Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Today I'm heading off on a two day road trip.
I hadn't planned on saying anything about where or why, but meh... I might as well.

I'm going up north:

ABOVE:  Cambridge to Kaikohe, Northland.
It's a trip of approximately 378 kms, and should take me around 5-6 hours to get there.   I will be staying the night there, then heading home again.

So a round trip of 756 kms, or thereabouts.
Why am I going all that way?

To get Lacy and bring her home again.

She's been in a bit of bother up there, nasty break up with her ex, on going issues with harassment and so on ... so yeah, she needs to get out of that town asap.  It's not a healthy situation.

So, being the sort of mother I am, I can't turn my back on my kid, even when she's a fully grown woman. 

I will be, (all going well), doing a few updates on my way... some photos too if ya lucky!

Right, I better get a move on, pack the few things I need in the car, and get on the road.


11.35 am. Traffic has been dismal. So has the weather. I'm 3 and a half hours into the trip up and just over half way.

I've stopped for a break at Wellsford.

There has been an accident further ahead of me and detours around are in place. The detour road will take me around the coast ... apparently a shitty, windy road.  GREAT.

But one consolation... no one died in the accident.

I'm sitting in a cafe having something to eat and a hot chocolate before heading off again.

ABOVE: I think the lady at the coffee shop likes me! We been having a lovely chat.... and she gave me FOUR MARSHMALLOWS! lol

The detour added almost an hour to my trip! But it was ok. Very twisty, windy roads ...  stuck behind a logging truck too. It was 'scenic' if nothing else *smiles*.

Now I'm in Whangarei...

ABOVE: I'm ummmm...   shopping at Country Dawns!  It's a fabulous shop... I actually HUGGED some fabric.  I know.. I'm just a bit sad. 😂🤣😊

4.15 pm ... safely here.

415 kms... 6 hours driving and 1.5 hours on break stops and shopping.
A long day!

Lacy is well and happy to see me. We are in a nice little motel for the night.... got a heater on as it's such a cold, miserable day.

That's me done for the day. I will now chill out... get an early night, ready for the return trip tomorrow.


  1. I would do the same thing. Got to keep the kiddos safe no matter what! Do something "fun" on your road trip back together. Get a tasty treat or do some unique activity!

  2. Have a safe trip. Hoping all goes well for Lacy.

  3. Safe trip. Don't forget to pack some healthy snacka!

  4. Lacy is so lucky to have you for a mum. Drive safely, hope everything goes well for the two of you.

  5. Maria8:42 AM

    Go to 'Country Dawn' quilt shop in Whangarei, you'll love it! Safe travels.

  6. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Hope it all goes well. You're a great mother! Julie

  7. Hope u have nice weather for your road trip Chris x

  8. Drive safely :-)

  9. Moms do what mom's have to do <3 I hope you don't have any more traffic troubles.

  10. ohhh 4 marshmallows, that's cute! Christy xxx

  11. You may as well enjoy the scenic route since you don't have a choice anyway, it will be a good test for your new blue car :-)

  12. Bummer about the traffic and detour. The chocolate drink is beautiful!

  13. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Yay for hot chocolate! Drive carefully on the coast road!!

  14. Haha oh the horror stuck fabric shopping .... enjoy your trip.

  15. Once a Mum always a Mum...thank goodness!

  16. Haha, trust you to find that fabric shop :) Have a nice evening and drive safely tomorrow.

  17. Oh the joys. Had to do something similar a few months back ( but for different reasons) but didn’t even think to drive up to Auckland for my daughter, instead just utilised our great air new Zealand service and got her a flight for $86. ( plus out $30 into her account to get an Uber to the airport).

    1. She didnt want to leave her stuff behind and couldn't get it all on a bus... hence my trip up here.

  18. Travel safely home! Lots of time to talk and catch up!

  19. No matter their age our kids are our kids, once a mum always a mum!! Safe travels home tomorrow.

  20. Is there some beautiful walk / hike / waterfall - that you can explore as a bit of exercise and a therapeutic break from driving!?

  21. Safe travels! Good job, taking care of your grown-up child!


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