Thursday, August 16, 2018


Things happen in 3's eh?

Yep.  Yesterday did end with a third shitty thing happening.

1.  Bathroom light replacement took WAY, WAY TOO LONG.  Expecting a huge bill.

2.  Gazebo didn't arrive in it's entirety, so sent it back.

3.  Shit meal at the pub.

I ordered a Beef Burger... I was really looking forward to it too.

Well... my burger turned up and I took the top half of the bun off and OMG!  The meat was black and ROCK SOLID on the outside, and dry and like cardboard inside!  It was carved meat... that had obviously been in the oven keeping warm all day!

I couldn't eat the meat at all... it was IMPOSSIBLE to even chew it!  So I asked the waitress to take it back.   She was horrified when she saw the meat, everyone was!  

So, after a 10 minute wait they bought me a new one, which was a bit better!  But that experience has put me off their food for sure.  Anyone who can send out a meal THAT BAD shouldn't be in a kitchen. There were not many meals that came out that I thought looked amazing in fact.

So... apart from the meals, the evening was good.  It was nice to spend time with the girls in a social setting.

Today I am hoping like hell my gazebo arrives... ALL of it that is.  
I have a walk on at 1.30 pm, it's the one that got cancelled the other day.  Fingers crossed the wet weather holds off long enough for it to go ahead.

Until then, I am going to get back to making Christmas table runners.

 ABOVE:  a Christmas runner partly done.... I love this design and will be doing more.

 ABOVE:  I got this piece of fabric yesterday, it's stunning!  

ABOVE:  I will be sitting down and going through this book today too.  I hope to find a few patterns worth doing.  I've had this book for quite a while and never really had a good look through it!


I'm still in bed... but the day has started really well. The Gazebo has arrived.. ALL OF IT. So that's awesome.

ABOVE:  Just a little video to watch from this morning.

I just stabbed my finger with a pin in the sewing room, so took my blood sugar reading.  7.5! Whoops.  Clearly what I ate last night is still making a difference to my readings.  *sigh*

It really is so touchy.  I can't eat any carbs by the look of it without boosting my blood sugar level.  Grrrr.

Just worked out the video glitch... it was too big on the screen.  Hopefully everyone can see it now?  Had a couple of disgruntled viewers text me saying they couldn't view it on their phone!

The weather has cleared up, so looks like the FBG walk WILL go ahead.  That's great, I need a walk.

It's clouded over again, but not raining, so should be all good to go for the walk.  Just had a good yak with me Mum, she's doing fairly well now she's home from hospital.

I have stitched around 90% of the holly leaves (thanks Felicity!)... brain freeze is alive and well.  Glad it doesn't only happen to me!  Seriously, it took me ages to remember what those freakin leaves were!  

Just realised I will need to get some red buttons or use red felt for the bottom bit of the leaves... buttons would look better me thinks.

Right gotta go... walk is on in 25 minutes and I have to get me sneakers and T-shirt on, and get to the start point.

Yaaaa, finally the walk went ahead.  It was not a super long walk (5.3 kms), but I'm tired!  I think everyone was tired today.  The walk just seemed to go on and on.

Anyway... I get home and there's an email from Ultrafast Fibre, asking me to fill in a survey about how well they did in reconnecting me to the Fibre network?

I'm like What The Hell???  I'M NOT CONNECTED.  And I've not heard back from the SPARK people down the road, after I sent them an email asking them about it yesterday.

So I rang the manager down here at SPARK... to be told my 'job' had been held up, then deleted, and she was working on cancelling the latest request and re-doing it!  With a 'rush' on it.

OMG talk about bloody useless... it's been well over a month since that first order went in.  AND I'm positive they sent it to Chorus and didn't even realise Chorus doesn't do my area.  Friggin twats.  

Why do I want fibre again?  It's not so my internet will go faster, cos it's already fast!  It's so I can watch stuff on Netflix! Cos there's bugger all on 'regular and SKY' TV.  Grrrrr.

I'm a bit tired of getting cross. 

So.... no more upsets for the day.  I made beef rissoles, potatoes and lettuce salad for dinner.  
Not sure how the rissoles tasted as I put the 2nd tray of them in the oven (were for Brylee and me), and promptly forgot them.  They got well and truly cooked!
Came out looking like little rocks. WHOOPS!

At least Stew and Griffin got nice rissoles.  *smiles*

I did some sewing this evening, then settled down to watch Coronation Street, and read some news online.

Time for bed... all is good.


  1. Barbara Anne has left a new comment on your post "THREE IN A ROW":

    Sorry about this things that went wrong, what a bother and annoyance!

    Love your table runner and that new fabric - yum! I have the same Table Topper book and have several bookmarks in it for ones I like. My most recent is a Single Irish Chain table runner that isn't quilted yet. I made up that pattern from my imagination and used summery fabrics. The backing will be snowflake fabric so it's reversible. It's it all fun?!

  2. holly leaves hun lol Brainfreeze moment I have them often..I suspect Griffin has a job to do when he gets home

  3. Is the canopy going to fit in your car? I can almost get mine set up by myself now but really need one more person to hold a leg lol

    1. No it won't fit inside the car, that's why we are getting new fittings so our existing roof racks will fit on his car. Then the gazebo can go on top. Boom... sorted! lol

  4. You may be able to set up the tent yourself. Once you stand it up - just spread the legs enough so that it stands safely, then you can walk around it pulling one leg out until its the right size.

  5. Why can't you watch Netflix now? We have slow ADSL and have no issues with Netflix (or any other streaming).

  6. Waited for chorus for 3 years and then they did it in stages. Bad service.

  7. We had slow ASDL and Netflix struggled, look out if some one was on the internet at the same time

  8. So much Christmas stuff! I just love your sewing. :)


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