, August 10, 2019


Today is my last day at the rest home.

I will be doing a double shift... so I won't be updating again till at least 2 pm.

Catch ya later.


1.29 pm:  I got home a bit early from my first shift... finished with plenty of time to twiddle me thumbs and chat with the residents for a little while, which was nice.

Now I'm home and about to have my lunch, then turn around and go back for my FINAL shift.  LAUNDRY RUN... which is a nice shift to end on.

 ABOVE:  Photo of me in the last ever rest home bathroom I am ever going to clean!  If I get another job once we are in Hamilton, it won't be CLEANING.  Far too hard on my back and arms.

 ABOVE:  Stew picked up the new bed this morning... it's going to be put together over the weekend all going well.

ABOVE:  Brylee has been busy decluttering her wall unit too... everything she wants to keep using until we move is in small boxes under her bed.

It's slowly, slowly getting done.  I have quite a few walls that need touch ups or total painting.  So I will have heaps to keep me busy over the next few weeks, along with doing some more walks.

VICKIE:  nice idea, and I had already given that some thought.  BUT, I know that if I was 'on call' as a reliever I'd end up having to do the shitty shifts on weekends and Friday nights.  And well... I'm kinda over CLEANING BATHROOMS!  

The only thing I'm gunna miss about that job is the people.  I loved them so much. OK... maybe not 'R', the super cranky, cantankerous old man who always gave me a hard time.  He gives EVERYONE a hard time in fact, even his family.

It's almost 7 pm and it's so nice to have today over with.  I feel like a huge load is off my shoulders.  Now I just have to get the two private jobs finished this coming week and I'm back to being a kept woman!

Poor Stew, I think he was enjoying the little bit of extra income coming in.  That's why I will seriously look into getting another job once we are settled in Hamilton next year.

And now... it's time to chill out and just enjoy the evening ahead.  Blankie on, feet up... BLISS.


  1. Enjoy your last day with the oldies.

  2. That time went fast.

    Is it possible you can be a fill in person there, where you can say “no” when they call, like a substitute teacher?

  3. Good luck on your last day.Good sugestion from Vicky, you may gt the odd day.Hope tomorrow is a good day also,and not too cold.Fine sunny day but cold in CoffsTHE OLD MOO.

  4. AH, Man! You will sleep well tonight. Two reasons!
    1. Done with the rest home. Woot Woot!
    2. Tired from a double shift plus whatever else you get up to later today!

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I hope you have a lovely last day. With not too many bums!! Kristin 😊

  6. Yeah i was thinking same maybe a casual on call, but i know u want to get your place spick and span ready for putting on the be sad for u when u leave the house cause you hsve been so happy there with friends (popping) in for cuppa or catch up. But yeah to the idea of down sizing the mortgage too. Darby and Joan soon to be. Dont get rid of the air beds u wiĺ need them for ya vistors hehe

  7. YES!!! You will be so relieved to have that over. You can still go and visit the residents and have a laugh... without the stress and sore back.

  8. IF IF IF you get another job - I think you would be great with customer service. Either in person or a phone / desk job. Not the kind of phone job where you harass people into buying stuff, but like answering phones, sorting, organizing, receptionist type stuff. You just seem like a pleasant people person to me!

  9. Or a writing, proof reading, correcting school essays. type of thing. You NEVER have typos in your Blog!

  10. Yeah for more time at home!


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