Friday, August 31, 2018


Today is going to be different from the norm!

I'm going over to Tauranga to meet up with Susan, who is a Kiwi chick living in Australia.
She's coming over on family business and has arranged to meet up with me at the Bernina Shop in Tauranga.

She saw some of the animal fabrics I have been using for placemats, and has bought some animal fabrics from Australia for me! 

I'm really excited to be meeting a fellow blogger!  I haven't met any for a long time now.
Susan blogs about her patchwork primarily... so we have patchwork and a love of fabric in common.

I'm sure we will get on just fine.  
And we can have a good browse around the Bernina fabric shop before having lunch somewhere nice.

Lacy is coming with me too... not that she's going to enjoy the fabric shop... but too bad.  It's an outing for her.

I will endeavor to take some photos during the day and post them as I go.

ABOVE: Last night's walk photo... as you can see, we are all drowned rats!  I think next time we walk in the rain I'll take me umbrella!

ABOVE:  Thanks for all the ring suggestions yesterday!  I looked at a few DIY videos and tried the 'nail polish inside the ring' trick.  It seems to have helped a bit.
My biggest problem is the fact that my ring finger is fairly 'wasted' where my rings sit.  
So, I'm thinking of getting some of these:

ABOVE:  I think they will be a very good medium term solution.  Just have to order them via Trade Me later on today.


OH MY...we are having such an awesome day!  We met up with Sue and it's been YAK YAK...SHOP SHOP  ever since. Sue is a gorgeous chick... so happy to have met her.

I will do a proper update when we get home...

 ABOVE: Relaxing after an amazing lunch.
Right... gotta go. Lacy and I are checking out a couple MORE Op shops before heading home *smiles*

5.15 PM:  Home after a really lovely day.
Highlight was meeting Sue of course!
Then fabric !  Then shopping!

Fabric:  Sue brought over from Australia these fabric panels for me:

ABOVE:  How gorgeous are they!!!  Thanks so much Sue, you are amazing.  I really appreciate your kindness in getting them for me.

While we were at the Bernina shop, I picked up a small amount of 'Christmas like' fabric for my runners:

ABOVE:  Yeah, the one on the right ain't Christmas'y... but I loved it!

Lunch:  we went to a place recommended by the ladies at the Bernina shop, damned if I can remember the name now!  But it was great.  When I find/remember the name I'll tell you.

ABOVE:  I had seafood chowder (super tasty... I DID NOT eat the sourdough bread!), Sue had Goat's Cheese salad, it looked so good... I was rather tempted to thieve one of the cheese balls (but I contained myself), and Lacy had a Chicken and ricotta filo pastry thingee... which looked damn good too!
She had a slice of cheesecake and I had a small piece of Pistachio and Ginger slice too.

The food was AMAZING, service was excellent and the atmosphere was super.  It was a very popular eatery by looking at how busy they were.

ABOVE:  It was sad to say goodbye to Sue, we got on so well.  Kindred spirits I'd say... we both LOVE fabric!  *smiles*

In total, Lacy and I visited 5 Op shops!  Sue came along to one as well... though she wasn't tempted to buy anything.  Same can't be said for Lacy and I.

 ABOVE: Lacy bought some clothes, I got her the picture.

 ABOVE: Lacy in a dress she bought.  She can wear one of the sheer black tops, (above), over it too.

ABOVE:  My Op shop haul!  I love the little wooden corner table.  2 Cane trays.  A blue glass bowl.  Egg cooker thingee and 2 fish ice cube makers.  A white glass serving dish. A 'crabby' coffee cup.  2 melamine trays to add to my collection. A metal heart for my lounge wall, to add to the collection there.  AND finally, a Tupperware shaker... I only needed the lid as our shaker's lid has a crack.

All that for $35!  SCORE!   Such fun ... I've not been really Op shopping for ages.  

So in all... a super fun day.  Traffic was utter shitty getting out of Tauranga, but once on the main road it was fine.  It only takes an hour to get over there, I should go more often, the Bernina shop is awesome!  

ABOVE:  ALIMENTO on 1st Ave... highly recommend it as a place to eat.

Well... time to sign off for the day... it's been a neat day!


  1. Ring snuggles! What a great idea. I’ll be very interested to know what you think of them, might have to try them myself. Have a lovely day 😀

  2. enjoy your blogger catch up glad u have found something for your rings it is heart stopping when u loose them. i can stil rember the day i lost my engagement ring in the public toilets at Hornby mall-it went in rubbish with the paper towel I dried my hands with thanksfully I seen it gone as I was walking out the door, lady was walking in to do the cleaning

  3. Do you have eBay and Amazon in NZ? I see that Trade Me is similar to eBay. We have Amazon Prime, which costs about $80 per year and gives you free 2 day shipping on almost everything. And the prices are usually lower than the stores. It is kind of unfortunate because that makes a lot of local stores go out of business. But, it would be the ideal place to buy those ring thingies!

  4. #Alimento on 1st ave Tauranga :) highlight recommended

  5. Anonymous7:54 PM

    LACY! You are looking amazing! Love seeing your beautiful face again. Glad you are happy and safe at mama's place xx

    1. Oh hello Anonymous and thank your for your lovely comment :) xx

  6. What a fantastic day you have had, Thought I recognised Sue so checked her blog and it was. How wonderful you could meet up and what a wonderful lot of fabrics she brought.

  7. Great photos - Lacy you are looking lovely!! Lovely photos of you too Chris - you are looking so much better, not just weight wise but health wise. Well done.

  8. What a great day! I used to have a ring that was too big, the jeweler put a 'bridge' in it, like your Ring Snuggies.
    I've always said that blogging is for finding new friends, Facebook is for finding old ones.
    The fabrics look nice, in a few weeks you'll be showing us what you are making out of them.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. You look so nice when you smile! I don't know why you don't usually like to! That lunch place looks fabulous

  10. Was so good to meet you and Lacy and spend time together, very happy you liked the fabrics, looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Great goodies from the op shops.


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