Sunday, August 12, 2018


We have a good weather forecast for today, which is great!
I've got the Cambridge Trash and Treasure market today.
I'm hoping it's not too cold first thing this morning... I really hate being too cold.

I'm going to do what I did last month and dress in multiple layers, that way if I do get warm I can take shit off.  I'd rather be overdressed than under dressed.  

As we packed the car last night, everything is ready to go, we just have to get dressed, grab our phones and go.  

I have got setting up the stall down to a fine art now...  just have to juggle a few things now that I have more placemats and coasters, and the Smelly Mice!

The market goes from 8 am till 1 pm... crazy start time if you ask me.  There's hardly any shoppers around at 8 am on a Sunday morning!  They usually start arriving around 10 am.  Until then most of us just twiddle our bloody fingers.  And freeze.

It's going to be much better come the summer months, cos where my site is, I get plenty of shade.  So I will never over heat.

But for now.. it's still COLD.  And I'm just waffling... I better get moving.  Got to get all me layers on, and leave.

Wish me luck!


7 am:  woke to a light frost... so COLD.
Set up the stall, kept warm doing that... then was FREEZING for the next 4 hours!
I should have stayed home in bed, seriously.  Only a few sales today, not enough to justify getting out of bed really.

But, it's all good, getting my products out in the public.  I am sure sales will pick up come Oct/Nov when people are buying for Christmas.

Got home and had some lovely HOT chicken soup ... and I'm now relaxing under a warm blankie for a while.

I will probably be going on an FBG walk at 6 pm.

7.31 pm:  And I did indeed go for that walk.  I didn't FEEL like going, but then I never really do!  But afterwards I always feel so much better for it.  And it's always nice to spend an hour or so with friends.

Off to bed early again tonight... well in about 4 hours.. that's early for me!

Wind down time... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good luck Chris, hope you have a great day

  2. Wishing you lots of luck for a good morning of sales ... and being warm!

  3. Good luck, hope you do very well

  4. That seems way too early to start. But have fun!

  5. That does seem early for the market to start, especially in winter. Hope it wasn't too cold and that you had plenty of sales.

  6. hope its going well glorious day here so have been wishing it your way

  7. its a sod when markets dont go well and if u hadnt gone it would have been a bonzer day and everyone would have been looking for your stall..hope u r warmer now. Our market started at 9 and people were hovering for a bargin by 8.30 so u really needed to be up and ready by 8..I wont forget the day someone wanted to buy my stands I had set up but still not loaded cracked me up (that day was one of those should have stayed on bed days but still a laugh was had)

  8. Your mom has great hair,,,,,! Not sure what is happening on your birthday, but if it makes you uncomfortable don’t do it. You don’t need anxiety building up for a month.

  9. I hate when I'm miserable and sales are slow!


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