Sunday, August 26, 2018


We heard an unfamiliar noise outside the house yesterday afternoon... and looked out the window to see this:

 ABOVE:  Our neighbour was pruning his hedge!
First time he's done it in over a year or more.  It has gotten so high...

ABOVE:  over winter it shades so much of our yard!  We end up with moss instead of grass growing all down this side of the section.
So to see him actually pruning it down SO LOW was thrilling!

 ABOVE:  I was so excited ... of course I took photos, thinking it was going to be neat to take one after he had finished.


He only got THAT much done before he stopped for the day!  OMG I hope he gets back to it today.

ABOVE:  Griffin is 6 foot 3 inches tall now... so you can see just how high that damn hedge is.
It is going to be so neat when it is all trimmed down... so much more sunshine on our section.

I was really happy to get a Christmas runner finished last night!  Now I feel all motivated to get to work on another one today... it's only two weeks till my next market, sheesh they come around so quickly. If I'm lucky I will get to do the Tamahere Market in September too.

Today Stew is hoping for some fine weather... long enough to put this stuff on our roof:

ABOVE:  We've been wanting to put it on the roof for ages... we have quite a bit of moss and lichen on the dark side on the roof.  This stuff has to be on for 6 hours minimum in dry weather.  So, fingers crossed for fine weather.

Right, I'm off to make a start on the day... catch you later.


11.05 am:  Been into town and bought a new duvet cover for my bed.  I've been using a heavy winter weight Super King Duvet inner, but didn't have a cover that fitted it... so it was kinda needed.  Ended up getting a navy blue one, so now the mid blue valance doesn't match.  Oh well... that just means you don't get a photo, cos it doesn't look quite 'right'.  lol

 ABOVE: The guys clearing the back patio so we can water blast it clean again.

ABOVE:  It is filthy, just like the front driveway was.  Hopefully we get it done today.

Now, Stew and Brylee have gone into Hamilton so she can get some work shoes, they  have to be a certain sort and what she has ain't right. 

As he's going to be out for a couple of hours, I doubt the roof will get that stuff put on it now.  That will have to wait till next weekend I'd say. 

Griffin is off to town (local) to meet up with friends, so for now, it's just Lacy and me home.  

I'm going to set up the water blaster for her, then head into the sewing room.

Side note: The neighbour has NOT got back to pruning the hedge.  *sigh*  Maybe he thinks we will do it?  Like hell, it's HIS hedge!  I do wonder if it's breaking council rules being that high?  I'm not sure.  As our street is legally classed as 'Rural', I bet it's allowed to be 100 feet tall!  Yep, the council bends the rules to suit themselves around here.
When it came to us building a carport, ahhh NO, we were classed as RURAL, but on other issues (like number of dogs allowed), we are URBAN.  Can't win.

Bitch over... off to get Lacy started on that water blasting.

ABOVE:  Lacy hard at work... I didn't even have to crack the whip!  

ABOVE:  A clean patio at last.  Now I just need the guys to put everything back.

ABOVE:  Our neighbour has done this much now!  It's about a third done.  Once he's finished, we will tidy up our side a bit too.  Our lemon tree is finally getting some sunshine!

Because it's such a lovely day, everyone around us is doing yard work too... all I can hear is lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and weed eaters.  *smiles*.  Anyone would think it was Labor Weekend, that's when everyone gets outside and does yard work again.

Stew's been weeding. He's doing a really good job too.  He just pulled out ALL the seedlings I planted months ago by mistake!  Oh well... I will just have to grow some more.

Well... we have finished working outside for the day.  Photos tomorrow of the tidy and clean patio.
Stew got the lawns mown, so he's a happy chappy.
The roof will be done next weekend, he ran outta time.

Looking forward to dinner, cos I'm not cooking.

I got some fabric cut out for Christmas runners late this afternoon too... will start stitching them up later on tonight I think.

12 midnight:  been cutting out green holly leaves for the past few hours!  I need about 20 for each Christmas Runner.  So, it takes a long time to get them all cut out.  I'm knackered now.

I've been watching some weird programme on TV... 'Googlebox'.  It's not worth watching!  Utter rubbish TV... one of the worst things I've ever watched, 'reality TV' gone nuts.  Who the hell comes up with this drivel?

Well.. enough said, I'll never watch it again.

Time for bed.


  1. Sandy in the USA8:55 AM

    I envy you that hedge, I really do. I wish I had that all around the back three property lines of my house! I would love it. I get along with my neighbors, I'm not a troublemaker lol but I would LOVE to have privacy like that because basically I'm a private person who needs peace and space...... AND NO WINDOWS OVERLOOKING MY YARD!!

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    What's the local govt stance on this? That's a border fence. Is it on his side? If not, surely you have the right to prune it - and even if it is. He certainly doesn't have the right to let it interfere with your quality of life. I know it's horrible to think of confronting a neighbour, but that's ridiculous and selfish. No way should that not be cut. Karen in Sydney.

  3. I'd love a hedge but DAMN that thing is so tall! I hope he doesn't just leave it like that lol.

    1. Bloody hell Julie...I totally knew you would say you'd love a hedge like that!!! He's JUST STARTED pruning it again too. Yaaaaa!!!

  4. I am sorry Chris I just had a good giggle at Stew pulling out the seedlings!! The same thing happens here! Hope the hedge gets finished today, so much better for your yard. Well done Lacy, the concrete looks fantastic.

  5. I really only ended up being born in Tokorua by 'default'. My mother was 15 years old and her parents sent her then when she was 6mths pregnant so knowone in Hamilton would find out. I was only there 3 days then placed into foster care and at the age of 8mths I was legally adopted.

  6. We had quite crappy weather today.... I'm jealous. Gloomy weather makes you feel Gloomy!!

  7. Your clean patio looks amazing. Had a laugh at the hedge... good to see he finally did a bit more! My partner often checks with me before pulling out "weeds" as he has also been known to pull out plants instead!

  8. Love UK goggle box, one of our favourite programmes.

  9. Hooray, someone else who thinks Gogglebox is stupid. Fancy making a tv show about other people watching and commenting on different programmes.

  10. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Hi Chris. Wanted to let you know that Gogglebox is actually quite successful here in the UK! It's on our Channel 4 Station and people LOVE it. Sorry you don't get our humour.
    Love Sue Park, 🇬🇧


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