Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Right.  Today I have a morning shift at the Rest Home.  I won't be home till after 1.30 pm.

Once I am home, I will have me lunch then finally, FINALLY, get the edges painted in the spare bedroom.

And maybe even get the first coat of paint on.  I can't wait to see how it looks.

After that I am going to start sorting out linens.  Anything that's not really needed in the short term is going into a box and being stored.

I'm not renting a storage place till I have everything ready to go into storage though, why pay hundreds of dollars a month until I really need it right?

And that won't be until we are ready to actually list this house for sale.  So a few months away yet.

I can't believe it's the last day of July!  We have had such a mild winter so far, I can count the number of frosts we've had on one hand!  It's finally snowing in the South Island, so maybe winter is just late?

Better tell the Daffodils!  Those flowers are all starting to bloom... way too early.   Daft flowers.  *smiles*

Now... I am gunna make me porridge and then get ready for work. 9 shifts at the Rest Home to go!


NOT PAINTING THIS AFTERNOON ... I'm too nice... and said I'd fill in for a girl who can't work at the Rest Home this afternoon. So I'm grabbing some lunch before heading back for the laundry shift.

I can't see me getting back to the painting now till the weekend!  I've got work all day tomorrow and Friday.

And my back is already hurting... so I  will take some painkillers with me lunch and hope they kick in quick. 

Right, off I go again.  

Well... painkillers DID NOT help this afternoon.  I was in pain virtually the entire afternoon.
Got home and had to cook some food for dinner, it was totally a Silly Bugger Dinner.

Now I'm feeling a bit better, just sitting still and not moving is GOOD!  lol

I'm going to bed early tonight, I'm shattered.  Pain and just tired does that I suppose.


  1. Well, that REALLY was nice. I am sorry to hear your back is so sore from all of this!

  2. Extra pennies in your pocket but yes u r too kind

  3. Your a suckerto do more work today,I think you will be missed when you leave.I could cry, all your lovely blue glass that youve collected over the years, dont be too hasty getting rid of it there will be a space for Im sure in your new home.THE OLD MOO.

  4. Big few days you have had ,,,and more to come .. Love the way you are doing it room by room etc That way it doesn't become a hurdle too big to jump. I am sure you will get a great reference from the NH and also your private jobs..

    Your health will start to get back on track once you arent overdoing it...

    Your talking of downsizing,, so many of us at this age feel the need to do so,,,(or have already done so) and its good to do it while you have the energy...

    Its amazing what we accumulate though and we can do with so much less now most of the young ones have got married and have their own homes.

    Nice in 3 weeks when you will be more time free , by then we will be on long awaited holidays so will still check in to read but in lots of places may not be able to comment cos lots of days will be wifi free.

    Love holidays where its just us and the lovely sights of home and catchups with Friends and Whanau etc and thats what next year you 2 will be on the adventure of (smiles)

  5. Hey you .. yes you are too kind.
    You..and that back of yours need some kindness (meaning rest) too !!

  6. I have been ruthless as we have unpacked here in our new house. I have taken 8 carloads to charity and it feels great! If you don't love it don't take it! Good on you!


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