Saturday, August 04, 2018


So... yesterday I'm yakking to me Mum ... she lives over in Australia.  
And after a long conversation about this, that and the other thing, she finally says she has a confession to make.

She sounds really hesitant and worried?
My mind is boggling... what the hell is she going to tell me?

WELL! Seems that after me blogging for 12 years, she's finally started reading my blog!
Yep, nothing is secret from her any more.

She was really worried that she was 'going behind my back' by reading the blog and not telling me.  Silly woman!  I don't mind at all.

I might just have to do a wee bit of self moderation though.... ahhhh... NAH!

I know she HATES me swearing... but I told her too bad... if she is going to read my blog, she will just have to put up with the odd swear word... or ten!

ABOVE: This is my MUM... "Hi MUM"!  Don't ya look lovely with your new shopping bag!  Mum is 81, and looks amazing.

See... I can snoop too Mum, though it's thanks to your friend Christina up the road, I pinched that photo off her Facebook!

Mum is having surgery next week on a dicky back... so we can all think of her next week, and hope for a speedy recovery.  Knowing my Mum, she will be hell fire bent and determined to be up and 'skipping' again real soon.

Now, back to mundane things.  Today we are going to get a new light fitting for our ensuite.  The light/heat lamp thingee died.  We have no lights in there now!

I priced them yesterday while I was in Hamilton, so we will get one today.  If Stew can't work out how to install it, we will have to ring an electrician.  

I think Brylee is working a good chunk of today, so it will just be Stew, Griffin and I most of the day.

Griffin needs to vacum and do a few odd jobs for me... must write him a list!

Stew can sort out the light, and then we should go through his clothes too.  Sadly, he doesn't have a suitcase full of smaller clothes to fall back on.

As he got a little 'bonus' from work for his 20 years, he might need to spend that on some new work trousers. 

Me?  Housework.  Washing. School uniforms must be done... but only for another three months!!!!  That is so awesome. 

Oh and I've got another recipe to try.  My niece Christina gave it to me, Coconut flour pancakes.  With Cream Cheese and some other shit in it.  I can't wait to try it.  Maybe for lunch?  With Sugar Free Maple Syrup... I love the stuff.  *drooling*

If they come out lovely, I will post the recipe on here later.. OK MUM?  lol  Too funny knowing I can 'communicate' with me Mum on here now.


So far the morning is going well.  I've got the washing on.... toned me hair, made the bed, tidied the garage and this:

ABOVE:  Well OK, I've only done one so far!  But I had to show you how well my Skechers  are coming up with that shoe whitening product!

Lesson learnt in this, DON'T soak your sneakers in NAPISAN!  They go yellow!  I was horrified to see how bad they looked after I did that.  Totally unexpected result.

So at the supermarket yesterday I spied that KIWI Whitener and thought it was worth a try.  BOOM!  It works.   So I will now do the other one and wait for them to dry.

Ha ha!  Like anything is going to dry today... it's another foggy, damp day.  

Just had this delivered:

ABOVE:  A smallish, chest freezer.  We sold our small vertical freezer a little while ago as it didn't hold enough, so have replaced it with this one.  Now we should have enough freezer room again.
It's been a right pain not being able to buy extra bread/milk and veges cos we couldn't fit them in anywhere.

We tried the new pancake recipe.  This is how that went... the mixture was SUPER stiff so I added more cream... didn't  make any difference.

First attempt was done in a frying pan, as ya do with pancakes.

 ABOVE:  A bloody disaster!  They didn't spread out or rise, just sat there and burned.  They got tipped down the sink.  Obviously!

So then I thought, let's try the mix in the waffle maker...

ABOVE:  That went better, BUT....  they were DRY DRY DRY.  And tasteless.  And all crumbly.  Stew ate a few and then we tipped the last of the mixture down the sink.

 ABOVE:  I made the first two in the waffle maker, and this was STEW'S attempt!  Obviously he put far too much mixture in... what a dick.

Clearly, I won't be posting the recipe on here, no point endorsing a recipe that sucks!

In the end I had a seafood salad for lunch, which was OK.

The rest of today has been quiet, and productive.  I finished a stack of coasters and placemats.  I will be starting a new stack tomorrow... different fabric this time.  Farm animal placemats I think.

Time to sign off for the day, I'm freezing and want to snuggle up in a blankie and watch some TV.


  1. Wow your Mum sure doesn't look 81! Best of luck for your surgery Mum!!

  2. Mum looks like a lovely lady.
    Good luck on upcoming surgery.

  3. Hope all goes well with ya Mum surgery and she is skipping again very soon. Gosh havnt seen that shoe whitening stuff in a million years goes to shoe I don't play tennis anymore .Use to use it on my tennis shoes. Yup works a treat .

  4. Coconut flour sucks up all moisture and goes veeeerrrry dry...

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Good on you brylee for getting a job! Where is she working?

    1. I will not be publishing where Brylee or Griffin work. That is private.

  6. Not sure what happened with your pancakes? Mine turn out perfect every time with that receipe.

  7. Lol on your mom reading! My mom has hinted at how to get to mine but I haven’t told her.

  8. Been away, just caught up... yes, I warned about the coconut flour - you need to use only a little bit and more eggs. I usually use some coconut flour and also almond meal. I've never had luck with coconut pancakes either!


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