Thursday, August 30, 2018


Well... if you thought yesterday was a boring post... today is not going to be any better!

All I have for you today is ... more sewing!

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with how this runner came out.  I love the colour combination.
Hopefully it sells, otherwise it might become a Christmas present for someone!  lol

At least I will never run out of Christmas presents eh?  Hey family... guess what ya getting for Christmas?  Something I've made obviously.  *smiles*

I have an FBG walk on tonight, Section 30, which means we 'only' have about 10 to go!
I can't even remember half of them now... they have all just blurred into footpaths and photos!  When you walk at night, all you are doing the whole time is staring at the footpath, making sure you don't trip up or fall over rough patches.  You certainly don't notice any pretty houses or gardens.

I much prefer walking during the day, but it is getting warmer during the day now, so night walks are much better for me.

The sole of my right foot hasn't shown a blister YET... but as I know it's a deep seated one, it will take a while to come to the surface.  I've had them before.   Hopefully it doesn't stop me walking tonight.

I think Lacy will be heading back into Hamilton on the bus today, she's got a couple more places to look at, with a view to moving into Hamilton to live soon.  It's quite expensive travelling on the bus.  I had no idea what it cost!  I hope she finds the right place fast, so she doesn't have to keep going in on the bus.

So... that's all I have for now... who knows what else I will get up to today?

I hope you can take a moment to say 'Hi' if you are reading this!  


11.02 am:  And today is going really well.  We started out with a thick fog, but it's cleared... just a dreary, overcast day now.  A bit cold in the sewing room, but I'm making excellent progress on another Christmas Runner. 

Lacy is getting ready to head off to Hamilton.
I've taken a pit stop for my late 'breakfast' of a piece of toast.  

I woke up this morning feeling STARVING!  And quite nauseous!  No idea why, I've not felt sick in the morning for months!  Not since I dropped sugar from my diet anyway.  Luckily it passed fairly quickly.

Ha ha!  Lacy is of to catch her bus in a minute and it's started to rain again.  So typical. 

 ABOVE:  There's not many 'downsides' to losing weight, but there is one that's pissing me off!
My rings are swinging around me fingers.  I find myself constantly turning them to the 'right' place on my fingers.  I know I could get them made smaller, but I really don't want to do that until I've lost all I want to, and have maintained it for a while.  

Yesterday I put sticky tape around them to help keep them in the right place, but of course, it fell off in the shower.  Any ideas peeps?

ABOVE:  Worked hard today, and got another Christmas Runner finished just now.

I'm going to do something different now, for a change.  Just not sure what yet! *smiles*

I'm such a dick.. I went into the sewing room... and started another Christmas Runner!  Totally forgot what I was planning on doing.
So, another runner coming up, but with one thing different.  
Show ya tomorrow...

For now... I've got pork chops and veges on the go, and I'm getting ready to go on an FBG walk.  It's drizzling a bit, so I had expected it to be cancelled, but the walk leader isn't quite such a pussy as some, and has decided we will still walk.  So I'm happy.  Fingers crossed my brewing blister behaves.  Am I rude calling people 'pussys'?  Oh well...   lol

6 pm rolled around and it was drizzling, so I thought for sure the walk would be cancelled... but NO!  So we went for our walk... and the drizzled turned into persistent RAIN... and we all got sopping wet!  I was only wearing my t-shirt ... so EVERYTHING got wet... I had to strip off at the front door when I got home!  Cooling down now... in me nightie and a blanket hoping to warm up soon.

That's me for the day... it's been a very productive day and I'm happy.

P.S.  Thanks for all the lovely comments today.
It makes me want to keep blogging on days I feel like stopping!


  1. Hi Chris. Busy busy but I have the day off work today. .Paige has a dance exam etc so slept in...was blissfully unaware of the alarm etc... have a super duper day

  2. Hi Chris! Have a good day.

  3. Hi lol
    Have a great day

  4. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Hi. I wanted to recommend you get a hairbrush called the “WET” brush. It is great to get through wet hair tangle-free! I have one and love it. If it is available in NZ, you might consider it.
    Christine in Kansas

  5. Hi Chris! Several years ago, I screenshotted (is that a word?) your Christmas tree. It was mostly blue and I just fell in love with it. If I remember correctly, your motto was the more the better. Anyway, that runner would go with that tree perfectly. I still have the pic!

    Good luck to Lacy!

  6. Hi Chris! Greetings from North Carolina :) Love your blog.

  7. When I was running I ran at night most of the time. Then I did a clinic thing and the girl kept telling me I needed to look up lol.

  8. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Hi Chris enjoy your day...hope Lacy finds somewhere nice...


  9. I often comment when using the iPad but it doesn’t seem to work properly, either that or you don’t publish them ( which I doubt) 🤣😂lol

  10. Hi!!!
    I'm sure there's a nifty invention out there to help you with your rings. It's annoying, I know. But you have done so well and it's so obvious in your photos even if the scales are playing catch up.

  11. Cut a couple of small timber wedges, put them inbetween your finger and the rings :) easy fix

    1. like what the actual f*ck dude.....genius 😂


    2. Yeah, trust a builder to think of that. You're a dick! But I love you anyway.

  12. got to Hamilton....and not been rained on yet lol *touching wood :)

  13. Anonymous2:08 PM

    LOl @ Steve!

    Hi Chris!!

  14. There are a few ways to resize your ring without doing it permanently.

    A jeweler can add sizing beads to the inside, or you can buy a silicon type sleeve that you apply yourself to make it a bit smaller. I think there are other DIY options, but you might want to get a qoute from a jeweler for a temporary solution.

  15. Maybe you could find these things.
    or you could try this for your rings I think the glue stick is a great idea.

  16. Maria4:34 PM

    you could use very thin plastic tubing cut to size to make your own version of these.

  17. Hi Chris from Donna in perth

  18. I like your thinking Steve, maybe you can do a custom order for Chris ?

  19. This is so cheap it might be worth a try

  20. I get it, a bit of rain never hurt anyone! Raincoats and umbrellas help.

  21. Good on you for getting out there....hope it doesn’t take too long to warm up.

  22. I hope your blister didn't worsen with the wet weather. One of the worst blisters I got was when I got really wet on a long run. Ouch!! So happy the walk went ahead though :-)

  23. Keep up the good work with your walking group. Might I suggest some merino wool sports socks. There are summer and winter versions. These are the only socks that don't give me blisters. FYI the weather never stops us here from walking.

  24. Don't try to steal my "Worlds Most Boringest Blog" Crown, you don't stand a chance!

  25. Were you all happy that you finished the walk even tho you all got soaked?

  26. I actually like walking in the rain - not a torrential downpour, but light or moderate rain.


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