Thursday, August 09, 2018


Now... where was I when I left off last night?

Oh that's right, we had just got on the ferry for Auckland city.

Well... here's more photos:

ABOVE: Random photos taken from the wharf, while waiting for the ferry.  

Once we got to the city, we had McDonald's for lunch before traipsing up the hill to the Sky Tower.  It's quite a good walk, with a really, really STEEP hill too.

Great exercise.

Worth mentioning, it was really interesting walking up Queen Street.  Bex commented on it too... it was FUN seeing all the different people on the street.  There's such a huge diversity of people, ages, races, the clothes, ... we both said it would be fun just going into the city to people watch. *smiles*

 ABOVE:  In the lift heading up to the 51st floor, the Observation Deck.  Dante and Bex were not too keen on the 'view' inside the lift!

ABOVE:  There's a plate glass section on the floor... so you can see the lift's shaft as you go up and down.  I got a bit giddy watching!  It's a bit freaky.  You go up and down really FAST.  My ears popped at least 5 times going down.

 ABOVE:  lots of happy snaps.

ABOVE:  behind me is 'south/west' Auckland, and the PINK CYCLE way, which winds it's way through parts of the central city area.

After visiting the Sky Tower, we took the ferry back to Devonport, then headed back to Steve and Bex's.  The kids were exhausted!  
Mission completed.

Brylee and I really enjoyed our little excursion up to Auckland.  Hopefully we can do it again sooner or later.

Now it's back to normality around here.
I've got unpacking to do, housework to do, dogs to spend time with... you know, just the usual stuff.

AND I'm going to check out when the next FBG walk is on ... I want to keep up to date with that too.


12 NOON:  Soooo.... I went walking instead of doing all the housework.  The housework could wait.... walking with the girls came first.  And coffee afterwards was lovely too.

Now I can get on with the jobs... with renewed energy.  And it's so neat to have to dogs in with me, they are keeping me on my toes.  

I forgot to close the hallway gate... went looking for Denim and couldn't find her anywhere!  There were a few socks in the hallway she'd pulled out of Griffin's room... so I knew she had some... SOMEWHERE.

Not in the bedrooms.
Not in the garage.
Not outside... Grrrr... can't find the little bugger anywhere!  

Back into the family room... and aaaa haaaa.... there she is, hiding behind the couch with a stinky teenage boy sock! She's obviously in seventh heaven.  lol

Sock duly rescued, dog ... pouting.

ONWARD.... jobs to do!

Just had a yak with me Mum... not even 24 hours after her surgery and they have her up and walking to the door and back!  AND she gets to sit up in a chair to have her lunch... so she's doing VERY WELL.  Go MUM!
Such a relief.  Very comforting to know Ron and my niece Christina are there with her every step of the way, keeping her on the straight and narrow.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Today's walk photo.  We were so lucky with the weather, just before we started it was very overcast and spitting ... then it cleared up.  The freakin' trees are starting to blossom!
Which means warmer weather is on the way... soon I'll be bitching about being too hot again! lol

6.02 pm:  a very mundane afternoon.  Got lots of washing done and hung on racks inside... the weather is too unpredictable to hang it outside.
Got some stuff organised in me sewing room, put dinner on (Chicken and rice/veges) and now... about to watch the news on the telly before serving up dinner.

And... that's the day done and dusted.  Happy with my day.  Happy I got another walk in.
Happy I got all the washing done.  Fed the family.  Enjoyed the evening.  Will be off to bed early for me tonight.  I'm bloody tired.


  1. Looks like you had a great day, the clear panels in the walk around the Sky Tower give me the creeps, I had forgotten about the lift. Love the happy faces on the ferry.

  2. Happy to hear your mom is doing well. Loved seeing the pictures of the little ones. They are precious. 😊

  3. Wow you've been doing heaps of stuff! I have sort of managed to way backslide on my diet and gain 35 pounds.

  4. Pics of Auckland are great!

  5. Isn’t modern surgery great. A guy had his second hip replacement (only in his 50’d mind you) and was up and about in 24 hours. Hubby has his ankle done and wasn’t allowed to use it for 2 weeks. Mmmm maybe why it needs redoing after 5 years ?

  6. great pix! We are having chicken, veges and rice for dinner too. I've got a sachet of teryaki sauce, I hope it's nice. Christy xxxx

  7. Great pictures, wonderful view. Sounds like you had a fun time away.

  8. Oh that elevator looks so scary! Scott would freak out lol. It's so smokey here we really shouldn't go out and exercise :(


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