Saturday, August 11, 2018


So, after thinking about this for MONTHS, and reading all your suggestions... I've come to this conclusion :

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, SO MY CHOICE.  I know I can't please everyone.

We will be having a small gathering on Sunday 21st October (my 60th Birthday), here at our home.  Mostly friends, and a few family members.

I'm pissed off that Stew and I are doomed to never having our family all together again, and that hurts.  And what makes that worse is I know some OBVIOUSLY don't give a bloody shit about that, or how it makes me and Stew feel.

We didn't ask for this, we don't deserve this, but it is what it is.  We are powerless to change how our kids feel and interact.

So.. from now on, we are going to please OURSELVES.  Life is too short to let others bugger up your day/week/month/year!

It's Saturday.  Griffin has plans in Hamilton today, so Stew is taking him and a few of his friends in.
I'm not sure what I'm doing yet.  Maybe just sewing more mice for market tomorrow.

But for now... I'm getting outta bed!

DANG! ... I need more cord for mice tails and buttons for eyes, so will be going into Spotlight on a flying visit first thing this morning.


3 pm:  sheesh the day is going fast!  I went into town at 8.30 and got the few things I needed, and pretty much since then I've been sewing!

Stew is in town ... hanging around waiting for Griffin and his friends to be ready to come home.  Being the 'taxi' in other words.

Today Stew bought the roof rack attachments we needed for his car.  Now we can use the roof racks again.  Handy.

Brylee is at work till 8 pm tonight, so right now it's very quiet in the house.

 ABOVE: This is what ya have to do when a dog is in season!  Well... she's only in there when I bring her inside from the garage of course.  I think it's so cute that Denim is sitting beside her (outside the pen).  
Marley is perfectly happy in the pen, as long as she has chewy toys to play with.  She loves toys.

 ABOVE:  The 'new' change table' in use.  I have yet to fill it up! Gimme time.

ABOVE:  So far today, 4 mice finished and the last two should only take me half an hour or so.  Then I will be making sure I've got everything I need for tomorrow's market, before relaxing for the rest of the day.

9.26 pm:  6 more mice made, ready for market tomorrow.  Stew packed the car so we are ready to roll bright and early in the morning.
I'm bloody tired, probably go to bed quite early tonight.


  1. great idea for your birthdayxx

  2. Anonymous7:57 PM

    The changing tables are amazing and as you know mine is over flowing 😂😂 woops. Xx bex

    1. Mine probably will be before long too!

  3. I found a change table for my daughter that had 3 drawers under it ( she does use it for a change table) even better it was only $30.

  4. Good luck at your market!


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